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Parents to Sam: She's Ours Now

1/31/2008 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney's parents have won round one in the tug of war with Sam Lutfi. We're told the doctors at UCLA are now "fully cooperating" with the parents in the treatment of Britney Spears, however, the war probably is not over until a judge signs an order as to who has control.

By the way, the men in white coats are giving props to LAPD's "SMART Unit" which specializes in mental health cases for coordinating the events that went down last night and early this morning.

UPDATE: Sam Lutfi left the hospital before 4:00 AM. Papa Jamie just left.


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Elaine 27    

Thank God, I did pray for her and I am so glad that her parents are intervening. They need to pull some dirt on Sam and Adnan and get a restraining order on those two pimps, drug pushers and conniving, wolves in sheep clothing, satanic conmen who are getting Britney hooked on mind bending drugs so that they can control her and sell pictures of her to the stinking, gutter tabloits, with their gutter journalism. I hope that her parents will be a thorn in these two pimps flesh who are sleeping with a mentally ill Brit and them going on ET and talkiing about it. If she was my daughter, when, I am finished with Sam and Adnan, they would run from the U.S. so fast that thy would not have time to put on their pants.

2464 days ago

Elaine 27    

Sam and Adnan are two pimps fighting over Britney. These two muslim looking boys are selling Briitney's sick mentally ill pictures to the highest bidder. They are evil and they are the ones who are ensuring that she is on those mind bending drugs so that they can control her. I hope that her parents lawyer pull the dirt on Sam and his evil character with those restrainging order so that he can be kicked out of her life. If her parents do not intervene these two pimps Sam and Adnan will be the demise of Britney. These two guys are not drugged up, but Brit is drugged to her eye ball.Fight for your daughter Lynn and Jamie, she is too drugged up under the mind bending drugs that her enablers are giving her to make any rational decisons. I hope that Jamie Spears let these big old gray ass pimps that that are pimping his daughter for monetary gain know that he will be up their asses every which way they tern. Sam and Adnan are creminals and preditors. Britney is no match for these almost 40 year old gray ass men. THEY WILL KILL HER OVER FIGHTING FOR CONTROL OF HER IMAGE.SHE IS JUST A COMMODITY TO THEM, TO SELL TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, THIS IS HOW THE PIMPS BEHAVE OVER THE WOMEN THAT THEY CONTROL.

2464 days ago


She has visitors until 4:00 a.m.? Isn't she supposed to be getting rest and treatment?

2464 days ago


i just hope that btith's parents don't screw her over like everyone else has . god what a shame . the courts i hope puts a decent lawyer in charge of her as well as her parents. right now no one is really working on her side. so thank god finally just maybe now she will get the help she needs. but at the same time i hope k fed doesn't get everything he or his lawyers are asking for . he should not have those kids . only using them as a palm as we would say. his lawyer should be bared and he should have to pay for getting brithy started on booze and drugs .. boy did he see dollar signs

2463 days ago


Very many thanks for a good work. Nice and useful. Like it!

2419 days ago


Get Sam as far away as you can!! He is controling her every move....

2465 days ago

Dick Pinch    

First! Looks like Sam is this year's Howard K. Stern...

2465 days ago


Just give Adnan full control - that'll work.

2465 days ago

vera westergard    

get well soon Britney, we love you..
By Vera

2465 days ago

just curious    

As long as she gets help that is all that really matters.

2465 days ago

Lenn K.    

Don't tell Sam that he worried about the money and his position. The family should be responsible for their child.

2465 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

TMZ stated "giving props to LAPD's "SMART Unit"

My response: Now have the LA police and sheriff dept start cracking down on the stalkarazzi. And, call in immigration to check the status and ID of half these sleezy paps. This stalkarazzi BS has to end. These people are a public safety threat and accident just waiting to happen. They'd run over their own grandma for a scoop, never mind a mother walking her baby!

2465 days ago

Toddy Walters    

HIPPA rules are very strict. If she didn't sign a Durable/Medical Power of Attorney, Sammy cannot make decisions, I don't care what the train wreck says. The judge will decide.

2465 days ago


Yep strap her down and make her take drugs, that will make her better?

2465 days ago


I really hope that she gets the help she needs and deserves. I just wished this whole intervention would have been done a LONG time ago before her condition got so out of hand. But, I guess it is better late than never!

2465 days ago
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