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Jamie's Lawyer Denies "Hostile Takeover"

2/5/2008 9:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie SpearsAttorney Jeryll Cohen, who reps Jamie, submitted a declaration to the conservatorship commissioner, claiming Brit's divorce lawyers got it all wrong when they assumed Jamie was a control freak.

In the declaration, Cohen says Ron Rale, a high-powered lawyer at Trope and Trope, "accused Mr. Spears of attempting 'nothing more than a hostile takeover of our client for improper purposes.'"

Cohen says Jamie was looking "for the least ugly way to save this young woman's life, bring her back to her babies, and keep her safe from predators."


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How dare this idiot Ron Rales try to put Jamie Spears on the defensive. The majority of the American people with common sense already know what a predator Ron Rales is.

The only thing Ron Rales of Trope & Trope cares about is how much money can be squeezed from very rich celebrities.

2419 days ago


Holy crap one of deceased ANS' attorneys is still with T&T and involved in this case somehow? It smells like the L.A. mafia is attempting to takeover Britney's assets! I hope Reva Goetz, et al., are astute and put an end to what has been happening to Britney while she's obviously been kept in a drugged up state just like ANS. This gets crazier and crazier by the day.... We must all pray for Britney, her children, caring parents, and trust that the hungry pack of wolves are completely exposed by the light of day.

2419 days ago


James (Jamie): My husband (the father of my step-daughters) is going through a mirror image of what you are dealing with right now, only difference is that my husband is dealing with his daughter at a much yoounger age- 14. He is the 'bad guy', yet he is the only hope of his daughter maintaining a normal life. It's not easy to be 'THE PARENT', I/We know...keep your spirit strong & know that you are doing the right thing for your child...your job as her parent is to protect her from danger, not to be her best friend....

Good luck, God bless, and good luck...

2419 days ago

Sally Wieck    

And Jamie truly wants us to believe this ???? Come on - when Brittaney was in trouble all these months where were these "loving" parents?? Duh !! Nowhere to be found. Now the REAL deal comes up - the making of some money off of all of this. Conservators are not covered by any oversight - they can write themselves checks from the estate $$ for whatever amount they want - stating that these $$ are paying for their services. So now, here come the vultures - mom and dad - who, by the way were nowhere in sight when Brit was in real danger, but now - voila, here they come. These are the parents from hell and I pity the little sister who is also now being exploited by them.

2419 days ago


the reason her parents wernt around is because she would not let them come around. she served papers on her mother to keep her away. i believe with all my heart lynne and jamie love the daughters. anyone who has had teenagers knows how difficult it can be. brit didnt have a childhood and is acting like a rebellous teenager now even though she is 26. this family needs all our prayers now. ron rale needs to be run off .

2419 days ago


Before even knowing that Ron Rale is in this picture, this story reminded me so much of Anna Nicole's story. For those of you who are attacking her parents for "not being there," for her. Remember she is an adult and she was either influenced by this guy Sam or she made the decision herself. He is the lowest form of predator, where did he come from ? How did he get into this young woman's life ? He really does need to be investigated.

I just pray that this young girl who still has so much potential is giving this opportunity to recover a chance. It saddens me to watch what has been happening to her over the past year. I'm not a fan of Britney's, but from what I've seen of her, she is a sweet southern girl who is caught up in the Celebrity nightmare. Maybe having two babies one right after the other set off this illness. Hopefully she is getting the best care out there and will be well soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you Britney, and with your children and family.

2419 days ago


this is just another reason for lawyer jokes. Here is a father trying to help his daughter and everything she has worked for. then you have the butt of every joke trying to say that a parent is trying to control his sick child. I don't know if these lawyers have kids or had parents one one time that love them but most of the world have this thing called unconditional love for their children and would die for them. Maybe I'm the crazy one but hey do you think that Jamie is looking out for someone he has unconditional love for?

2419 days ago


Ditto # 6 Brit needs a strong man in her life! Thats her daddy! Go Jamie go! May God bless your efforts!

2419 days ago


Umm, I'm thinking it's probably a good thing that SOMEONE with control has finally stepped in. The pushovers haven't been working out so well! He's just a dad that is doing what a good parent would do when their child is helpless!

2419 days ago

Attilia The hun    

her parents were shut out. It's the drug control thing. You keep someone might loaded on drugs and their apt to do anything crazy. Yep, I believe she has been druged! I also believe K-fed is somehow involved. everyone must remember when he started dating Brit, we all (the world) took him as a snake. now he's biting back, very silently.

2419 days ago

Attilia The hun    

I think someone should check into k-fed's friendly connections. The guy is a silent snake in the grass!

2419 days ago

lisa runnels    

RON RALE is in the Trope & Trope firm ???????????? That is Howard k. Stern's buddy. This really is a repeat of Anna Nicole. WOW. Go Jamie fight for your family. Don't let these idiots seperate you like they did Vicky Lynn.

2419 days ago

Attilia The hun    

#69 As much as I hate to admit it, your right!

2419 days ago


Ron Rale?!!!! Isn't he the lawyer who covered Howard Stern's ass. Guess he thought he had a new cash cow with Britney and Lufti was playing the part of Howard Stern. Ron Rale should be disbarred.

2419 days ago

Attilia The hun    

TMZ, you all are great at the getting to the truth. Now send your people out to investigate K-Fed. You may dig up dirt that could save her life!

2419 days ago
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