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Brit's Bits Come Out to Play

1/29/2008 7:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears went on another post-intervention shopping spree today -- barely covering her lady parts in a sheer white top.

TMZ caught her and Sam, no mama Lynne in sight, at the Century City's J. Crew this afternoon, where she purchased a new Weaveguard©. What she needed was a new shirt! Our photog kept asking about her time with her mother, Britney said nothing.


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Let's face it, if Brit hadn't been pushed to perform as a child, she would have ended up as a prostitute living in a trailer park somewhere. Money can't buy class - she's proof positive of that!

2422 days ago


That sheer top was completely see-through and she knew it. How long before she puts out some kind of sex tape?. This girl is a total basket case and we are only seeing the beginning of how bad she is.

2422 days ago

Allred Tree    

She only wore the jacket going in to the store because she probably knew there was a chance, however slight, that someone might have called the police for her indecent exposure.

2422 days ago

too bad    

well she is the top story once again. maybe she is just fine and playing us all for some negative attention? my nephew does it all the time but he is six....his parents fall for it, as we are falling for this daily fake story. She is just a self-promoting twit who shops, parties, misses work and lost her kids and can't show up to court to get them back, She is not mental, she may not even be on drugs , but she is lead entertainment story for two years straight and that speaks volumes...

2422 days ago


I think it is quite obvious that she suffers from post-partem depression. She was not this maniacal until the kids were born and they were almost vorn back to back. Then she has K F*ckup in her life and out chasing poon when she was pregnant. He is no saint here just ask my wife, right honey? These jerk offs, Lufti and Adnan would have not be any where near her if she had the mental stability that she had before the kids. WHY is she not being treated for this? Who the hell is her doctor? L. RonTom Cruise?????

2422 days ago


whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like i said she loves all the media in her face. She just had to take off the jacket right before she gets in the car for everyone to see her boobs thur her shirt. Like any celeb. would ever wear that. Stop being a trashy hoe britney.

2422 days ago


Ok, enough is enough. I've had it with "I be-a flashin' my boobies & my cooter, y'all" DUMBASSney. What a slutty skank. Good thing she has all that money; it's the only thing she's going to have left after this whole mess is over & done with...

2422 days ago


I see her hurting herself in the future ,if not worst...Its sad but she hasn't hit bottom. for some of us it takes a little longer...
Hi Shelly long time no see.....

2422 days ago


Damn Brit. I've never been a fan of yours, but I have to say I felt sorry for you last night as a human being. Now you're back to the same ole same ole again. Whats it going to take for you to wake up and get your butt as far away as possible from all the paps? Go for a nice vacation for a couple of weeks , stay at home for awhile, or better yet move away and let your family help you. If you don't trust or want anyone help you then for god sakes help yourself! You still have a chance at getting your boys back if you stop all the chaos, admit you have problems and be accountable them, and get help. Sam and Adnan are both toxic people for you to be around right now. Anyone who tries to turn you against your family is no good! Please wake up!!! Its getting old seeing you attract all of this negative attention to yourself. The paps I agree are getting out of hand and I'm sure it isn't easy on you- but wheather you realize it or not, you are also contributing to pimping yourself out to them. At least try to get well Brit, use all of your energy and smarts to help you take charge of your life!

2422 days ago


OMG, she deserves everything she gets. She took her coat off just to show off her boobies. What a skank!

2422 days ago


WHY OH WHY do idiot people who see her whoring around on the streets scream "i love you Britney" ?? I mean, really. You love a woman who has lost ALL visitation and custody of her kids? You love a woman who cant be bothered with going to court? You love a woman who cant take care of her physical or mental health? You love a woman who shows her dirty snatch to whoever will look? have to yell out how much you love her? Its you sicko fans that are feeding her delusions that she is still admired. people should be throwing stones at her ..not complimenting her.

2422 days ago


She is followed everywhere she goes because people like "you" and like "me" somehow enjoy watching her. She has probably gone nuts from years of stalking abuse!

2422 days ago


Just when I might be feeling sorry for her something comes up like this and I come to my senses. I know I'm guilty of clicking on Brit stories and I can't stop. Its like watching a trainwreck..I know I should not watch but its so hard to look away. Seriously, Jenna the porn star covers up more when she goes out. :(

2422 days ago


#44 She wouldnt be stalked if she kept her ass at home! Send assistants to pick up your crap. Take a friggen vacation in some remote island. She isnt stalked...she BEGS for attention..and thats what they give her. She acts crazier and crazier in public so they WILL follow her and hound her more. Shes a needy skank. If i saw her on the street id throw a tomato at her. Hmmph see if i care.

2422 days ago

too early to know    

This really reminds me of a book I once read....about the custody battle over heiress gloria vanderbilt.

Gloria was a child and everyone fought over her due to the wealth she was going to inherit...and the custody battle consumed the American media during that time. Gloria was tossed back and forth and everyone around her had a huge battle and she remained lost and confused being tossed around and a pure pawn of money. Concern for her well being was lost in the drama of it all.

No Britany isn't a child, but with her mental state she may as well be, and the public battle over who will take charge of her is playing out to be the same

2422 days ago
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