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Shanna vs. Paris

Ladies in Hating

1/25/2008 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna MoaklerShanna Moakler is a big ol' hypocrite -- trash-talking Paris Hilton while blogging about how she doesn't want to be famous for their feud.

Shanna, Miss USA of 1995, writes on her MySpace: "Never in all my life did I ever think having a confrontation with a whore in a club or the complete heartbreaking ups and downs of my marriage which sadly have to play out in front on the public, would take center stage ...

the reality is having a sex tape and letting men piss on you, getting dui's , flashing your crotch and going to jail is apparently today, the image young men and woman strive for to get their foot in the door."

This entry from a woman who put her life on an MTV reality show, posed for Playboy and continues to fan the flames with the Miss Hilton -- even though nobody cares.


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My vote is for shanna!

2429 days ago


Shana is a sleepy whore!! On that dumb reality show she had she slept all day and payed no attention to the kiddies. I would rather be Paris Hilton's puppy- at least I'd get more attention!!

2429 days ago


It is the truth! PAris is a whore! & there is nothing wrong with playboy! HEllo, the GIRLS next door are GREAT!! GO HEF!!!

2429 days ago


It's a tie folks. Shanna and Paris are equally stupid bitches. Any two women who would get in a fist fight over Travis Barker have got to have a few screws loose somewhere. I wouldn't touch that nasty swamp creature with a ten foot pole.

2429 days ago


Paris Hilton is a whore? Tell us something we don't already know.

2429 days ago


She has noticed her husband's tatoos right?

2429 days ago


Shanna is pathetic in her jealousy of Paris. While Paris is out being busy with her many successful business projects, Shanna is getting older and bitchier each day.

Travis must have kicked Shanna's ass out again LOL. Most of us saw this coming.

So, who is Shanna blaming for her marriage being on the rocks this time around? Could it be - just maybe - that it's Shanna's horrible personality which has guys running in the other direction?
God what a fat loser.

2429 days ago


Run Travis RUN! Get away from that insane bitch named Shanna!

2429 days ago


Which sane person woud write such crapola and show it to the public? Shanna got naked for Playboy and she is hardly in a position to mouth off (pun intended) about other people.
She porked everyone from Billy Idol to Oscar DeLaHoya with whon she has an illegitimate child. She is the real whore.
So she tried to blow her way to what she thought was the top and it did not work out for her boo-hoo. Bitch is getting old and she is looking the worse for the wear now with her marriage kaput.
Travis can find himself a sweet young thing and count himself lucky to have escaped this crazy bitch.

2428 days ago


Shanna is used up and dented out, her best days are over. Who wants this stinkin old whore now. She already has this conniving defeated look in her face which men hate in a woman.

2428 days ago


SHanna seems to be blaming everyone but herself when something goes wrong.

She comes across as a cyber stalker when she writes such nonsense.

Perhaps she should see a therapist for a while and take medication instead of washing her dirty linen in public. Her behavior is insane.

2428 days ago


Why does she keep bringing up things from the past?
She must be hell to live with..
No wonder Travis wants out.
Maybe she can name her next kid Meal Ticket.

2428 days ago


Ooooh, c`mon!!! Shana is not a whore because she has 3 kids of 2 different fathers, she just had problems with her personal life, and who said that paris hilton is talented for something???besides, unlike Shana, Paris is a Ho from her feet to her head, I mean who makes a porn video with a guy, and the next day dates to another completely different guy, The person who said that Paris is not a Whore is totally crazy!

2428 days ago

R u nuts?    

Why does she have so much animosity towards Paris? Just because Paris dated Travis and Oscar DE la hoya? Does Paris need her permission to date her ex? She needs to get over it! Paris does not owe her any explanation. In my opinion, she is picking on Paris so she can sue her just like she did Oscar de la hoya. I'm not a fan of Paris, but she is not the problem. That is what the entrainment does, set people up in their circle. Shanna is not handling this with integrity.

2428 days ago


I love her. I'm glad she smacked that "whore in a club"!

2428 days ago
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