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They'll Probably Be Back in Court Tomorrow

2/7/2008 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is a free woman and her parents are clearly frustrated, especially after today's circus in the streets of Bev Hills.
Britney and Jamie Spears
Based on what we know, it's a good bet Jamie Spears will be back in court -- we're guessin' tomorrow -- asking the Commish to put some teeth in the conservatorship order. That order gives the conservator power to restrict the visitors Brit receives. No doubt Ma and Pa were frustrated that Brit let a paparazzo ride with her in her car today. And we're hearing they were none too happy about the people she saw at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It wouldn't be at all unusual for the conservator to ask for an order requiring the cops to enforce the instructions Jamie lays down. In other words, he could call the Bev Hills Police and ask them to remove the pap from the car.

Likewise, the conservatorship gives Jamie the right to approve contracts. It's a good bet he would not have approved Britney buying stuff or getting a room at the hotel. Think about the cops going to the hotel and telling the manager they can't let Brit buy stuff or get rooms without Jamie's consent and if they defied Jamie they could be held in contempt.

We'll be in court tomorrow ... just in case -- so stay tuned.


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Point of clarification for JustJoking: Britney was in UCLA Medical Center this last stay. She was taken to Cedars the first time she was 51-50'd. Just FYI so you sue the right folks! lol

2389 days ago


I really hope Jamie will be able to get control of this situation. I'm just so happy that someone who really cares about her has stepped in. Those other guys, Sam and Adnan, are just two zeros trying to get their name in the paper next to hers. If they truly cared about her, they would've tried to convince her to stay and get more help. I really pity Spears. She's surrounded by vultures and has gone over the edge. I'm sure glad I'm not her parents. I would have to blame myself for letting her go Hollywood at such a young age. At least her parents are trying to fix what they've broken.

2389 days ago


Please somebody out there - can you tell me why the hell Britney gets hotel rooms when she has a mansion close by????? And she does this often - i don't get it.

2389 days ago


mmmm thyroids.

2389 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

But I hear from reports that the drugs in Hell make you completely sober! What a personal Hell that would be for her! But what do I know, I'm just a cab driver of sorts! Coins of the eyes are still appreciated though!

2389 days ago


Room service.

2389 days ago


britney you are going to hell!!! soon!!!

2389 days ago



2389 days ago


lol -- point well taken, Kelli

2389 days ago

Mom of 5    

If the courts fail Jaime and Lynne, they need to pack up their things and go back home to watch and wait for the dreaded call. There is only so much they can do before they're contributing to the craziness. I don't know if Britney is really sick with Bipolar disorder (the "in" sickness for those who want an excuse for acting badly) or is just a spoiled child who wants what she wants when she wants it. The fact is - it really doesn't matter. She is legally an adult and, if the courts won't or can't help, there is nothing left for the parents to do. Unfortunately, there are many people who really are sick with Bipolar disorder. Some get help and do well and others don't. But, in the end, if that's what she truely has, then it's Britney's choice. The paps, the parents, all her "friends", her lawyers, her manager, the TV stations and magazines, and even all of us here are codependent and contributing to her problem. As much as I would not like it - IGNORE HER - and maybe she'll get better.

2389 days ago


All this micromanagement is only going to drive her to suicide. As bad as "Borderline Sam" is, it will be Jamie who has blood on his hands.

2389 days ago


I'm glad you understand, :)

2389 days ago


tmz must be busy posts are taking forever

2389 days ago

tax junkie    

Brit wont show up....if she does she cares more about her self then her kids....I hope she keeps drvin and gettig gas and cigs.... go Brit... LOSER!!!!!

2389 days ago


I really hope that the conservatorship order is given more strength. It's obvious from the choices she made right out of the hospital, that she is not capable of making decisions for herself that will keep her safe. I don't think she understands that her "boyfriend" is out for her money and has been paid for interviews and tried to sell pictures of her in the nude. She may have heard about it, but I don't think that right now, in her state of mind, she has a good sense of who to trust. She doesn’t understand what is real and what she has made up in her mind, etc. Her family, whatever mistakes they may have made with her in the past, are really the only people who can be trusted to take care of her and really love her. I think it would be wonderful if they got conservatorship of Britney for at least six months and not just until Feb. 14th. It would also be great if she could go and live with one of them FAR away from Los Angels. The paparazzi here are ruthless and unfeeling and will never let her have time to get well. She needs to be out of the spotlight and away from all of these people who are trying to take advantage of her. She will never get well until she is taken out of this element.

2389 days ago
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