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Lutfi Won't Face Off With Brit's Parents in Court

2/1/2008 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi tells TMZ he's not going to show up for the court hearing today.

TMZ broke the story about Britney's parents going to court in an attempt to establish a conservatorship. They believe Lutfi is placing their daughter's health and assets at risk.

Lutfi says he is "appalled and disgusted" that the parents have gone to court, adding that "Britney is in control of her assets and her business manager is in control of her assets." Lutfi says his lawyers are discussing his legal options.

Sources say Britney's medical status right now is "gravely disabled."


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Thank God, Finally someone is getting that freak show out of Britneys life. This should have happened along time ago and most of this probably would not be happening at all. I can't believe this has taken this long, but you know what they say, better late than never.

I am glad he has contcted his attorneys, he will probably end up needing them, something he deserves I'm sure.

This moron Lufti should be put behind bars and the key thrown away for all the grief he has caused Britney and her family. He mathodically set out to drive this girl crazy for his own personal gain. Hopefully he will now be completely stopped. If he was really smart hew would make it his mission to disappear and hide for life. He is pure evil!!

2423 days ago

the DQ    

"...adding that "Britney is in control of her assets..."

THIS is the problem. Britney is NOT in control of her assets! She's not in control of ANYTHING in her life.

Get this disgusting slime bag out of her life!!!!

2423 days ago


#13 you are exactly right, I think its a good idea the court needs to step in and put some restraint on this entire circus, paps included. The leaches around her are killing her. Bipolar with a multiple personality disorder to boot is my guess, It doesn't get much worse than this people. Right now she seems ditsy and without a clue, but what it all comes down to, people distressed and with mental instabilities like she is presenting, scarey stuff. She can turn on anyone at the drop of a hat, even herself, and horrible things can happen and someone will definitley get hurt or worse. I have been up close and personal with persons like this. She is standing at the edge of psychosis looking over and about to jump. I'm telling you, back away and let her have some room, I mean this for the parents, relatives and so-called friends. I know her doctors are thinking the same thing and the courts will be in close contact with them, also. guardian ad litem is the perfect choice for this poor girl. A barrier has to be put up between her and all this drama.

2423 days ago


HAHAHA.......I was on a few other sites & it is being reported that Sam is NOT allowed to see britney by orders of brits big brother. He is trying to make the public believe he is the only one allowed to see her & the whole thing with him bringing her food to the hospital was a lie!!! He is trying to get brit out of that place & he is seeking advice on how to be brits power of attorney! Apparently it is being reported that brits parents are also having the locks changed on her house so sam has NO access!!! HAHAHAHA. Sam is such a loser. YEA he cares about her. THEN WHY THE HELL IS HE TRYING TO GET HER OUT OF THE HOSPITAL????????

2423 days ago


Yea.. if he was a friend to Brit like HKS was to ANS.. and look how she turned out!

I am sure that if and when ( and i really have my doubts ) Brit gets good help and takes it... her to gopher guys will be out of the picture.

They yes ed her to death cuz she was paying the way. If they cared for her, they would have gotten in touch with her family long for this and worked with them to help her.

TMZ...not to worry , my bets is she will be out this weekend so you can on aiding her in destroying her life.

I am just sayin'

2423 days ago


oh please....what legal options does he have???

2423 days ago


27. 15. I was one who constantly riped Britney...I now feel bad about all the crap I said about her.

She needs a clean start...and hope she gets better,and makes changes that are for the good.

Hang in there Britney.

Posted at 4:33PM on Feb 1st 2008 by George
Lots' of people are thinking the same thing George. Thanks for having the guts to say it!

Posted at 4:37PM on Feb 1st 2008 by Sam Lutfi = Howard K Stern


I can't tell ya the time I spent just...feeding into all the negative that has portrayed her life as of late.Everything looked so "crazy"..I honestly feel like a jerk.

She cries..and feels pain like all the rest of us.It feels like I beat up someone smaller than me,and made them cry.I now realize how wrong I was,and how wrong alot of us were about her.I don't feel like a big man anymore knocking someone down,in order to make myself feel good thinking I know all the answers pertaining to them.

Britney has tought me not to judge someone..because how can we know what a persons life is..without walking in their shoes?

I think it's time we all take a good look at ourselves...because this is what I've learned today watching all this go down with her....I'm sorry Britney..I'm on your side now...

Get Better..we're all praying for you..Postitive thought for you...(Hug).

2423 days ago


ummmm. hey TMZ instead of focusing on Britney's PRIVATE health matters why not work on an expose on Lufti??? Seriously everyone is asking where the hell this guy came from and how he worked his way into Brit's life. So why not give your viewers what they want. Why aren't we seeing interviews about HIS behavior in the past. Break out those protective orders, where are the people who filed them???? That's who I want to hear from.

Has Lufti ever managed any other artist? Where was he during the onset of her current state? I don't remember seeing him until very recently. Does he have an extended work VISA to be in the States? These are the questions someone (TMZ) should be asking.

2423 days ago


I saw that interview way back when live. with Diann Sawyers interviewed her. I don't think she is acting like a crazy. I see a girl who is just so broken down starting with Timberlane. She is a girl who's spirit is so broken.

2423 days ago


I think it's great that her parents are finally stepping in. Sam is a LOSER. Maybe after Britney is treated she will see that. I couldn't imagine living in the spotlight. It has to be lonely and depressing. You never actually know if you have true friends. My prayers go out to Britney and her boys.

2423 days ago

Team Jon    

Lutfi says his lawyers are discussing his legal options.

He has no options I hate Sam dirt bag

2423 days ago


#73 - Right there with you - I laughed when I read that about Poor, poor Sam...


2423 days ago


I hope her parents finally get control and they can help her ...its really so very sad and over the last 6 months everyone has been making fun of her but this poor girl has been so sick ...sam should go away and mind his own business'
Maybe now Britney can get the help she so desperatly needs and get better
people shouldnt blame her parents , if you look at the old footage of britney when she was young she wanted this stardom so bad you could see it in her face when she would entertain
to say that her parents forced this upon her is not true
ok well now she will get better

2423 days ago


What a peice of crap!! I heard this Sam guy is not American ... CAN WE GET HIM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY ALONG WITH ADNAN the freak?? Can we control our borders at all??? Some of this countries CRAP originated in foreign lands. I.N.S. are you even alive out there??

2423 days ago

Yeah Right    

Somebody answer please... what is Sam's official business role in her life? Is he on the payroll? If so, in what capacity? How does he earn a living?

2423 days ago
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