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Medicines Found in Heath's Apartment

1/23/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed two of the medications found at Heath Ledger's apartment were Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs. Cops also found Ambien, along with several medications prescribed in Europe.

Heath's body has since been transported from the Medical Examiner's office to the Campbell Funeral Home in NY.


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#9 Sonia...I agree...I was thinking something along the same lines as it having something to do with the pneumonia and Rx's. Though I'd also have to add that the Ambien could have made him act erratic and maybe he took more than he should of...that's a wicked drug. All those reports of sleep driving, etc. are so true, as I've had those same effects (so I asked my doctor for something else)...if you don't go to bed right away, it makes you feel kind of drunk and have memory loss. Top that off with being ill and I think that's a possibility. And other than the Xanax, I've had all of those things in my medicine cabinet (along with several narcotics and other sleeping pills)...all of which were prescribed by one doctor. So, it's not that abnormal to have things like that...and if you have a sleeping disorder, it's really common to be prescribed things like Valium and Atavan (Lorazapam) along with it. It's just hard when everything you take doesn't work (and not necessarily due to abuse, medications work different on different people, some things may knock out one person and have no effect on another) you keep taking what is prescribed hoping it will work...very frustrating. Not everyone who is prescribed a variety of medications like those takes them every day...remember, they said there were still pills in the bottles...and it doesn't sound like they were in crazy Anna Nicole Smith dosages and amounts.
I certainly think it had something to do with being sick along with the meds. I just feel really bad for his family, his ex and their daughter. Poor baby is only 2 and now will never get to see her daddy again. I just hope the press doesn't mob Michelle Williams and the baby when they arrive in NY.

2467 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

XANAX rules!!

2467 days ago


Prescription pills can be ABUSED just like street drugs. And for SEVERAL REASONS other than "WANTING TO GET HIGH'. He stated (about the joker) he could not SLEEP. Do you morons who critiszise KNOW what its like to NOT SLEEP for days on end? I do! I MYSELF have taken 10 ambien during the night. Did I sleep? Hell no ended up loaded only. Yet that was NOT MY INTENT. I just wanted to EFFIN SLEEP! How lucky God was with me and it was not my time. How sad (REGARDLESS OF WHY he's not), that this incredible talent is gone forever. Maybe if you STUPID incompassionate (TEENS? God forbide you are adults) ever has a brother, a friend, a parent, or worse, a CHILD with ANY ADDICTION. Maybe then and only then, will you learn.. No one said I WANT TO BE A DRUGGIE WHEN I GROW UP. I pray it won't take an act of such sorrow (to effect YOUR LIFE AND LOVED ONES) before you change your condoning ways into some COMPASSION. RIP Heath. God must have needed you THERE more

2467 days ago


you know, he could have rolled up the 20 due to a nervous habit or snorted the xanax or valuim.

Or, even better, the coke head that dropped the $20 was someone from the Ambulance or one of the people that found him.

It sounds more like a complication from the pneumonia and sleeping pills. Those suckers are dangerous.

2467 days ago



2467 days ago


#78 "ME" -- there is a special hell for trolls like you. Pathetic

And for all of you throwing the "junkie" word around, get off your high horses. None of you know for sure what happened. Just 'cause TMZ spews out a bunch of crap you don't have to fall for it. The NYPD has already said that no illegal substances have been found in his apartment.

A child lost her father, a family lost their son, the world lost a great talent. Let's have a little respect.
My thoughts are with his family and loved ones

2467 days ago


I suspect the prescriptions made in Europe are probably to treat the pneumonia he was suffering from when he returned from London.

2467 days ago

19th Nervous Breakdown    

This is in response to #52. Do you know what God thinks? Didn't think so. God loves EVERYONE. If you hate gays that is between you and God. God doesn't hate people, people hate people. God isn't about hate and we shouldn't be either. A man lost his life and you want to talk about a role he had in a movie that you don't agree with? That is so irrelevant. We should think of the fact that he left behind a young daughter who will be without her father! You want evidence God loves everyone? He loves you even though you lie and say that God hates gays!

2467 days ago

chillout music girl    

I never knew people snorted or injected ambien either... but all you have to do it.. google - ambien overdose
It says clearly people are snorting the ambien.... All I do know is...they must be really tired to snort sleeping pills

2467 days ago


to # 75. probably the most sane comment of all (and possibly so true). Ambien is fricken WICKED and SHOULD BE OUTLAWED. Anything that you can take, and get in a car and drive, and TRULY not remember having done ,
is NOT GOOD. This coming from an ambien prescribed patient (who has not only taken too many but even tried snorting the crap) for no OTHER REASON THAN I WANTED TO GO TO SLEEP!!!! I have thankfully found something I use in conjunction w/ the ambien. It is enough to help , and I sleep with 1 never no more than 2 ambiens. Dr.s need to look for alternatives. Whether it was related to Heath's death is yet to be seen. BUT others HAVE DIED as a result. Some.. at the hands of what equates to A DRUNK DRIVER (being no ambien and driving). This stuff is bad news.

2467 days ago


All of you people that are calling him a junkie is just plain rude. Regardless of how he died, he still was great at what he did and it is disrespectful that you would say such things about him when his family is going through a rough time. None of us know what he was going through at the time or even if all of this was accidental. Nobody in this world is perfect and all of you that commented of how he is a junkie shouldn't be mourned over, I hope next time you make a mistake it is waived in front of your face for all of your family and friends to hear about. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Ledger family and friends.

2467 days ago

chillout music girl    

I loved heath ledger as an actor.... but the ambien could have killed him......
No one believes he was a druggie seriously... just a guy who worked too hard without adequate sleep

2467 days ago



2467 days ago


Where are all the negative disrespectful commnts today? When it's one of your own that dies, it's not so funny, hunh? Racist pigs!!!!!!

2467 days ago


I know this will probably end up being futile, but I hope not. I would like to respond to the people who are stating negative and even twisted comments about Heath after his death. As a savy blog reader, I understand, as many other savy readers do, that the vast majority of people making these demented comments don't really mean it. They are attention starved individuals who are doing it for shock value to see what kind of responses they can get. That's all fine with me; I have learned how to "scan" over these comments and write them off as insignificant. However, for those of you doing this, please remember that Heath's family and close friends may be reading these comments later. Forget about us, we know what your agenda is. But remember that Heath's family is going to mourning for a long time, and your comments could have a great, adverse affect on their healing process.

2467 days ago
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