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Medicines Found in Heath's Apartment

1/23/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed two of the medications found at Heath Ledger's apartment were Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs. Cops also found Ambien, along with several medications prescribed in Europe.

Heath's body has since been transported from the Medical Examiner's office to the Campbell Funeral Home in NY.


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I have to say this to all of you who are discounting Heath Legder as cut rate actor, a b-lister or a mediocre though he isn't worth grieving for because he supposedly isn't on the level of a great actor lost. Jeez give me a break. It's a tragic loss to hell with the level of his acting. have a shred of compassion and decency here!!!!
I found Heath was an actor who by choice didn't go for the Hollywood fluff and money scene. He struck me as a very sensitive, real, intelligent man who was well on the path of a great actor. I wasn't aware of his work until Brokeback Mountain. I think he handled that role as good as the likes of Olivier or any great actor in history. It was very well thought out and sincere. For those who are all fixated on the gay content of his role go look at yourself and perhaps your latent tendencies.
I was proud of Heath for taking on challenging roles. He dared to go against the status quo and what the world expected of him; for that he deserves a great deal of admiration. I can't help feeling some sort of kinship with him being a fellow Aries. I know he was a deep thinking sensitive soul who cared about integrity, honor, and really stretching his ability. I honor him for staying on the path of the different drummer and enduring what that can bring. I offer one final resounding Bravo !! Heath. I wish peace in your soul Heath and in the hearts of all who cared for you.

2432 days ago


very sad

2432 days ago

chillout music girl    

ambien slows respiration........which isn't good if you have pneumonia.........either way... it is tragic...
he wasn't the usual out of control actor.... sorry for his daughter and family

2432 days ago


Who cares what took his life, there is a wonderful person who will no longer be around to share his remarkable talent with the world nor share the love he had for his daughter with her. His friends and family must find a way to move on from this horrible situation and pick up the pieces. To those of you who have all these nasty things to say about him, I hope people can find kinder things to say about you when your time comes. God Bless Heath and his family and friends. May He bring them the peace they need at this time and the assurance of a life that never ends.

2432 days ago

Joey Rodriguez    

For the pitiful soul who made the heartless comment "Just another rich spoiled drug addict" I say get a heart . This man was someone's,husband and dad. If you do not have the decency to say someone worht while then shut up. You are a disgrace to the human race. The worst kind of people in this world are not addicts my friend but heartless cowards like you. Get a freaking life

2432 days ago


I hate you all for making me say this...but i have to agree with Star Jones (can't stand the woman, so thats why i hate you!) Can't TMZ wait to report stuff until they know the are disgracing this man's character and upsetting his family and friends when you report before you know the facts....

It's really sad that this man's family had to find out about their son from the friggin media!

For example (it was mary kays apt, then reported later its not) If you dont have all the facts dont report them until you know.

Shame on you TMZ!

2432 days ago


So he was doper.

Big surprise there. Next you will tell me OJ is murderer.

2432 days ago

pap asses    

one a week these days. arent drugs cool?

2432 days ago


Oh and to add a ps on to my earlier comment, just because you want to be the first one to report it, that doesnt make it excused. It makes your reporting about as credible as the globe with the three headed monster alien baby...or the idiotic people that always have to say "first" hoping they are the first comment.

2432 days ago


why is he 'a hero?'

2432 days ago


I abuse xanax and valium because the buzz is uncomparable. You get the feel of being drunk without the hang over or having to drink a ton. I love them!!! Gonna go take some right now...

2432 days ago

Miss Marti M.    

It's really sad... My condolences to all his family and close friends.

2432 days ago


Just so you know, those anti-gay paost are being posted by the wbc group, they change their names they post under, but they are here trying to spread their word of hate to TMZ readers.

It's pointless arguing with them, they are narrow minded hate mongers, this is play time for them, don't let tham get to you, I say that but they got to me, so just try to remember who they are and what they do. They spread the word of hate and have been posting the same garbage throughout TMZ

By us getting offended, they feel they win

2432 days ago


that's so sad. I'm huge fan, seen ever movie and interview..

this kinda freaks me out though, i take the same medication!!! :{

2432 days ago

kelly babbit    

I am EXTEAMELY DISTURBED and my heart is FULL OF SADDNESS over Heaths death.He was a Brilliant actor & Charming young man...He was a baby,,,still a little boy with his whole life infront of him...on July 18th we will all see what BREATH TAKING TALENT this young man had-..His role as THE JOKER will make him A LEGEND

2432 days ago
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