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Dogfight in Court Tomorrow Over Brit

2/3/2008 8:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned tomorrow is shaping up to be an all-out war in the Britney Spears conservatorship case. Sources say lawyers for Britney will try to convince the Commissioner that Britney "feels hatred" toward her dad, doesn't trust him and wants him removed as co-conservator.

Here's the way it's gone down this weekend. Yesterday, a lawyer for Trope and Trope (Brit's divorce/custody attorneys) went to UCLA to visit Britney. After being there a short time, one of the staff doctors asked the attorney to leave, because the co-conservators objected to the visit.

Sources say tomorrow, Trope and Trope will appear at the court hearing. Along with attorney Adam Streisand, who specializes in estate law, and ask that both co-conservators be removed. They will argue that the appointment of Jamie in particular is inappropriate given Britney's bitter feelings toward him and that Britney wants him out.

On Friday, the Commish appointed Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet as co-conservators. Trope lawyers and Streisand will ask that both conservators be replaced.

Sources say the Trope firm will not object to a conservatorship for Britney, but they'll ask that a different conservator be appointed. We're told the Trope lawyers and Streisand have not finalized who they want to replace the current conservators.


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Gloria Allred !!!! Hahahaha!!! She is one hilarious lawyer ! She probably is on the phone, trying to get in this case ! This is all we need ! TMZ loves this woman !!! But, her daughter is a much better lawyer...

2454 days ago

Come on people, calm down. Jamie Spears conservatorship is in conjunction with a court appointed person in regards to finances. Tomorrow he will get conservatorship over her medical issues. Remember the papers weren't ready in time when they went to court 2 days ago.

Jamie may have not been the greatest father but Britney was a handful. He left that marriage because of his disgust of Lynne and her allowing Britney to call the shots in persuing her career. He was outnumbered. Yes he drank. No excuse for this.
He lives a pretty modest life, living in the original family home in Kentwood, LA. A modest home. Lynne is the one living in a mansion, pushing the sisters career and under her watch Jamie Lynn comes up pregnant. Who'd a thunk.

I believe he doesn't care right now if Britney likes him or loves him. He is doing what he has to do and isn't concerned what she thinks of him. BTW, Lynne stated she didn't want to be part of the conservatorship BECAUSE SHE WAS WORRIED Britney would hate her more. That just goes to show me, Lynne's intentions are iffy. But I do believe they both love Britney.

Nobody is going to overide her parents and what they want for her. Maybe the court will make sure everything is overseen by a third party, which would be good.

Right now, Britney is pitching a huge fit. Tomorrow they will force her to take meds she has resisted. I believe right now all she has done is detox. The time has come where people are recognizing Britney is out of control, mentally. The whole world is watching. She doesn't have a say or a choice in this matter.

I wish her the best and I hope she gets well. The road will be long and there will be hills and mountains to climb.

It's about friggin time.

2454 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Britney's lack of judgement in so many things is just so questionable and I don't think she's capable of making this decision either. Thus far, I haven't been impressed with any of the decisions she has made in her custody battle, or her personal life. And even though it is common knowledge that she and her father aren't quite getting along, I think that he is more capable of making decisions for her than she is herself, and apparently Lynne thinks the same thing. They are separated/divorced, but she obviously agreed with the court's decision. If she didn't, she could take on the job herself, but she probably knows that it would be difficult to handle Britney's interests when she has Jamie Lynn to deal with also. Let the father step up and take some of the weight off of her shoulders. I say, It's about time, and good for him!" As for T & T, they are just doing what Britney is telling them to do. They represent her so their jobs, as her attorneys, is to try and do as she asks. It was their shrink that got her committed in the first place! They're probably putting forth some effort for show, but they know that being committed is the best thing for Britney right now. If she manipulates T & T attorneys into getting her released, she will be doing the same things she's been doing all along. Let her azz stay in there and get the help she needs! Finally!

2454 days ago


Britney hates anyone that is trying to help ie: her family.

She has rebuffed them throughout this whole break-down episode, that is why they weren't there before. she wouldn'tlet them near her.

I am sure that her father and the other appointed lawyer/conservator, will do what needs to be done now, regardless of her tantrums. she is a sick spoiled brat.

after she went to rehab, she got rid of everyone that she blamed for putting there rather than try to get better.

there is little hope for her , in my opinion, cuz if she really wanted to get better and if her kids were really important to her she would beg for help.

instead, she has just been prancing around nude and picking up her paps to bed and oh yea... shopped. life was great , wasn't it Brit!

Her family should be in charge. all of the outsiders helped get her their in the first place!

2454 days ago

cry baby    

get a life Janie!

2454 days ago


Where is Lufti? Adnan? Why have they vanished? Curious....

2454 days ago


Lally, Jamie IS a California resident and has been for years. that is why the commissioner appointed him conservator instead of Lynne. Know what you are talking about before you run off.

2454 days ago

L.A. Native    

Let me get this straight....

she was transported from her home with police escort to UCLA Psychiatric Hospital as a 5150 ~ a 5150 is someone defined in serious need of mental health treatment.

After her 72 hours an additional 14 day hold was put on her ~ one of the conditions of this is that the professional staff at UCLA has found her gravely disabled due to a mental disorder.

Now they have BS making legal decisions on her behalf ~ only in Los Angeles folks where money can buy you ANYTHING!

2454 days ago


Her parents baught her in raised her and loved her. I know for a fact people with mental illnes are not that way from a lack of love. jenny

2454 days ago


Let her have whom ever has her best needs at interest so she can move on and get well. Go Britney, you will and CAN do it :-)

2454 days ago


Finance, Brit, should be blocked until it back...

2454 days ago


Inspector Gadget....sadly, I have to agree with you.

2454 days ago


Lally, Trope and Trope are NOT in the same case. They are handling the child custody case, NOT the case surrounding Brit's health issues and 5150 hold. You have concrete between your fingers at the keyboard and your brain??

2454 days ago


Having a bipolar daughter I can tell you that they cannot make decisions for themselves if not medicated correctly which takes trial and error. A family member (even if hated) is better than a friend because they will know more about the history than anyone and friends do not see a "disordered" person in most cases. This disorder is a chemical imbalance, not being crazy. It causes the person to do things impulsively and without reason. The problem with medicating is that they will typically stop taking meds because they feel they are okay (on meds) and cannot recognize their behavior as bizzare. I am familiar with the psych ward because my daughter was in several times and it is not easy for the patient. However, the only success can come from outpatient involvement afterward. A difficult thing for an independent, adult patient. There is nothing wrong with being born with the disorder, only how you accept and treat it for your own wellbeing and that of others....

2454 days ago


I just find it amazing that we have all this fighting over Britney's estate but the girl didn't even put up the slightest fight for her CHILDREN. Disgusting.

2454 days ago
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