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Ma and Pa Spears Visit Brit's Kids

2/3/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Spears parents made their rounds yesterday, first spending time with Britney at UCLA Medical Center, then last night they drove to K-Fed's house to visit the grandbabies. Mama Spears clearly didn't want any attention as she crouched in the passenger seat to avoid photogs.

This is the most normal the Spears clan has looked in a while -- now that papa is in the driver's seat -- literally!


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Sorry, But Britney sick or not is not anyone's ideal daughter. Her family must be sick to death of having the name dragged through the mud, the constant media and all of the criticism. Shes the one who made out financially, they have to live with the aftermath. And no amount of money is worth this level of stress. I feel for her family, especially her brother and father who have tried desperatly to have normal lives.

2452 days ago

Harvey Hater    

And you wonder why you are called STALKERAZZIS.
This sin't news. This is you guys trying to justify your livelihoods by harassing people.

2452 days ago


If she is mentally ill, then the whole world is mentally ill. Just a poor excuse for not taking responsibility for your actions.

2452 days ago


11. I would feel more comfortable if Brit estate was assigned to an independent, friend of the court instead of her father.

Posted at 11:40AM on Feb 3rd 2008 by mary

i no he has done bad stuff in the past but i 100% think hes doing what hes doing now for brits for his kid he does not do mags or talk 2 press or try 2 make money off her owt like that he never has in the past

she mite not see it now but when brits gets beter she see he done her good and saved her £$£$£$£$£ and maybe her life 2

2452 days ago

Sam's doing all this posting    

I'm not into 'conspiracies' but I'm absolutely certain that ALL the most vile, angry, ANTI-parent posts here are from ONE person only: Sam Lutfi. Him, and probably his "friend" "Chad". Especially the ones that call the two girls "brain dead sluts"--yep, given the many many stories about how this guy Osama goes ballistic and stalker-abusive whenever he's thrown out of the game(which ALWAYS happens to him as he has no soul, not a single decent feeling for anyone but himself and is nothing but a grifter and con artist), this kind of nastiness is his M.O. He's certainly twisting with bitterness at being thwarted. God knows what crap he's planning.
Don't be fooled--ALL the negative posts about the Spears are the SAME PERSON.

2452 days ago

Georgia Girl    

tuna marie,

C'mon, you're really Sam Lufti, aren't you?

I was wondering where you'd been since Friday.

2452 days ago


I like Britney's dad .. There is hope for her after all.. (Her mgr is a thief)

2452 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Methinks you are right. Osama is probably posting madly from the computer Perez claimed was swiped from Britney.

2452 days ago


I feel with them, must be very hard to all ...but things will improve for britney, and she will have her life back to normal, and they will closer as a family, they need each others no matter for Adnan, if her really loves britney, he will help for Sam and others send her cards and flowers make her feel she is still there in the heart of the people. I really sympatize with her this time. but everything happens for a reason, I believe. ALL THE BEST BRITNEY. be WELL.

2452 days ago


I suppose its a good thing they have stepped in.......But this don't half stink of rubbing salt in the wounds.....they can see the kids but Brit can't....A very cruel irony.

I hope her dad does right by her.

2452 days ago


Where the heck is little JamieLynne? Home with grandma I hope...........

2452 days ago


We're not stupid Sam--we know it is you doing the neg posts

2452 days ago

Linda Tatum

This is a gossip site, post your comments...WE DON'T NEED NO FRIGGIN NOVEL. mmmmkay???????

2452 days ago

tuna marie    

her parent's should have stepped in in the summer. they waited way too long, and britney might just be too far gone to be helped.

2452 days ago


Hope her legal team had all cell phones temporarily disconnected--that would mean Sam wouldn't be able to text everyone--he would have to get his own phone--Gee Sam did you have to turn in the car--the caddy you were driving--the one Brit owns?

2452 days ago
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