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Britishney is a Bitch!

1/30/2008 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Her ladyship got pissy with a pap last night -- giving him the look of death (from behind her unsafety goggles) after he tried to open the car door for her! Pardon me, your crapjesty!

Wearing her pink wig -- which appears to have been dunked in a bucket of Clorox -- her wreckedness was caught by TMZ at Rite-Aid -- at 5 o'clock in the morning. It looks like she had some sort of cosmetics emergency. When asked about her new car, she said, "Oh, it's a rental."

$55,000 in cash seems an awful lot to pay for a rental.


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Mad As Hell    

TMZ, you are about as pathetic and psycho as anybody can be. You make your MONEY off of Britney and you dare call her a bitch. If you didn't have your cameramen on her 24/'7 she may be okay and if you would quit calling her fat, crazy, ugly, psycho, and all of the other names, perhaps she would be okay. A lot of people check out your web site and are ignorant enough to fall into your crap. Maybe if you and all of your hate readers had one ounce of Britney's talent or money, you wouldn't be so evil and jealous. This is mean girl highschool crap people. I've always believed you have to walk in someone's shoes before you can be their judge. Why don't you haters take a look in the mirror and see what's there. I know, shallow people.

2454 days ago


ok so these are all imposter brits running around for sam's show ..........right????

2456 days ago

cat b    

I think she has femine hygene products in the bag...yep every Brit with a brit accent needs a good cleanse down south after a night with the paps...and that paps and that one and oh yeah that one ova there gov'nah!!!

2456 days ago


I fear this is one of Britney's MANY personalities. Look at the adjustment in her walk? Her way of treating the paps (which is unnatural in the first place) compared to other occassions.

And why is that minister son with her all the time? WHO are these people to her? Why does she have NO female friends?

2456 days ago


Dunked in a bottle of Clorox. LMFAO!!!! I love these TMZ writers!!!

2456 days ago


Here's my analysis of Britney. I think that as a child, put in the spotlight (and I suspect she may have had to give some of her innocense up ....if you know what I some executive in order to get her career off the ground), Britney split her personality off into two or maybe more personalities in order to cope with the fame, with the stage and with the public ridicule. I suspect her sexual obsession has alot to do with the demands that men made on her as a young girl (even as far as sexual abuse) and the need to be accepted by these men. One way or another, this girl needs to see somebody and fast!

2456 days ago

name withheld    

I love her.

I love the pink wig.

Love me some crazy bitchiness!

2456 days ago


wow she goes to that store ALOT, almost nightly, she should have shares in it by now...haha
If it wasn't for Rite Aid and gas stations she would have nowhere to go!!

2456 days ago


This woman is a disaster from start to finish. She is playing EVERYONE to the hilt. No sympathy, no empathy, and no more interest. Get over yourself, hag.

2456 days ago

LA Girl    

Isn't Pink Hair Brit the nice personality? Did anyone else notice that inside the store she was Southern Brit...turned into British Bitchy Brit outside...and then once she told the pap to F-off she flipped back to nice by saying sorry? (couldn't tell which Brit said sorry?) Her face, her mood and her body language does change with each personality. If she is just messing with us would her entire demenaor change? Hmmm.....

2456 days ago

Wow - Ugliness    

Is anyone showing BRITNEY these videos???? Surely, she could then see that she's mentally unstable!!! Stop this trainwreck!!!!!!! I'm sick of hearing about her and seeing her galavant around town like nothing's wrong meanwhile, her little children are without their mother day after day. I'm a mother and think she should be thrown in an asylum and forgotten about for a LONG WHILE. Until she gets help, she's unfit and unworthy of being a mother.

2456 days ago

to bad it wasn't sooner!    

Oh come on TMZ get over the Brit thing...Brit goes to the gas station....Brit goes to the drug store....Brit crying....who cares....she is a fallen star and she can't get up.

TMZ stop with the Brit thing and get some real stars who shine.....that's what we want to know about.

If I wanted to know about shopping at a drug store...or gas station....or driving around I would check my car that's me.....interesting....NOT! And if I wanted to see Trailer Park Trash I would look out my front window......LOL!
Brit is so yesterdays news and she lines the bottom of my dogs cage for poo....that's just want I want to see here!

Now if you would like to do your job of reporting on REAL STARS that would be nice!

2456 days ago


OMG she is a mess..She really creeps me out!

2456 days ago


Cheap trash. She is so filthy.

2456 days ago


I had to laugh when she said the car was a rental.

2456 days ago
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