NYPD Commish -- Mary-Kate Won't Be Questioned

1/28/2008 10:40 AM PST
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly says that Mary-Kate Olsen won't be interviewed in connection with the death of Heath Ledger -- just as TMZ first reported on Friday morning.

Internet and print reports have insisted that MK would be questioned by cops, insinuating that Ledger's masseuse, Diana Wolozin, called her to hatch a plan to hide illegal drugs in Heath's apartment. If that were true, we're told, cops would have to interview Olsen, but as TMZ has reported, that simply isn't the case.

"There is absolutely no indication that investigators were going to speak to Mary-Kate Olsen," said Kelly, as the New York Daily News reports. "They determined that they had all the information needed, by the witnesses who were on the scene."