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Wake Up Maggie!

2/2/2008 11:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 82-year-old "Iron Lady" has no visible signs of rust! The Baroness resurfaced at an awards gala in London on Thursday, with her hair looking exactly the bloody same!
Margaret Thatcher

The first female Prime Minister of England -- and so far only -- has the middle name "Hilda."

South Africans have named a nectarine in Thatcher's honor.


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This is what happens when you DON'T part like Paris!

2423 days ago


She looks awesome!!!! You go girl!!!!

2423 days ago


5. Dear god, why isn't that witch dead yet? The old bitch needs putting down.

Posted at 10:28AM on Feb 2nd 2008 by Sundaeg1rl
Those nasty words will come back to haunt you...just wait until someone you love like your mother or father die...then you can repeat your childish, cruel and inhumane comments while laughing at the same time! You moron!

2423 days ago


maggie needs to give hillary some pointers on leadership without the water works!!!!

2423 days ago


She's off her cake!

2423 days ago

Biker 1957    

She's a beautiful and classy lady. It would be a privilege and an honor to bend her over the couch and give it to her hard.

2423 days ago

Chris Brown    

Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!!!

2423 days ago


She looks nice. Not much change at all.

2423 days ago


Now THIS is a strong lady folks. Rock on Ms Thatcher, you have inspired many.

2423 days ago


She is a great lady who still looks terrific!!!!!

2423 days ago

YES, The iron lady. She said " if you want it said talk to a man but if you want things done talk to a woman' A brave and smart politician. A woman who had the balls ( not like Jimmy Carter clueless of politics - he created Taleban and Sadam Houssein) to stand firm and change the world for better. For those of you who do not know, it was President Reagan ( may this great man be in heaven), Mrs Thatcher and The POPE that brought the Berlin wall down.
May we all remember and thank them for their work.

2423 days ago


eh, sorry to burst all your bubbles but just because she aged well doesn't mean she has class.....she was an unforgivable witch then and sill is. she couldn't have cared less about her "minions"

2423 days ago


I love her as I love Ronald Reagan. They were two great leaders, probably the last of the great leaders the west will ever see again.

Watching her debate in the House of Commons was Exhilarating. She had such a quick wit no one could take her on.

As we go through this election cycle here in the U.S. I truly wish we had people like her to choose from. We are now stuck with a crop of corrupt lying ass holes that will say anything to anyone to be elected. I don't think they even know how to tell the truth. I despise politics today and despice polititians even more.

2423 days ago


pffft...Hillary Clinton couldnt come close to The Iron Lady on her BEST media-pimping day. Sit yo big azz back down Hillary, we remember who you really are, and remain unimpressed.

2423 days ago


IS THIS TMZ'S ATTEMPT AT "BRIT HUMOUR" OR BRIT HUMOR AS YOU SAY ?. not funny, i dont want to be REMINDED ABOUT THATCHER its so damn 80,s 90,s and a world away from that wonderful day when SHE RESIGNED..THERE WAS DANCING IN THE STREETS OF LONDON THAT DAY.!! BLESS.set the cause of women back a thousand yrs in this country... NEVER AGAIN.

2423 days ago
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