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Britney Takes Shot at Gays -- In Brit-ish

1/30/2008 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In full-out British Brit mode Monday night, The Lady Spears asked a photog where his "f**k buddy" was and told him that "gay videos are in." Apparently, so is gay bashing.

That intervention can't come fast enough.


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All the videos clips that get put up on TMZ and the rest of the news gossip sites, just are not helping her custody dispute! If that Sam guy was a true "friend" or so called manager, he would be telling her this. Just when you think that there will be a day to where she would not be making headlines, think again.. Someone should really commit her NOW! And in the media perspective, she has been diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder, however, we don't know for sure on the medical aspect if that is what she has, either way, between her wild car rides and those that are around her, someone will be hurt if not killed soon. Thank goodness I moved out of California some time ago, because dang those streets are dabgerous with her and her "friends" driving..

2466 days ago


It's been said many times...but...
Would somebody just please shoot this bitch and put us out of our misery!!!!!!!

2466 days ago


Thank goodness she won't die of lung cancer because she smokes the safe way by not inhaling!! :)

2466 days ago


It's OBVIOUS she's messing with everyone, and everyone is giving her exactly what she wants. When she first starts talking and says, "nothings wrong sweetheart..." she's talking in her normal voice, and then I guess she remembers that she likes to pretend she's British because it gets people talking, and then she finishes her sentence and the rest of the conversation in her "British"accent. People just need to stop giving her attention which she is obviously desperate for.

2466 days ago


Has anyone bothered to ask Britney "What is your name'? When she is in British Britney mode???? Or is it just an act she is playing on everyone?? She never was a great actress... I am inclined to think Multi- personalities are kicking back and forth more often these days

2466 days ago


I feel sympathy for those who have to conduct their daily lives/business in the areas this woman visits. She has become a traffic hazard to everyone else. She won't be the one to get hurt. It will be an innocent bystander unfortunately.

As for her ignorant and foul language, she is pathetic to speak this way in public. What a shining example of a mother she is. You KNOW down the line, someone will combine all of these clips of her spewing disgusting foulness in addition to her foul appearance will eventually be seen by her two sons.

This isn't a celeb entertainment story any longer. This is not humorous but unfortunately deeply pathetic. Her vulgerness and ignorance knows no bounds.

2466 days ago


She lives for the attention. There is no need for anyone to visit as many starbucks, gas stations, drugstores, clothing stores, etc. as she does. It is all about 'look at I am'. , They only chance her kids have is to be sheltered from her craziness and custody given to their dad, even if it is K-fed. And all the money she is wasting on new cars, etc. the courts need to grant a huge child support payment with a portion of the money to go in a trust for their future. At the rate she is going she could actually go broke unless she is stopped.

2466 days ago


Stop reporting on her and following her and she will slink back under the rock she crawled out from under. Shes a piece of crap. She is only news because you idiots make her news.

2466 days ago


Is this part of the intervention? So far the family was seen strolling along with her as she buys a new car. Her pap friends or whoever are talking to the media. She's bawling on a curb. Seriously WTF?

2466 days ago


What is sad that the tabloids CAN easily find things to print about Britney, because Britney keeps going out there to give them things to print.

This constant cycle of "look what Britney has done now" is getting old real fast. In fact, it is darn right boring. Leave her to the court system. She isn't "news".

2466 days ago


Thats not even really bashing gays! Geez TMZ, and the stupid sensitive gay community!

2466 days ago


how is that gay bashing?

2466 days ago


Thank God she isn't allowed to be around her children. Someone needs to get that jerk Lufti out of her life and get her the mental help she needs. Screw intervention--just take her somewhere before someone dies.

2466 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

3 words
Clear - a - sil
Cover up those crack blisters girl.

2466 days ago


This girl is one sick woman...Not a role model even for the retarded.

2466 days ago
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