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Mama Spears at Hospital -- Britney's O.K.

1/31/2008 8:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just caught up with Lynne Spears -- with Brit's bro Bryan -- outside of UCLA Medical center, where Britney is now on a three-day psychiatric hold.

Lynne said very little, except to confirm that her daughter was O.K. TMZ also caught Brit's father, a solemn looking Jamie, making his exit, alone.


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typical pimpin' lynne -- She's okay????? Smart, well educated, intelligent motherly woman! Brit's not "okay" or she wouldn't be in thathopsital now! I hope that bitch suffers the fires of hell for her brand of "mothering'

2270 days ago


Yeah, Lynne has aged, alright. That's part of her problem. She's been in love with serself all her life. NOw she's getting ugly and frumpy and she hates it.

2270 days ago


Lynne is a media whore and she has been spotted openly flirting with Kevin F in the past, and she probably has done the same with Adnan. As to sleeping with them, I doubt Adnan would, and Kevin may have. But whether that actually happened or not, Brit's had to see it happen and she's already got problems enough. I hope Lynne takes a close look at that picture of herself and sees she's not so pretty anymore, she's old and frumpish and nothing to love looking at. Maybe now she can get off her self-love trip and help her daughter.

2269 days ago


People don't all know she has a brother because Lynne never pimped him.

2269 days ago


Don't any of you people who read this stuff and other news about Britney pay any attention to "Mama Lynne?" That woman besides being a media whore and a supreme narcissist, is stupid. Think of all the dumb-ass remarks she's made in the past, and then when her daughter has fallen this far down, and she was asked how Brit is, being just admitted to a psych ward,no less, the lamebrain can't say anything but "She's okay." Jesus, people, get off the mama lynne thing. If she had been mama lynne all the years of Brit's upbringing, Brit would probably not be where she is right now. I am glad Lynne has finally seen how bad it is, and yes, I'm glad to see her looking hideously old and sagging and worried. She needs to worry and she needs to stand by her daughter through all this. I hope she has seen the light and will.

2269 days ago


Lynne Spears is a media slut!! And in love with herself. People who know her and actually have seen her say so. But that is her problem to overcome. Maybe when Brit's crisis is past, Lynne will buy some top of the line plastic surgery and keep on loving herself. But right now -- I think Brit's mom and dad need to be in charge of Britney's welfare, not Sam Lufti. I thought he was maybe somebody who cared about Brit til I heard and read all the frightening stuff about his past. With all that made public, surely any judge will rule that her parents, sorry as they've been in the past, need to be the ones to take care of her now.

2269 days ago


Ooooh, Baby! Lynne, honey, those jowls and that saggy neck have to go. I don't even think putting a paper bag over your head will help matters because at your age, your lower jowls are bound to be sagging too! Get over yourself and help Britney now!

2269 days ago

Island Sage    

Everybody is treating her as a poor zoo captive. Let her alone, let her seek help, with help from her family and friends. A professional is much needed, and finally found. Keep the press away, let her get well, regulate her meds, and be a Mom.
She has a future, if not in the public eye, in her family and children's eye.
I have a bi-polar friend, who goes off her meds when she feels well, and we, her friends, all go to help her when she does that. One or two days of meds, and she is fine. Let her get back on the meds. Bipolar is not a curse, it is a illness. Is she had cancer, would you be hounding her? The paps would, but not her fans and friends.
Bless you Brit. You will overcome.

2268 days ago


Very many thanks for a good work. Nice and useful. Like it!

2224 days ago

Wasn't this guy a pimp ??    

I am not pulling in 700,000 a month like Brit , however I do have a number of assistants and if the media were hounding me , I would be sending my assistants to go run my errands.
I used to feel sorry for Brit . But when I see her going to get food , or stool softner instead of sending out assistants to do these tasks , it's unbelievable how she baits these paps to follow her . She basks in this chit.
The perfect strategy against these pieces of gutter would be to hang out at home for quite some time. The house is an estate , so it's not like she is cooped up .Never come out for quite some time which would be the opposite of appeasing those vultures. Let them sit out there in the cold, day in and day getting not a single money shot ...HA! She has everything she needs there at home anyway , pool , home theatre , massive media room ,etc and instead this poor girl whom is actually and obviously a few cans short of a six pack , has to run all over town aimlessly , which only encourages these gutter paps to continue to hunt her down .
Btw , I can't help but wonder it an unspoken understanding that in order to meet criteria to be a papparazzi , you have to be butt ass ugly ???
I have yet to see one at the very least decent looking pap in these swarms . Not just the ones following Brit , but the ones whom follow the other stars , EVERY SINGLE ONE IS SO FUGLY ...ever notice that ?

2270 days ago


can you guys please deinterlace your videos or use actual pictures

i'm only helping because your site is amazing

2270 days ago


OMG!! This is getting worst n worst for this girl. LEAVE HER ALONE and let the Drs. help her. Think about this one...
This could be YOUR CHILD!!!!! Just leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

2270 days ago



she is cannot call the shots when your ill. Idiot... She needs her mother ...she needs to get well.. She doesnt need that idiot sam calling the shots. he is all about the money. Duh!

2270 days ago

Wow - Ugliness    

Good point #3.
If she stayed home, these pap losers would not make any money and perhaps there would be less of them after her. In her twisted state, she loves the attention so she's to blame for all of this madness.

I hope now they'll keep her (even against her will) so she can de-fog and start to actually fight for her health and her kids. You really are a product of your environment. Her family should try to fix this now.

2270 days ago


hopefully when i return the avalanche of britney updates will subside,,,and tmz have will have some updates on the bikini bowl....

2270 days ago
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