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Heath's Death Could Be Natural Causes

1/27/2008 12:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath LedgerIt sounds strange, but sources intimately connected with the Heath Ledger investigation tell TMZ it's possible the actor died of natural causes.

The reason they think that -- it's now appearing that the level of toxicity (from medication) in Ledger's system was low enough that it may not have caused his death. These sources say Heath's heart stopped. It could have been a heart attack but it's not certain, at least not yet. Although it's bizarre that a 28-year-old could die of natural causes, it happens.

We've also learned authorities do not believe the housekeeper heard Ledger snoring when she walked in his bedroom at around 1:00 PM. Sources tell us, a fireman observed rigor mortis in Ledger's jaw shortly after arriving on scene at around 3:30 PM. Sources say they now believe Ledger was dead for around three hours prior to their arrival, so they don't believe the housekeeper could have heard snoring.

Authorities are also annoyed at news reports that there may have been a sinister plot to remove illegal drugs from Ledger's apartment before cops and firemen arrived. There are reports out there that the masseuse called Mary-Kate Olsen and a plot was hatched to have her bodyguard remove certain drugs. Authorities tell us that's impossible, because the cops were there the entire time the bodyguard was present and there would have been no opportunity to carry out such a plan. They say it's a made up story.

As we first reported, the masseuse contacted the bodyguard because she knew he was a licensed EMT.


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Let us remember, with all of this trash and chatter, a little girl has lost her father...Miss Matilde your Daddy now sleeps, a deep and restful sleep, he is watching you from heaven above, his angel on earth, let this be your memory to keep, sweet Matilda.

2430 days ago


It could have had a heart deformity since birth...there are many birth defects that aren't diagnosed until later in life... or perhaps he had rheumatic fever when he was a young child...and his parents didn't realize it...happened to me now there are several things wrong with my heart just getting noticed at age 41.

2430 days ago


Are you people all idiots? People CAN die of natural causes, no matter what their age. My 18 year old healthy cousin died in her sleep. The autopsy came back clean, there was no medical reason- her heart just stopped.

It doesn't make sense, but it happens and it's harder to find closure, because there simply is no reason why she died.

2430 days ago


Those of us who knew him, knew that.
And we know why.

NO poster #4. Heath did NOT have aids.

2430 days ago


I am sorry for everyone that got grossed out by what I put up but the fact is that I am grossed out by all the sick crap that has been said about Heath Ledger's death and the whole way he was and time of death...ITS JUST TOO MUCH TO KEEP TRYING TO GET THROUGH PEOPLES NARROW THICK SKULLS!!!! I am truly sorry, extremely sorry, please accept my apology. Heath Ledger was and will be one of my favorite actors, that goes all the way without saying and that thing I posted before was for all the people more interested in the whole body thing then Heath as a human being and the enormous grief that his friends and family are going through....

2430 days ago

Phyllis C    

OMG OMG OMG! Finally!!!!

I knew from the first day that the media was trying to create scandal and prayed, prayed, prayed that soon the media would report the truth. Thanks so much for reporting it finally.

Thank you, Heath for all you gave me. We knew each other too short a time, and our contact was too rare. You were always kind. I love you.

2430 days ago

St. Judas bff is Neal McCabe    

478. As usual, there are those who think it makes them more popular if they report the sensational. In this case, there isn't anything sensational, so they tried to create something from nothing. I think it's disrespectful to the dead and their survivors, and after watching 5 minutes of Nancy Grace and her ridiculously stupid comments, will never watch her again! Leave it alone. Enough is enough!!!!!

Posted at 9:20PM on Jan 27th 2008 by SRMama

Curious, when was her show aired and what did she say?

2430 days ago


You know I woke up this morning and thought to myself, what are they going to say about Heath today...I know that sounds crazy and makes me seem pathetic, but like most fans of his, I wanted to know. Then I saw all the crap that has been written about him, and I mean the nasty stuff and I shook my head and got mad. I didn't get mad because someone was slamming an actor that I like, I got mad for his family and for his friends and actually for him...I know that probably sounds even creepier but I am.I feel bad for how the media is treating his death and all the other people who are getting on here and insulting him and yes I put something up but that had to do with something someone else said that I was responding too.I think and keep saying that some people need to remember that Heath was a person and that he has a family that will miss everything that he had yet to accomplish in his short life. But he did so much that its hard not to imagine what else he had in store to share with his fans, which probably included his family too and what he had to give to his daughter. I don't care what he died from, I just care that he is no longer here to be with his family and that his daughter has to grow up without her father.

2430 days ago


A lot of armchair CSI's around here, lol. It's interesting though seeing all the different theories.

