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Britney's Medical Motorcade

1/31/2008 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

At least ten motorcycle cops, two regular squad cars and handful of autos packed with family and friends made up the fleet of vehicles accompanying Britney's ambulance to UCLA.


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What is wrong with California? Why don't the State legislators just pass a law that forbids the stalker paparrazi tactics? Why all this nonsense? And like I said earlier, and I'm not joking, the Presidential motorcade has just a few more vehicles in it than this fiasco to escort one has-been pop celebrity to the hospital.

2436 days ago


And who is paying for all this?!!! Britney, (or whoever is in charge of your money, honey,) fork over some cash! The Governator is asking us to cut 10% from our education coffers as it is. What a waste of taxpayer's money! I don't live in LA, but can't imagine that their budget is any healthier than the rest of the state.

2436 days ago


A bit on the overkill. Yes, your tax dollars at work here.
Would they do this for Mary Speers in Omaha?
I hope things go better this time in the hospital for her.
But I ain't bettin the farm on it.

2436 days ago

my my my    

Are we the tax payers of the City of Los Angeles paying for this crap.....I would much prefer funds used to fight gangs, crime and help the citizens of this city.

2436 days ago


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2394 days ago


I have to vent here..First Brit is not a bitch.Shes very nice to
everyone.Thats some of the problem.Second stop telling her to die and
shes a joke. Its all well and good to HIDE behind your computers and
call her names. I am annoyed with all this too, but I call it a lil
mini soap opera..I go online to read about Days of Britney's lives,But
thats before I have seen recent things.Its not funny and it won't be
if she dies.What about her kids?? Better of with K-fed?? Yeah for
now, but if she goes away as some of you put it, he gets them for
life. U want to see Jayden and Sean looking and dressing like F-fed?
She needs help and I hope shes made to stay there locked up for a
while..Just imagine if this was your mom or girlfriend or father or
boyfriend..or sister or your own kid. Would it be just as stupid??
Should they go away like u want Brit to do?? Everyone has their own
ideas on how they want someone else to act like.....especially
stars...they better be perfect or else die. Pathetic....and And I
agree.....K-fed needs to get off his lazy money hungry ass and help
the mother of his kids....since she did give him his stupid stepping
stone to become the lame rapper/actor he thinks he is. I have

2436 days ago


she needs that many police so paps don't get "THE MILLION DOLLAR PHOTO" not this time camera freaks haha!

2436 days ago


U can't stop gangs or crime but u can easily help someone get medical attention thats clearly needed..if the cops were not there it would have taken prob a day to drive through all them idiots.

2436 days ago


good to see my tax dollars spent so well

2436 days ago


I hope she is found crazy and locked up. Shes making a spectacle of herself and those around her. Keep on this track and shes just gonna get UGLIER! Stupid BITCH!

2436 days ago


Since the fool is always driving around L.A. pointlessly anyway, one car could have easily driven to the hospital without creating all of this cartoonish drama. There's even a Rite Aid down the street from the hospital; they could have been pretending to head there if some subterfuge were really needed!

2436 days ago


Glad to know that crime is at such a low rate in California that the police motorcade was needed to get some goofy has-been locked up. Amazing

2436 days ago


I understand the paps are horrible, rude & dangerous but I don't feel sorry for her. She has the money to live anywhere she' pleases to avoid the extreme scene in CA. However, it PLEASES her to stay there. Plenty of other celebs live in other states away from the drama, sure the paps may follow her for a bit but it would die down if she quit acting so strange. Clearly she has low self-esteem and craves the attention, positive or negative. I do feel sorry for her mental and emotional state but millions of other people suffer too and don't have the financial resources that she does so ....cry me a river!! IMO she's a spoiled brat and it's probally her parents fault but time to take ownership & quit feeling sorry for yourself like we all have to!!

2436 days ago


Seriously, how much is this waste of human flesh going to cost us taxpayers. She's causing way too much drama....ENOUGH!! She's loving all this attention. What a waste of breathe!

2436 days ago


she needs that many police so paps don't get "THE MILLION DOLLAR PHOTO" not this time camera freaks haha!

Posted at 1:50PM on Jan 31st 2008 by Michelle

So in other words, just to make sure that HO doesn't have a picture taken (though she encourages it), us taxpayers have to foot the bill for all this drama. What a stupid statement.

2436 days ago
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