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Paris Hilton -- Karaoke Challenged

1/24/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has Bette Davis' eyes -- and apparently her voice too.

Mess Hilton was at Sundance on Sunday, torturing attendees with her vocal stylings at a private party. First the world had to endure her album, now she's back to throw salt on the wounds!


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This is mankind at it's worst

2432 days ago


People will always pay to see someone make an ass of themselves. And, the almost talented get a lot of attention during their 15 minutes. Her day in the sun will end someday and whats left will not be pretty.

2432 days ago

Go away!!    

#58, Stump, the most talented get alot of attention? That comment certainly excludes this dog killing, racist tramp.

2432 days ago


I think she should do this EVERYWHERE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE, then people will really know she can't sing! WHAT A TRIFLING MESS!

2432 days ago

Go away!!    

Her ugly insides are catching up with her appearance. She is starting to look like an uglier, youner version of Martha Stewart.

2432 days ago


If that doesn't prove her CD had doctored vocals, nothing will!
"The next best thing to being there!"

2432 days ago


i am in the music store biz and have met thousands of people in bands, and here's a little secrect folks... **most of them don't sing that well** i personally dislike the style of most female singers, way too often they overdo songs. as an example when they hit high notes and hold them too long, or when they turn a 3 minute song into a 6 minute song to just show off. i admit i'm no great singer, i think my voice is nasel and off key, and yet people often tell me they have heard worse. the fact is people like to sing and go out and do it because they want to, and they like it. many even get paid a little bit for it, and some get paid a lot. there is a well known band from iowa, one of them is/was from my town, at least thats what one of the local cops told me 5 years ago. this is just my opinion, but i can't stand their noise and would rather listen to paris sing karaokee. even if she is maiming that song, at least i like that song compared to crank rage metal played by slipknot. i never did get the idea of what karaokee was about till a friend of mine who sings worse than paris talked me into going and watching him. then i realized its was for his enjoyment. karaoke is a chance for anyone to get up there and give it a shot. the difference for paris is that everybody has heard of her and gets to make fun of her online. i'm impressed because she has the nerve to do it anyway. hey paris call me, i'll help you learn how to do new wave and punk rock the right way!

2432 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Paris haters eat dumn flakes for breakfast.

800 Pound Gorilla

2432 days ago


I am in the music business, too Here's my advice to Paris: Just do pornos, and PLEASE stop 'singng.'

2432 days ago


bobby ozone:

working in a music "store" does NOT make you an expert on what goes on behind the scenes with the artists.
you just stand behind a counter and sell the product.

i have worked for major record labels for 20 years, and i can tell you that most artists CAN sing and DO have talent.

fakes like britney spears and paris hilton can NOT sing. their crap is created in stuios on computers.

real singers like amy winehouse and christina a. CAN sing without any help of a mixing board.

your comments are misleading.

2432 days ago

Go away!!    

#66, her dogs are howling: are they howling because of her singing or howling in their death throes, dying of dehydration in her closet.?

2432 days ago


I could belch that song better than she sings it.....

2432 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Just a porno whore nobody

2432 days ago


#68 - Sick of her:

i was refering to her GIGANTIC CANOE-SIZED FEET.

but your 3 guesses were really good, too !

2432 days ago


Paris STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG she is nothing but a skanky trifling sperm bank. It is utterly AMAZING what jail can do to a person the 1st month or so that they are out. Back then Paris was all over the news, larry king, etc promising to help this country and that, and single moms, etc. Here it is a few months later and its alllllllllll forgotten. I guess shes going to use the Britney excuse, and that it was her other personality that was talking all that boo boo.
I think her grandfather giving his money to charity instead of this ungrateful spoiled bitch was the best news of 07.

Also, isn't she still on probation or anything??? I always thought some of the terms of probation was no alcohol, no bars, clubs, etc., and people were usually given a curfew. I guess money does buy some things.
Someone do us all a favor and lock this bitch up again.

2432 days ago
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