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Britney Takes Shot at Gays -- In Brit-ish

1/30/2008 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In full-out British Brit mode Monday night, The Lady Spears asked a photog where his "f**k buddy" was and told him that "gay videos are in." Apparently, so is gay bashing.

That intervention can't come fast enough.


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LA Girl    

#28...I agree, she makes Anna Nicole look Frigg'n normal!

2425 days ago

Get better, kiddo    

she's clean - they did a hair follicle, shows how long and what you have taken ... from forever ... even the judge said he no longer feels she has substance abuse issues.

Anyone ever hear of edited tapes? Anyone ever think she's playing all of us for fools? And it's working? And TMZ, how about you report something new, we are beyond bored of your obsession with Britney. Y-A-W-N

2425 days ago


number 6 LYN, She must have some talent. she's banked over 100 mil, how much money do you make?????

2425 days ago


zit-faced,nasty ,gross thang - smoking while chewing gum - horrible attempt at a British accent

What did we ever see in this girl?????!!!!!

2425 days ago


What intervention? I think thats wishful thinking. Her mother doesn't seem to have a clue what to do. She should have been trying to do something long before this.

2425 days ago


I'm gay and I don't find that offensive in the slightest.

2425 days ago


Zits or not
Sybil or not
I'd still tap it

2425 days ago

Not Naive...    

Hey Sandykay #68. She may have had some talent at one point, definitely not in the area of acting. She's a washed up freak now though. She makes Amy Wino look like a school teacher.

2425 days ago

cha cha    

so what you are telling us TMZ, is lets now jump on brit for being a gay basher...and forget how you relay all of your info? you stalk someone and then PR it as an fyi? tmz is miserable. i wish brit would come out with a personality that resembles doc holiday and shoot you all. i assure you no one would care.

2425 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

Stop reporting on her and she'll go away!

2425 days ago

Wake Up    

TMZ, you can keep repeating "intervention" until you are blue in the face, but that won't make it so. Yesterday, according to TMZ, she was smack-dab in the middle of the supposed intervention while out car shopping.
Now today you say, "That intervention can't come fast enough."
You guys are total idiots.

2425 days ago

Lori B    

46. All the videos clips that get put up on TMZ and the rest of the news gossip sites, just are not helping her custody dispute! If that Sam guy was a true "friend" or so called manager, he would be telling her this.
I have a feeling that Sam isn't in control of Britney at all. The only way she would allow him to stay in her life is if her does whatever she wants, and doesn't tell her to do things she doesn't want to do. Britney is very mentally ill, AND extremely controlling AND hard headed. She doesn't want anyone telling her what to do. That combination will probably be the death of her.

2425 days ago


I really don't see how she's "gay bashing".

2425 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

I see you're changed you're original writing to now portray Brit as a gay basher. What won't you fabricate and distort to exploit Brit and sell a story???

Always consider the source when forming an opinion...if not you'lll find you're being spoon fed a steaming pile of crap!

Good for Brit for dishing out some much needed sarcasim back at the staulkarazzi!

2425 days ago

The Writer    

Her mental faculties notwithstanding, I think it's great that she's striking back. Enough already! If we're tired of it, I know she must be exhausted by this media madness AND her own personal crazy. So What she made comments about a gay guy! Who cares? If he didn't want to be put on blast then he shouldn't be so close in her face with a camera. Please dont' get THEM involved in this craziness ...

2425 days ago
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