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WTF -- Britney Left??

1/23/2008 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney left?!? Appears so! TMZ was in the courtroom when her case was called. Britney was in the building, but never made it to the courtroom. When the Commish asked her attorney if she was coming back, she answered "I don't know whether she'll be here or not," adding, "I don't want to delay the hearing."

K-Fed was sworn in and the media were cleared from the courtroom.

As we reported, Brit's lawyers want to restore visitation in a "therapeutic setting" -- translated: she needs mental help. If Brit isn't there to testify, she'll win a Grammy for "Blackout" before she gets visitation back.

Story developing ...


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She is a waste of time, that's for sure. It's an insult to her own children that she chose to leave rather than fight for the right to see them. Unfortunately, I think that her children are better off without her. Unbelieveable!

2436 days ago

chase Swanson    

clearly this woman does not care about her kids. why the lawyers and everyone involved continue with depositions and hearings and the like is beyond any explanation. just take her kids away from her. I, like many, have been waiting to open a news site and see the top story that Britney is dead, it would be a perfect way to wrap this all up. It's just a damn shame that our generation lost one of it's brightest talents, and he still had so much to give, all the while this little train wreck is still making a fool of herself, parking in the middle of the street, doing whatever she pleases because she's Britney. what a shame. Her career is dead, her reputation is dead, just finish it off!

2436 days ago


"Dang y'all, you told me that I should show up, so I did. You never said anything about going into the courtroom, so I left."

2436 days ago

too sad    

loser, actor, diva , nut job, hllbilly trash ,
go immigrate to pakistan and be a teacher

2436 days ago


ya know what, seriously, enough is enough. this is a CHILD CUSTODY HEARING - i understand that people want the dirt on it, after all, i am curious too, but i think that the nature of the hearings, whether she decides to be in the room, or what type of health condition she may or may not have, is not the public's business. isn't anything sacred anymore?

2436 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

Hey, they hand out Grammys for rap music, don't they?!

2436 days ago


It is for the best that she not show up because she is entirely incapable of caring for children .Even with the Court monitor present she went crazy and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. The Court should sever her parental rights and let the father and children go on with their lives without further chaos. Let Britney go on with her current boyfriend(s) and her fast disappearing career.

2436 days ago


I can't believe there are still people who think she is capable of watching over her kids and that she actually wants to! WAKE UP!!! She is a total mental case. She does all of this "will she show/will she stay" stuff for attention - not for her kids. If you're a fan of hers, good for you. Go buy her music and listen to it over and over again. But don't be a cheerleader to put her kids into her unstable, mentally messed up life. It's not her kids job to get her on the road to mental stability.

2436 days ago



2436 days ago

Trish M    

I see this good for nothing BITCH is at it again. She'll do anything to get attention and you know what? We're all her puppets, playing to her little selfish games. We report on her, we follow her, we take pictures of her, we read about her, we're fasinated by her, she controls us!
To bad SHE wasn't the one found in a hotel room dead with pills by her side. Ahhh one can only hope and dream.

2436 days ago


Good God! Isn't she the one that called this hearing? Aren't the people of California fed up with her wasting their tax dollars? Especially when the cops have to show up at public place to escort her in and out. Stupid Slutney - if you take yourself to these places get your skany self out of them!

2436 days ago


ah, you jerks! of course she cares for those babies.. She having a difficult time right now, and as i've said, i'm sure something happened for her to leave. Why would she show up in the first place if she didn't care!!! you guys hate her so much, why are you even on here!!

2436 days ago


what the hell is up with this court system..Oh I know..think of the bill brit will be paying for this..I am sure this is hitting in the millions by

2436 days ago


The games needs to stop, Britney is getting the attention she wants and everyone needs to forget her for a while and see if no attention will straighten her up.

2436 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I seriously wonder what Kevin thinks about all of this. He was married to her & had kids with her, so he had to have cared about her at least a little. I wonder if he finds this as sad as some of us do. I just don't comprehend how the judges can keep giving her chance after chance. If it were anyone else, there would not be a 2nd chance. I hope she really understands what she's doing, it looks pretty damned bad to me. She's a wreck in progress.

2436 days ago
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