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Lutfi Won't Face Off With Brit's Parents in Court

2/1/2008 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi tells TMZ he's not going to show up for the court hearing today.

TMZ broke the story about Britney's parents going to court in an attempt to establish a conservatorship. They believe Lutfi is placing their daughter's health and assets at risk.

Lutfi says he is "appalled and disgusted" that the parents have gone to court, adding that "Britney is in control of her assets and her business manager is in control of her assets." Lutfi says his lawyers are discussing his legal options.

Sources say Britney's medical status right now is "gravely disabled."


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The parents produced this monstrosity. At worst, Lutfi is merely a
symptom of their despicable handiwork. They started pimping their
daughters out as early as possible and now want to point the finger
at others. Spears doesn't want to talk to or see them for good
reason. Even in her present state she realizes that they do not have
her best interests at heart.

2421 days ago


I wonder if Britney even NEEDS a conservatorship for long. Her medications will, hopefully, be kicking in within the week.

I wonder if the court couldn't appoint an independent conservatorship, such as attorneys, to be conservators. They could work on medical advice as far as Brit's medical concernsr? The idea of parents who know little about her medical illness making decisions about her medical treatment makes me queazy. (Ever seen that movie about Francis Farmer???)

Didn't Mom Spears say she wanted to take Brit back to Louisanna right after Brit is out of UCLA? Britney needs really expert doctors while she's getting this sorted out. The medical issues need time, finding the right medication levels take time, the question of therapy will have to be addressed. Yanking her away to Louisianna would be terrible for her right now. At least take her out of L.A. to a place that has a first rate hospital and clinic for bipolar treatment.

People working from a base of little knowledge of Brit's illness should NOT have control over her medical care!!!!!!!!!

2421 days ago


15. I was one who constantly riped Britney...I now feel bad about all the crap I said about her.

She needs a clean start...and hope she gets better,and makes changes that are for the good.

Hang in there Britney.

Posted at 4:33PM on Feb 1st 2008 by George
Lots' of people are thinking the same thing George. Thanks for having the guts to say it!

2421 days ago


put a guardian in place for her,period.

2421 days ago


I'm sure they won't get what they are asking for. I'm sure a GAL will be appointed. She may not be the right person to make decission for herself right now, but I'm sure her parents aren't either and no judge is going to allow these people control over her. The relationship is too shakey for them to be trusted.

2421 days ago


Sam has always been a good, faithful manservant. If Britney ends up in a
padded cell, Sam should get at least half of her assests. It's only fair.

2421 days ago


i hope that she gets the help that she needs her kids need a healthy mother, and i think that a judge should freeze her accounts that way no one get her money, not sam her MOM or even kevin. her mother is already it`s all about the money with her look what she has done to both of her daughter for MONEY!!!!!!

2421 days ago

from Canada    

Remember, Britney used to be idolized - beautiful, polite, welldressed, well groomed, professional entertainer who sold millions of albums. She had famous respected friends like Justin Timberlake and Madonna. That was all when Brit's parents were around in her life helping to call the shots with professional managers and PR people.

This is what Sam Lufti has done for Britney:

Brit kicked everyone out of her life and she is a downward spiralling psycho. She is a laughing stock - dresses like a slob with no bra no skirt or pants with her cooch hanging out, her hair is greasy ugly disgusting mess, she stinks and never showers, she doesn't perform or promote her music anymore, and her album is not selling too well even though it isn't too bad. She got rid of Kfed who she once loved and lost her precious kids.

Svengali Osama Lufti has go to go! Give Adnan the boot too!

2421 days ago


So is Lutfi the "Business Manager" he refers to here? LMAO......yeah no wonder he's against her parents, if he is her "business manager" and she was dumb enough to let him in control over any of her assets!!!!

I hope to GOD the courts see through this sleeze and give conservatorship to her parents!!!

2421 days ago


Hey Lufti, the money train stops here! What is it your business what the family does for her, its only in her best interest. Stop being a bottom feeder and get a job and stop trying to live off someone else, especially when they are not in there right mind. Get Lost Lufti!!!!!!

2421 days ago


28. I wonder if Britney even NEEDS a conservatorship for long. Her medications will, hopefully, be kicking in within the week.

The problem with Bi-Polar patients and their medication regime is that they almost always stop taking them once they start feeling beter under a false assumption that they are *cured*. They then spiral downward to where they were, or worse. It would help tremendously if she hired a private nurse and saw a therapist at least 3-4 times a week.

2421 days ago


Nancy said "I wonder if Britney even NEEDS a conservatorship for long. Her medications will, hopefully, be kicking in within the week."

There's no magic pill that cures bi-polar disorder, if indeed that's Britney Spears' diagnosis. There are pharmaceutical protocols, but they almost always work in conjunction with other forms of therapy on a parallel basis.

It certainly is not "take two pills and call me in the morning" and anyone who has experience with the disease or lives close to someone who has knows this.

2421 days ago

Georgia Girl    

I hope Sam dropped off a job application while he was at In and Out earlier today.

2421 days ago

Your Lameness    

There are some people who just need medication and Britney Spears is one of them. I was thinking...if they can invent birth control implants that release constant dosages...why can't they do it with crazy pills for people like Britney Spears? If you could just hold her down and inject her with some kind of anti-crazy implant med, maybe she would quit being no-pants, British-accent Britney and go back to the subtle white trash girl that she was before. OH WAIT, then her music would suck. I forgot.

2421 days ago


Fantastic news!! I am so happy to hear that the parents have intervened and I have a feeling that this has been in the works for a long time. I believe that they knew Sam would fight them and in order to successfully try and save their daughter they needed to appear like Sam was "significant"...I am sure Sam is very worried that once Britney pulls herself back together, proper medication and all she will eliminate the people who have encouraged her insanity for their own gain. That includes the paparrazzi!! It has become far to hard to continue watching a young mother go "mad", even if it is Britney Spears. We wanted the parents to do something and they have. I do hope Britney can turn her life around and maybe she will become a spokesperson for "mental health" and the importance of taking the proper medication. I am sure Tom Cruise is totally hating that when Britney gets the proper treatment it won't be Scienctology and their warped ideas healing her.
I don't think Lynne or Jamie Spears are helping their daughter for the money as I am sure the have enough so I think Sam should shut his mouth before he is hit with a "slander lawsuit"...

2421 days ago
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