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Alli and the Ambulance Arrive at Brit's

1/31/2008 6:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alli Sims was all smiles when she arrived at the chaotic scene surrounding Britney's home -- and had to cover her mouth to block her cheek-splitting grin!

The ambulance showed up shortly after -- led by a team of motorcycle cops to assist in Britney's transport to the UCLA Medical Center.


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Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

Call me as crazy... but I think Sam genuinely cares about Brit. He's been around much longer than anyone and puts up with her episodes. He's a good guy from what I see. I hope Brit gets help now and she demands that they let Sam in for her. He is more concerned than anyone, especially Annan.


You're "crazy." Sam just knows how to play the game, and in the end is hoping for a big pay day. Look, he's already LEGALLY acting as her "caregiver." NExt she'll entrust him to her estate---THAT'S what he's hoping for.

Patience, grasshopper. Patience...

2455 days ago


Maybe she is happy because her cousin is finally off for some much needed treatment?

2455 days ago


Maybe she's happy Brit is getting help? Or she's getting her pic taken? Or she's in the Lime Light? Who effin cares, she's a nothing.

2455 days ago


She's a Whole Lotta Nobody without Spitney.

2455 days ago

Wasn't this guy a pimp ??    

I am not pulling in 700,000 a month like Brit , however I do have a number of assistants and if the media were hounding me , I would be sending my assistants to go run my errands.
I used to feel sorry for Brit . But when I see her going to get food , or stool softner instead of sending out assistants to do these tasks , it's unbelievable how she baits these paps to follow her . She basks in this chit.
The perfect strategy against these pieces of gutter would be to hang out at home for quite some time. The house is an estate , so it's not like she is cooped up .Never come out for quite some time which would be the opposite of appeasing those vultures. Let them sit out there in the cold, day in and day getting not a single money shot ...HA! She has everything she needs there at home anyway , pool , home theatre , massive media room ,etc and instead this poor girl whom is actually and obviously a few cans short of a six pack , has to run all over town aimlessly , which only encourages these gutter paps to continue to hunt her down .
Btw , I can't help but wonder it an unspoken understanding that in order to meet criteria to be a papparazzi , you have to be butt ass ugly ???
I have yet to see one at the very least decent looking pap in these swarms . Not just the ones following Brit , but the ones whom follow the other stars , EVERY SINGLE ONE IS SO FUGLY ...ever notice that ?

2455 days ago


The problem with Britney is not the fact that she has a medical problem, that can be dealt with, the PROBLEM is the crazy, messed up NUTCASES around her. This is exhibt A. What the hell is wrong with this chick???? Dumb the nuts Brit and u'll be ok.

2455 days ago


WTF, B*tch? That is just so inappropriate to be smiliing like that I don't know what to say. There are many reactions to the situation, but smiling & laughing? Sh'e probably thinking whohoo - I get on the TV again! Brit has too many people like this in her life - users & hangers on who just take. Get well, Brit , you can do it!

2455 days ago


oooh i just wanna slap her around!!

2455 days ago


Who is Ail Simms and why is she important? Has she actually done anything to be famous other than an ambulance chaser?

2455 days ago


Maybe the medical center can do a package deal and put the whole family in at once. They're all a bit nutty.

2455 days ago


Why doesnt someone get her out of L.A? You would think that would be the smartest move at this point.

2455 days ago

Bev M    

To #26 -- good question!

2455 days ago


why dont you all leave britany alone it sucks that her personal life is all over the news how would you like if if you or some one that was close to you was showen on to going to the hosp or havin a break down it is not right that you all get off on someones misfortune

2455 days ago


Wow, what a great friend. I guess as long as it gets you some attention Alli that's all that matters, right?

2455 days ago


she's disgusting. who does that?

she must enjoy the chaos, just like Brit.

2455 days ago
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