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Holy S**t -- Lutfi Sleeping with the Enemy!!!

2/6/2008 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Sam Lutfi, the man who is legally required to stay away from Brit, is counterattacking, with the help of ... drum roll please ... Michael Sands, the former media consultant for K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan.
Sam, Michael
Sands, who knows a thing or two about crisis management, has been brought on board by Lutfi to, as Lutfi put it to us, "set the record straight" about who he is.

Sands cryptically told TMZ, "I'm honored to work with a patriot like Sam Lutfi." BTW, while Sands worked for Kaplan, his mission was partly to dig up dirt on Brit's former manager.

For his part, Lutfi told TMZ, "Michael did his research and found the truth."

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Britney needs to get out of L.A. all together.
Seems to be to be a city that breeds nothing but greedy criminals.

2390 days ago

April Fouels    


2390 days ago


yeah i wondered when someone say that. i bet it was t hat all along.

2390 days ago


Most parents sacrifice themselves for years to raise their children & help them get established in careers. To think that some deadbeat comes along from out of the blue & takes over their child's life is enough to drive a parent crazy. This deadbeat then starts trashing the parents is unbelievable. How can a sane person not recognize what is going on with this.

I know it's Britney's money but the family are the ones who did without to help her get where she is today & when she is sick they're the ones she can really trust. Sam wants to get Britney under his spell & does not care if she lives or dies. In fact once he has gained control of her & the assets he will make more money off her dead than alive. Just look at Howard K. Stern & Larry Birkhead as examples. They walked into a drug addicts life, got her pregnant, removed all family & friends & bang they own it all while ET pours out the money big time. ALL I CAN SAY IS THE CREEPS WILL ONE DAY FACE JUDGEMENT BY A HIGHER POWER & WILL NO LONGER BE IN CONTROL.

2390 days ago


I think I'm going to throw up.

2390 days ago

lala nono    

Sam Lufti is an idiot!! He should everyone a favor and go play in traffic!!

2390 days ago


Sam will you marry me? You need me.

2390 days ago


Only a rich liberal would call someone named "O-FREAKING-SAMA" a patriot.

A Patriot? lol!!
That idiot has no idea what a Patriot is!
Of course, we're talking about a liberal from California.
To a liberal, being a patriot means that even though they raped, murdered, ruined lives etc.., at least they had
the decency to drive a Prius with "Bush is evil" "Al Gore is My Hero" & "War Kills" bumper stickers plastered all over the back windshield.

2390 days ago


WTF?!?! a "patriot??"

2390 days ago


So is Brit paying for this man Kaplan hired ?? I guess she is since he wants 500 thousand for a couple of months...The truth will eventually come out and I think WE will all be suprised with who is involved in this meltdown/drug induced woman's life...

2390 days ago

April Fouels    


2390 days ago


Here's the problem. In 2 weeks when the restraining order is up and if she is not still under a conservatorship. It will be her decision to still keep seeing Sam. If she nor sam show up at the hearing for the order it will be dropped. So I hope her dad still has control, but it looks like Trope is meeting with her now and will be in court by tomorrow to knock her dad out.
Very sad.

2390 days ago


Hey Lutfi...Give it up. It's over. Go and leech off of someone else. You are a dispicable human being. How do you even live with yourself. You sound like a sociopath to me. Thank God Britney's dad and lawyer now have control of everything. How much damage did you do? I remember a beautiful strong Britney Spears who presented herself on David Letterman right after her divorce. She appeared so together. I believe in karma and what you've done to this kid will come back to you ten fold.

2390 days ago


Thank God! Finally the parents have stepped in to take some form of control over this girl's life. It was long overdue. I don't care how old my child is, if I see him/her out there in the world doing things that are endangering his/her life, it's time to step in. Too many parents have had the misfurtune of saying "If only... I had stepped in" after losing a child to suicide or drugs and alcohol. And as for Sam Lufti, he's no different than any other abusive controling man (and I use the term lightly - because REAL men do not abuse, they love and protect)... He's alienated her from family and friends, and even endanged her life by somehow managing to convinced her that she only needs him for protection and not professional security from both the CRAZY PAPS and the STALKERS OF THE WORLD - are we fogetting that she's a very famous person and there are nut cases out there that would wish her harm?
Beside all that, the paparazzi have got to give her a break and let her get healthy without the constant flashes in her face and the hounding they do by following her every move. It's no wonder she's unstable, anyone would be,
She needs to move out of town and build a really high gate with barbed wire on the fence. Get back to your family, they love you unconditionally - NO ONE in the world will ever love you like your mother. And remember Mom's and Dad's make mistakes, no one is perfect, and that's the cold hard facts Ma'am - forgive them if need be and move forward with your life. Get your kids back and be the Mom that we all know you can be.

2390 days ago

Case Should Be Solved In No Time    

The plot thickens:)

2390 days ago
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