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Ma and Pa Spears Visit Brit's Kids

2/3/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Spears parents made their rounds yesterday, first spending time with Britney at UCLA Medical Center, then last night they drove to K-Fed's house to visit the grandbabies. Mama Spears clearly didn't want any attention as she crouched in the passenger seat to avoid photogs.

This is the most normal the Spears clan has looked in a while -- now that papa is in the driver's seat -- literally!


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To #8 Im guessing you dont have teenage children. Its very hard to "police" your teenage daughter, Dont be so critical. What does one child have to do with another? I too was critical of Lynne Spears at first but seeing how she has come to aid her oldest daughter in her time of need shows that she does love her child. Her father obviously is taking the bull by the horns and doing what needed to be done. I guess you must be a fan of Sam Lufti and that Adnan bloodsucker. Do you think Britney would have lasted out the year without some sort of intervention? You must be living in a dream world Honey. Her parents are DEALING with an adult. Its very hard to intervene an adults behavior. Only until that person hits ROCK BOTTOM can the parents step in. I dont agree that Lynne should have allowed her girls to go after stardom however its too late now the damage is done. Give her parents some credit they are there and they care. Stop the damn bashing and leave them then hell alone.....

2457 days ago

wondering ...    

I honesty don't get this. First, folks are upset becaue Britney's parents aren't doing anything to help her (or at least appearing not to), and now that they are trying to help her, people are still upset! At least she's now at a place where she can get the help she needs, and at least her father is going to make sure that she stays to get the treatment. I say, good for him!

2457 days ago

L.A. Native    

...unless you've walked a mile in their shoes you cannot judge!

Best of luck to the entire Spears family!

2457 days ago


OMG how annoying...I wonder how annoyed they would get if someone chased them around every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year and just flashed lights in their faces and yelled at them and bugged their families. Yeah your in the spot light and it is expected but sometimes I think they abuse the privilege. It's just crazy...and there is a time to back off.

2457 days ago


47. Agree with Mary, the courts should have appointed a non-related member of the court to oversee her estate and other affairs.

Posted at 12:31PM on Feb 3rd 2008 by mamabear

Especially when you see the "LOVE" from papa......

But she, as the ungrateful spoiled brat that she is, failed to see his true intentions and the good that he did for her.

2457 days ago

Not Naive...    

LOL! I'm not surprised to read your comment Lillz... I figured you'd come back with a fairly juvenile comment.

Nice....... grow up a little and stop judging her parents for trying to do the right thing. It is completely their business, but at the same time, I'm sure they realize that they are not perfect.

Give them a break honey.

2457 days ago


It’s so great that her father has stopped all the lowlifes from taking advantage of his daughter.

Whatever her problem is … drugs, mental illness, or both … it really doesn’t matter.

To whoever said, “What happened to the $40 million”, I say look at her “manager”. He’s the lowest of the lowlifes. He has been going around lying about her parents to whoever would listen.

Now he’s in hiding because the truth about him is coming out. I can’t wait until EVERYTHING comes out.

I have something to say to the parent bashers on here. Jamie Spears no longer drinks, (recovering alcoholic), the lie that Sam spread all over about Lynne not wanting to have Britney committed is not true. Also, Osama Lutfi had NOTHING to do with getting Britney help. He also CAN NOT do anything about getting Jamie removed as a co-conservator. Only Britney can do that, but she has to prove she is competent.

Why don’t you parent bashers go back to x-17. I hear they are posting “memories” of Britney for you, and they could really use the income.

2457 days ago


The parents of Britney have no business around her boys. These two idiots have not one, but two screwed up, brain dead sluts for daughters. They only want the money. Plain and simple. I guess if they were sincere, they never would have pushed VERY hard for a no-talent to be famous. They did it twice. Screw them!

2457 days ago

brainless britt    

You disgusting people that make disparaging comments about the parents have no sense of what is in the best interest of
Britney...she is very ill and yes she has issues regarding her parents, but I'm sure a lot of the alienation is more about the illness then the relationships..
This family needs to heal and it's never too late for that. You nor I know this family other then what is on gossip sites. This is the only family she's got....and hopefully they can come together..she obviously needs them. Stop being so ignorant and judgmental

2457 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

She ain't out so by the complicated process of deduction, she's on her 14 day. With the temporary personal conservatorship and a good diagnosis in hand, she can then be medicated involuntarily and she can begin a stab at recovery.

2457 days ago


Lillz is obviously the most intelligent person here! Brit Spears is a phony and not sick. Just a piece of trash mother and person.

2457 days ago

Lenn K.    

Even on a bad day Britney gets more hits than Lindsay Lohan. It's hard to comment on the parents because I'm a parent and money wouldn't motive me. Just making sure my child was okay is all I'd want.

2457 days ago


Brits parents don't love her, just like Brit doesn't love her kids.....

2457 days ago


I am SO grateful for the parents of Britney Spears for coming in and doing the right thing by their daughter. I believe that it is the PARENTS, regardless of mistakes and errors in judgement over the years with raising their children, who are in the best postition for caring and overseeing the estate and interests of their daughter and NOtT some dis-interested party.

All parents make mistakes and are human beings with faults and shortcomings. Nobody is perfect! They brought Britney into this world and provided for her for years and years until she became known. Those of you out there who are NOT parents have NO idea at all and just assume are not in a position for an opinion, IMO.

As a child abuse victim myself, I forgave my parents years and years ago. Unconditional love and forgiveness is hard but thankfully I came together with my parents long before my mothers death due to congestive heart failure 2 years ago. I am at peace and totally love both of my parents period. They did their best despite themselves. I know that Britney, when she gets on her meds for her condition and starts into therapy, she will see for herself that it is forgiveness which will sustain herself and her children for the rest of her lifetime. It is time for this family to heal and restore the basic foundation of which they had prior to the fame of their children.

I wish them all the best and Adnan and Lufti can fade away into the sunset and move on with their own lives. Both of them have NO interest in Britney. Their OWN self interest, self purpose, self promotion is ALL that is within their own souls and lives. I really believe that Kevin Federline REALLY loves Britney and their 2 sons and he sees what is underneath Britney and I think that they made a great couple. Kevin really tried to help Britney but since she was out of control, he, in his own human frailities and shortcomings could only take so much of it.

NOBODY really knows what goes on behind the closed doors of someone's house so it is time to let it be and give it a rest and let this family deal with what is ahead of them.

My prayers and best to them.....................................

Put a little love in your heart and this world will be a better place for you and for me.........................................

2457 days ago


Hey Smithy-It's the ILLNESS!!!!!! Get a MF CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2457 days ago
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