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Britney Went Willingly

1/31/2008 6:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned the plan to get Britney into UCLA Medical Center had been hatched for days -- it was aborted last night, but executed just minutes ago.

Back at her house, Britney's psychiatrist told her she was going to the hospital. Her response was, "Is something wrong?" She was not resistant. She made hot chocolate and waited before paramedics arrived and placed her on a gurney.

We're told the psychiatrist felt her condition had deteriorated. Britney had not slept since Saturday -- a day and half longer than she stayed up in recent memory.

The reason she's at UCLA is her new treating psychiatrist practices out of that medical center.

We're told during her initial 72-hour stay she cannot be forced to take medication against her will. If, however, she refuses to take meds, the plan is for the the psych to go to court and have Britney held for an additional 14 days, during which time she can administer proper medications.

And get this ironic twist -- Lynne Spears and Adnan drove to the Medical Center in the same car. A source tells us when Lynne found out Britney was being committed, she blamed it on Sam and was extremely agitated. When Brit heard that, she screamed to her mother, "Shut the hell up."


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Good luck with that mess!

She's not bipolar, just an attention whore.


2353 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

A HazMat crew has been called to Ceders Sinai to wash and delouse Britney Spears before her check up. Our sources statess that the unlucky HazMat crew drew straws on who would risk the private areas and who would get to remove the weave. One of the brave firefighter was said to have thrown up in his self contained breathing apparatus upon first glance of his objective. We wish our brave firefighters luck as they undertake this dangerous mission! Updates to follow........

2353 days ago


Lynn Spears is an enabling idiot who should leave her daughter alone.

She only cares about herself.

2353 days ago


In many ways, Britney having Bipolar brings to the media the much needed attention that what she is going through is a disease. Before I knew that BRITNEY had the disease, I thought she was just another spoiled star needing attention. But, my former sister in law is bipolar and her bipolar disease wreaked havoc on her marriage, her children, her life. I also had a friend that was BIPOLAR, it was hard to handle. how I handled it I read a book called "I HATE YOU DON"T LEAVE ME". It helped a lot, because
it was hard to be around a person whose symptoms vacillated between sweet and outright crazy!

In my sister in laws disease: The biggest loser the children, We had to help pick up the pieces to help my brother's two children cope with their parents impending divorce. Just to let the public know My Sister in law had the same symptoms, would disappear and leave the children, she seemed to spend money. Money that she did not have She just suffered and we along suffered with her. I used to think she was just looking for attention, but like Britney
it was deeper then that. Now, when I speak to my niece and nephew age 4 and 6 they tell me mommy's brain has a cold I asked my nephew who told him that he said he made it up himself. So, it was good that Britney's children were taken away for their safety. Unfortunatly, for my family the court systems saw fit that the children stay with their bipolar mother. Maybe a high profile case will bring to light what happens to other children. Who cares about PR and fixing a career, she needs help!!!! If this can happen to other people, this can happen to a celebrity. BRITNEY is sick, and that is why her mother should not hide this disease but get her help I don't think that the Britney should be punished for being ill... , but for the sake of the children it was the BEST thing to take them away. The thing is someone like K- FED should not take advantage of her by trying to make her pay his attorneys fees. GET A JOB LOSER!!! You are a sorry ass loser! I hope that the children are returned when there mother gets well. I hope that Britney gets help, I hope people understand that these celebrities are just people. Like my nephew said to me "her brain has a cold"!

2353 days ago

Lori B    

Now THAT is awesome news :o)!!

2353 days ago


Why the hell would Lynn object to her daughter getting the mental help she so OBVIOUSLY NEEDS?!

2353 days ago

Adam Henry    

You don't have to have to be on a 5250 (14 day hold) to recieve 'Emergency Medication'. While she's on a 5150, or 72 -hour hold, her Psychiatrist can order the mandatory medication he/she believes is necessary and if she refuses to take it orally (pill), it will be administered intramuscular (by shot).

2353 days ago


I feel so sorry for her and really - we should all stop watching every move she makes. she will never find peace with millions of people hauntig her down every single day of her life!
her mother? mpfh! didn't she like 'sell' her when she was a kid? DID britney EVER HAVE a healthy, protected childhood? I don't think so. she had to go work and make herself an dher mother famous. that's a poor childhood:-(
we should all wish her the best, just like any other non-famous person in the same unfortunate position!
treat others like you wanna be treated - rigt?

2353 days ago


Having a really hard time figuring out the mother in this. Britney is an adult, but as an adult, our parents are there for us, no matter our age. Is her Mother worried that this may affect her income?

2353 days ago

I have to stop myself    

I am starting to think this entire situation is a freaking screen play. I am not believing this anymore. This is a carefully crafted Britney saga to keep her in the media. If she gets well, she can make a book, come back, and get her kids. Or, she can hook up with new pap guy, get pregnant on meds for Bipolar. Please, the story line is wide open here. This is a novel.

If this is real and she actually gets killed, her estate increases. She will be memorialized in some odd way - misunderstood, mentally ill, abused as a child - whatever.

This is all just to keep us entertained constantly from seeing what's really going on behind our backs in our on world. We will just be sitting their waiting for news on Britney. I am giving up this novel. Who is really sane anyway?

2353 days ago

get out of dodge    

>>16. I thought her mom was on board with the treatment?? What's the deal...afraid she'll stop being able to cash in on her daughter?
Perhaps she realizes that once they finish with her lobotomy, then her cash cow might end.
Those drugs change people in a similar way as a bullet does when it passes through someones brain.

This is just like Russia where dissidents are taken away to be neutralized!
She should disassociate herself from anyone who sent her there.
Why not go to Britain where she can practise her British accent. There, they don't think people are sick when they talk like that.

Oh, and she should stop taking meth if she is taking it.

2353 days ago


LMAO...they cleared airspace? Are you KIDDING me?

2353 days ago

r phlgood    

Bi-polar my ass!! Just a fancy term for acting spoiled and such thing, just anoter pathetic excuse, these kind people need to just kill themselves!!
I hope Britney dies, cause then all this crap will disapear

2353 days ago


Leave the woman alone.
If she wants to screw up her life, let her. Its not like theres some "How to lead a normal life in the spotlight" book out there to follow. (Not that she would read it).
Sure she needs help, but as usual, anyone surrounding Britney is all about the getting themselves "15 minutes of Fame."

2353 days ago


If its true she hasn't slept since Saturday that dangerous she needs some sleep who with that little sleep wouldn't start being mental before you put someone down you should pray for them this life is not easy for anyone cut people a break we are all trying.

2353 days ago
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