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Blue Men Stuck a Camera Down My Throat!

1/24/2008 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An audience member at the Blue Man Group show is suing, claiming they stuck a dirty camera down his throat during their show. What?
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TMZ has obtained a lawsuit in which James Srodon claims while he attended a 2006 show, he was "forcibly restrained" in his seat while the blue men shoved an "esophagus cam" into his mouth. According to the suit, the esophagus cam is routinely dragged on the floor during the show, which could contaminate it with food and liquid. James claims he now suffers from nightmares.

Srodon is seeking over $50,000 in damages.

UPDATE: Blue Man Productions issued the following statement: "We are shocked and surprised to learn of the allegations made in reference to one of our comedic pieces, "Esophagus Video." At the time of this statement, we have not been served any legal papers.

"Our well-known audience participatory pieces, such as "Esophagus Video," have been performed for over 15 years, in over 50,000 performances, to the delight of over 12 million audience members around the world. We are disappointed that this false claim forces us to reveal the truth behind one of our most popular theatrical devices.

"'Esophagus Video' is simply an illusion. A camera is held in an actor's hands, the actor's hands are placed near an audience member's mouth (not on or in). The live-feed video screen then switches to a pre-recorded medical video, resulting in the hilarious and absurd illusion that the audience is peering down an individual's esophagus. Because the camera never enters the mouth, the execution of this illusion could not possibly put anyone at risk of injury."


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They did this to my husband too.....they just stuck the camera by his mouth, not down it.

2411 days ago


um, i think that one blue man is high...sup pupils

2411 days ago


you have got to be kidding. He suffers from nightmares. Really? The things people will do to try to get a buck.

2411 days ago


you have got to be kidding. He suffers from nightmares. Really? The things people will do to try to get a buck.

2411 days ago


Nightmares!? Yeah okay, People will do any for money these days.

2411 days ago

blue man fan    

so.... obviously the man who filed the lawsuit is an absolute moron. my 10 year old saw the show and immediatly caught on that the camera on stage is NOT the camera that " goes down the hole". This moron is tying up the court system with BS

2411 days ago


This is a bunch of baloney. The throat cam has been an integral part of Blue Man Group's show since the early '90s - in EVERY SHOW. Over the 15 years previous to this statement, now 17, with multiple shows in multiple cities for a vast majority of these years, tens of thousands of people have been 'throat-cammed'. Surely if this were a real situation, someone else out of those tens of thousands would have been hurt or made a claim.

Also, this guy will have to have medical and dental records up the wazoo PLUS definitive proof that the injuries were sustained at the show that night. It'd be pretty hard to stretch/fake that. But why does it take 2 years to file suit? Because he needs money now ;)

2411 days ago


I've been to their show in Boston.... they never actually put the camera in anyone's throat. It's all pre-taped and done backstage. What a dumba$s. No one finds it odd he waited until 2008 to suddenly come out about having nightmares?

2411 days ago


Does the poo Man Group Poo in Blue too??????????????????

2411 days ago



2411 days ago


This is absolutley RIDICULOUS. This man is out for money and thats it! If any of you know anything about the show then you know that the blue men would NEVER force ANYONE to participate. and the camera NEVER touches the participants mouth. and how exactly would food from the ground get on the camera? do you think they bent down before PRETENDING to put it in his mouth and rubbed it around? HA battery.. OH MY GOD HE GOT SOME BLUE ON MY FACE AND PRETENDED TO PUT A CAMERA DOWN MY THROAT! I NEED $50,000! this guy is out for a quick buck, and I hope he gets his butt kicked in court! If he got emotional distress from THAT... then he has bigger problems.

2410 days ago


first of all, I have seen the Blue Man Group a bunch of times, and the act with the camera is simply them grabbing the camera and picking someone from the audience, they tilt their head back and act as if the camera goes into their mouth, when the video screen CUTS to pre-taped footage of an endoscopy, the camera goes all the way down into the stomach and the back out again where they they cut to the live camera to give the "illusion" that it came from the audience members mouth, this dude has NO case. The most entertaining show in vegas, lots of fun.

2410 days ago


that stuff is pre-taped.
they dont really hold you down and stick a camera down your throat.
why would you believe this guy?
as for that comment about the dry cleaning.......
its the blue man group.
they have drums with paint...
of course you're going to get dirty.
why wear expensive clothing to a concert anyway?

people shouldnt be turning their backs on the blue man group.
personally i think they are awesome.
im not gonna believe this guy and whatever lawer took this on is an idiot.

2410 days ago


Anyone who has ever actually SEEN the show would know this is a bogus, pathetic attempt at easy money. Absolutely NO way.

2410 days ago


Thanks for the good post very interesting

2363 days ago
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