2430 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

To Cristina, Adrienne, Raven and all of you who have tried to bring sanity to this thread and recognize the humanity of Heath Ledger,

I only wish I thought you were actually going to get through to some of these idiot haters. But the truth is, not one of them is going to listen or think about what you're saying. They're just trolling to get responses and boost their truly, and rightfully, miniscule egos. Those of us who recognize that he has a great actor and respect his privacy and the wishes of his family will always be in the minority here.

And just a word to the people who say it is horrible how we follow every move after a famous person's death as if it's a new phenomenon. I'm old enough to remember when Judy Garland died. There were people crying in the streets. The TV news was all Judy, all the time and I remember thinking it was weird because it seemed like there were as many people upset at her death as had been upset by JFK's which, in my memory, had been very recent. So, it's not new. It's just that between the Internet and more people total, it seems new but it's been happening for a very long time. They held state funerals for famous gladiators and chariot drivers back in Rome. Man has always been fascinated by fame and lived vicariously through the people who had it. We've only changed who we made famous and why.

2430 days ago

April Fouels    


2430 days ago


Thank you BaseBall Junkie...I am studying to be a crime scene investigator which right now is sad due to what is going on. But the saddest thing is that Heath Ledger had so much more to give, heck everyone does. Normal people and famous people if they do it right. And the fact that his mother has to bury her son, which trust me, no parent wants to bury their child, which also can be said about children not wanting to bury their parent. I feel so bad for this people that are so bitter resentful narrowminded and hateful. A person died and he had a family, yes he was famous, but he was also an Icon to a country and he was also someone's greatest love, and someone's son, cousin, grandson, uncle, Nephew, brother and most of all he was a father. He was an actor, rather people liked him or not or didn't even know of him. He gave to his art and he did because he was selfless and enjoyed entertaining his fans. He threw himself into roles and got the job done. He might of pushed himself too hard, but most people do push themselves when they are trying to get a job done right. No he wasn't a soldier in Iraq, but he was a man. Those men in Iraq have families too, my brother is going back over there in September, so I will mention those men also. He might not of died for this country, but he did entertain it, for the people who loved watching him in films and for those who didn't and those who never heard of him. I am not comparing him to the men and women who fight for this country, because those people are amazing in the fact that they face death every minute of everyday, but what I am saying is no matter how you paint it, Heath Ledger was a good man..He surly had faults, but who on this planet doesn't? I am tired of hearing about the state of his body and the fact that one lady who couldn't figure out that you call 911, not the Olsen twins when someone looks like they probably need medical attention, I mean she called the girl 4 times, who does that? I told my brother tonight that if I find him laying in bed and he isn't responding to my voice, I am not calling any of his friends, heck I am not going to looking through his speed dail list, which she had to have done, wasting more time, I am calling 911, and he can yell at me later for it. Why? Because he actually has an illness that when he falls asleep he sometimes forgets to breath, I don't know what its called and how and why, but its true. And as for my rigor mortis article, that was for the stupid lame argument that was going on earlier about the whole firefighter and the lady who found him. I just got angry because, seriously people whats that all about? I wasn't thinking when I did that and I am sorry that I did that. But as I was saying, Heath Ledger might not of meant something to some of the people on this site, but he meant something to me and to all the other people who loved and respected him. ...And yes I really do read through all the comments and watch for ignorant stuff, why because of the fact that, YES I HAVE A LIFE, JOB, BOYFRIEND, FRIENDS, ETC, but I have time....I also get headaches and get disgusted by all the crap that is being spewed about a man that died at such a young age and everyone who has a opinion doesn't get that it said on the New the other night that the family DOES go onto some of these source sites and they read what is being written. I do watch the real news. TMZ, is just a source. And as I have said many times, HEATH A LEDGER MAY YOU REST IN PEACE AND MAY GOD WATCH OVER YOUR FAMILY IN THEIR TIME OF GRIEF......Still love ya!!!

2430 days ago


Can you tell that idiot Nancy Grace that the masseuse called the Olsen twin because she knew the bodyguard was an EMT.. her head was about to explode because an Olsen twin was called before 911.... on second thought... don't tell her.. let's just wait for her head to explode...

2430 days ago

Myra W.    

What the housekeeper thought she heard him snoring, it was called a "Death Rattle". If he had passed away with cardiac or respiratory problems. That is what she heard. God Bless you Heath, may you rest in peace!!!!

2430 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Christina, strangely enough I may be one of the few people who wasn't grossed out by the rigor mortis piece but then I've studied forensic anthropology and my mother was a medical librarian and I volunteered there in high school.

2430 days ago
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