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Where is Jake Gyllenhaal?

1/23/2008 8:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal has yet to be seen or heard from since the death of his close friend, Heath Ledger -- and people on the set of his new film are working hard to keep it that way.

Gyllenhaal is in New Mexico, currently filming his new movie, "Brothers." We're told there are no plans to shut down production, but Jake is very upset and doesn't want to talk to the media -- so the set has been closed to non-crew members and extra security has been hired.

Jake is the godfather to Heath's daughter, Matilda Rose.


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Who's Killing the Gay Part -Actors.

Heath Ledger is found dead of an apparent drug overdose in the bedroom of an apartment in New York City, a week after Brad Renfro is found dead of an apparent drug overdose in the bedroom of his apartment in Los Angeles. Both young actors gained acclaim for roles in controversial gay-themed films-- Ledger in the Academy Award-nominated Brokeback Mountain, and Renfro in Apt Pupil, Bryan Singer's Nazi movie that led to lawsuits by underage male extras who claimed they were forced into nudity. Sadly, They Die in Threes, so we await the next Marilyn Monroe-Anna Nicole style death of a young, talented male actor.

2466 days ago


GIVE IT A REST TMZ!!!! Of course da guy is upset about his best friend's death!! yall need 2 back off an let his family and friends grieve in peace!! our hearts should go out not only 2 jake, but especially Heath's family. Be respectful guys!!!!

2466 days ago

Jeremy Johnson    

Jake must have been devastated to hear that. Come on, throw the guy a frickin' bone!

2466 days ago


Is he upset that he is now 50% more likely to have to take custody of Heaths child?

2466 days ago


I am sure Jake is devastated over his friend's death. What I am wondering is how good of a real friend was he to him? If he is Heath's daughter's godfather, when exactly is the last time that Jake spent any time with Heath or Matilda? Since Heath and MIchelle split up, I'll bet Jake hasn't seen or heard from them since then. Of course not, Jake has spent every wakeing minute with Reese Witherspoon. Because Reese and her kids are far more important then Heath or Matilda ever where. Now, that shows you what a good friend and great godfather he really was.

2466 days ago


This is *so* sad... I really feel for Heath's family and friends. Just leave them alone and let them grieve in privacy.

2466 days ago


people should let the family grieve for a while. chill out. the story will still be there in a few months.

2466 days ago


Why do you people care so much? None of you knew him personally. And along with that, 40 homeless people died this past weekend because it was the coldest weekend of the winter. What do you have to say about that?

2466 days ago


omg i feeel soo bad for jake and matilda and i hope that you feel better....and they really should give them some-alot of space.

2466 days ago


Some people grieve their own way. I'm sure he's gonna be by Michelle and Matilda's side sooner or later. Why would he ignore them at this time? Especially his God Daughter.

2465 days ago

Mike Sullivan    

Don't even think about harassing Jake. If he needs to talk about this publically, I am sure his people know how to get in contact with you. Give it a rest!

2465 days ago


That is so not fair. They should shut down production of that movie so that he can be allowed to morn. It's like they are keeping him in this little bubble, where he can't even feel the pain of his very close friends death. I understand that they want him to be in a "actor" state of mind, but God damn! The people on the set of this movie and the producers are being very selfish. It's like "ok Jake, Heath's dead, but you can't cry or react, until after we wrap ok? Action!" That sucks!

2465 days ago


its sad what will be said in the name of God! the Bible says that God is our only judge and will judge us in the the that church group should prepare themselves for the end when God will judge them for using his name to hurt heart goes out to michelle, matilda, jake and family and friends....a great talent has been lost but will never be forgotten

2465 days ago

Leland's Love Slave    

I'm so sad about the passing of Heath Ledger, but I can only imagine the pain his family and friends are feeling. And I'm certain his friend Jake Gyllenhaal is devistated and should be left alone by the press. The family's request for privacy during this time of grief should be respected. Rest in peace, Heath. You are loved and you will be missed.

2464 days ago


Jake should be left alone in regards to the passing of his friend. He has no obligation to the media to make a statement. It should be obvious that he is grieving and should be allowed to do so as should Heath's family, friends and Matilda. They've suffered a huge loss and should be allowed to deal with it in private.

Rest in peace Heath. My sympathy goes out to your family and friends. May God watch over you and them.

2464 days ago
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