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Brit's Family to Wasser: Come Back!!

2/7/2008 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned disso queen Laura Wasser paid a secret visit at the UCLA psych ward last Tuesday, and the family wants Laura back as Brit's custody attorney.

Wasser, who repped Brit in the divorce, quit the case -- we're told because Britney wouldn't listen to her. But sources say Jamie and Lynne want her back.

TMZ knows Jamie wants to 86 Trope and Trope as Brit's reps, in part because they have been chummy with Sam Lutfi. People at UCLA say Britney "lit up" when she saw Wasser. But there's a hitch -- we're told the deal will be sealed ONLY if Britney doesn't fight the conservatorship. As of Tuesday, she was fine letting Jamie call the shots, but it looks like that's changed.

If Brit accepts the conservatorship and Jamie is at the reins, Laura Wasser could be back in the Britney business.


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too sad    

Jamie is a greedy sex addict - Actually we are the intelligent ones. You have yet to say anything that is not just gossip. I would like the facts. You can't do it. You can not say a comment that helps you without bashing someone. You Son of Sam are the stupid one.

2428 days ago


i dunno for sure that sam got her to go, i know that sam drove her there.. hows that..

i did watch the tape, sam (not adnan your hero) trying to stop her from getting in the drivers seat.. thanks..
and if he said things like "your a whore and you don't deserve your kids" he was/is right.. she doesn't she hasn't done anything the court has asked/told her to in an effort to get her kids back or even visitation with her kids...

if any man in this world were acting that way, the court would have told them to get lost and never given them as many chances as she has had..

wake up, she needs to take some responsibility for her actions and not just blame them on her bad parents, or sam or adnan or kfed or whoever else she can come up with..

2428 days ago


Isnt this the lawyer who lost custody for David Hasselhoff ex wife. He was caught on tape being as crazy and he still won against Wasser. Further more shouldn't people be concerned with Britney getting help before trying to get custody.

2428 days ago

too sad    

stephanie - I am not saying I am an Adnan fan first of all. But answer this if Sam cared enough to get her to court. Why not use the private parking garage? why not drive her up where no one can see her? Why drop her off right in the center of 100 paps waiting for the money shot? Why not hire a decoy care or limo with dark glass? It does not make sense. Unless you are making money off the shots.

2428 days ago


It would be fabulous if Britney's family could get Laura Wasser back on board. As nearly as I can tell she's an excellent attorney and is already familiar with this case.

No one said that Britney was competent to speak with Wasser but not competent to speak with Streisand. It was simply noted that Britney lit up when she saw Wasser. Britney would likely have 'lit up' had she seen Ronald McDonald. Britney knows Laura Wasser and she probably likes her, thus the positive reaction when she saw her.

Laura Wasser dropped Britney as a client because Britney wouldn't pay any attention to her or communicate with her.

2428 days ago


stephanie ...She/Brit has not blamed anyone the media has but you are right about Sam he did try and stop her from getting in so she went to the driver side and got in...

2428 days ago


3:49...your memory is poor...when Wasser repped her she was out in nightclubs every night, partying with Paris, Lindsay and others. When Trope & Trope & Sam became involved, she stopped the nightclub party circuit and started the starbucks trips insteaad. I think Starbucks is much healthier for her myself, but I suppose you think she was better off clubbing.

2428 days ago


i am not saying he isn't making money off the shots , i am saying adnan is making money of the shots and selling his story to ET and shopping other stories/photos.. which leads back to my 1st question, which was.. why is adnan still allowed to come around.. he is making money off her just like everyone else...

i am also saying that basketcase britney loves the attention.. she craves this..

2428 days ago


by Still a Britney Fan...
I am NOT a fan of Dr Phil but Tony Robbins has helped a LOT of people one on one and he doesn't flap his mouth about it later. All I want is for Britney to get her babies back and get her life on track. I think she is loney as hell.

2428 days ago


Maria...You are wrong. Jamie's lawyer told the judge she was incompetent to pursue Streisand as her lawyer...

2428 days ago


That's supposed to be lonely as hell not Looney

2428 days ago


You know how this is going to end?? It's going to end the exact same way it ended for Judy Garland, Anna Nicole, and the likes. At the time of Anna Nicole's worse drug use and weight gain, she was given a reality show so that the entire World could laugh at her. It's like a bad movie, where you start to watch and even though it's horrible, you are intrigued as to how it will end. You've got photographers waiting outside of her home to follow her, so they can videotape her increasingly bizarre behavior. You've got people selling private pictures and stories of her. None of it matters, because as long as she is rich and Britney Spears, she will always have someone telling her everything she wants to hear. This girl is going to die young and alone, or she will continue this for years and years until they find her dead of suicide or an accidental overdose. Can you imagine how her boys are going to turn out with K-Fed as a daddy and her in her current condition as a mommy?!

2428 days ago

Team Parents    

who on here thinks adnan is a hero? anyonw>? no, I didnt think so. so you only give yourself away by your jealousy. you're a creep sam. adnan is a creep. you're both users. only difference... sam committed a whole lot of crimes and I hope sam rots in jail real soon.

I think you (stephanie) = sam
jamie is a greedy sex addict = sam
ma & pa spears etc etc = sam

2428 days ago


How Low Can you go are the one incapable of distinguishing fact from allegations...I do it for a living and am very successful at it...there are many people without legal training who are also capable fo making that distinction, but clearly you are not one of them. I must say that my jury panels are of higher intelligence than persons like you and able to form their own opinions, and don't just accept outrageous claims like "I think he drugged me"....most people would see that it would make no sense to report such serious criminal activity to the police (note she and her friend could have easily proven it if it were true by simply having a blood test done)...most would know she is lying as it would make no sense to not report it to the police, unless of course you were making it up and wanted to wait long enough to report it til they can't take your blood anymore and prove you are lying.
Would you leave your daughter with someone who was drugging you and your kid and not come back til called to do so by Sam days later??? Are you so silly you can't see this makes no sense??

2428 days ago


me- then he got her out of the drivers seat and drove off..why.. because she wanted to leave... hell, she has been in the courthouse and turned around and left.. she doesn't want to be there & she doesn't want to do what it takes to get her kids back..

2428 days ago
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