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Does Paris Have Her Own Pap Pal?

1/29/2008 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that having a paparazzo is the latest hot accessory for young starlets (okay, for one, and only one celebuwreck starlet), Paris Hilton just had to get one for herself. Maybe.

Paris showed up for David Letterman's show this afternoon and was very conspicuously followed by a guy with a camera who even helped touch up her hair. Even on the fly, Paris gets her hair did.

As for her return engagement with Dave, we're told that Letterman -- who made Hiltie "sad" the last time she was there by bringing up her slammer stint -- actually gave her flowers.

UPDATE: Mystery solved! That's Jason Moore, her manager, videotaping her. He's shooting a documentary about Paris.


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2460 days ago

George William Gockel    

I will ask Paris Hilton to give me her autograph. And I also will ask Paris Hilton to pose with me for lots of picture.

2460 days ago


she is perfect(^-^)/

2460 days ago


- Dear Continio Maurizio and 800 Pound Gorilla,how I have understand you are fans of Paris,If you so love her and wanna support her , Write plz good and Info containing comments !!!
- One schizophrenic another stupid... Show respect for it,prove that Paris lovers not only people with deviations from norm...
- No , she is not perfect , Nobody is perfect !!! She is very lovely,and I love her for that !!! I like her body,her face,her lines , her image very much attracts me, in this plan I consider she is a very beautiful !!!
- Some people say : " People talk good only about her physical beauty,but nobody say about character..... " I don't know her in person...I can only assume her character,I see people through,when I look at them...
/! Her characer - she is spoilt,nobody denies it...In some kind she lives in her own world-she is lonely,maybe she looks at people from high mountain,but in real she is not so bad person - look at her eyes she is like an angel !!! Her did't love for that ,that she received that ,that had no others, I think she would like to be good for her friends-but they turn a back to her,not Paris,but they...Maybe she is rude to some people...And I swear that she deep in her soul has a huge beautiful own world...the door in it is closed on many locks,and which person it will fall in love, can open this door...

2460 days ago


Even her own grandfather didn't think much of this dumb little whore! Brabra Warters thinks more of her than he does!

2460 days ago


God, her fans are the dumbest, most bizarre losers out there.

2460 days ago


Concerned Parent.

I've said it before.
The scary ones are the ones obviously off their meds

2460 days ago


Is Shanna Moakler on the war path again and posting negative comments about Paris under different names? What a pathetic woman.

2460 days ago


How would a poster presume to know what her grandfather thinks?

We do not know the exact setup of the charitable trusts of her g-father because such trusts do not have to open their books to the public.

They also do not have to pay taxes and are only required to give 2% of their yearly income to actual charity.

Grandpa Hilton is keeping control of the money, and after his death the Hilton family will keep control.

2460 days ago


Shanna Moakler is an old bloated Hoebag. Wonder how many sexually transmitted diseases she's battled over the years? Travis is a smart man to finally giv her the boot. How could he stand that vicious dog.

2460 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

You are the center of the universe.
You are the high point of 13.7 billion years of evolution.
You are sweet and cuddly and beautiful.
I adore you.

800 Pound Gorilla

2460 days ago


26. Joe

Not true. Paris is not the "heiress" she pretended to be, and has known about her grandfather's plans for some time. The "Hilton family" will not inherit this fortune. Period.

2460 days ago

Go away!!    

Joe, tony, Jennie, one and the same. IF you are going to pretend you are different people maybe you should space your comments out a little bit, maybe then people will believe skank has more than just you and that fat ape, oh and Contino. You're welcome......IDIOTS.

2460 days ago

George William Gockel    

I hope Paris Hilton has to pose totally nude for Playboy magazine on purpose!!!!

2460 days ago


Post # 29: I am pretty sure all of those 'fans' are her mother- she is a pathetic women.

2460 days ago
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