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Conservators to Dump Brit's Manager!

2/8/2008 10:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has confirmed that one of the things that went down in yesterday's hearing involving Britney's conversatorship is that the commissioner granted the conservators the power to fire her manager, Howard Grossman.

Court documents reveal that Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered Howard Grossman to turn over "all documents, records and assets relating to Britney Spears" to Brit's dad, Jamie, who along with attorney Andrew Wallet, is the court-appointed conservator of Brit and her estate.

Though the firing hasn't gone down yet, we're guessing the reason Brit's fam wants him out is because Grossman has a very cozy relationship with Sam Lutfi -- something that makes Brit's family very uncomfortable.


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no no team brit your dad is right,but after tim horten died in a car accident his kids took over the business ,they kept it for a bit and then sold it to an american company,so it is actually owned by an american .it just went public with it's stock last year so it is now publically owned and held by american.the kids did it,not tim horton,better coffee than starbucks anytime.
national fricken treasure

2415 days ago

just me    

Ma & Pa Spears exploit kids

I'll have a look at Rolling Stone. Sure would give me pleasure though if Britney would speak for herself and expose her parent's failures but she is just not going to do that. I don't think any child who loves their parents would. So if Rolling Stone will save Britney from that and does the exposing then maybe people will listen and believe. They probably would not believe Britney at this point anyway if she would be inclined to speak for herself.

What I find so amazing is that so few people realize things like Jamie's restaurant you mentioned. First of all, how he was financially able to acquire the restaurant, and the second, how it was Jamie's exploitation of Britney's fame to promote the restaurant that caused the falling out between Britney and her father. If the truth was known and believed, people would know that Britney Spears didn't have a dime to her name when she was 17 years old in 1998, not one cent from her performances on the Mickey Mouse Show in 1993 & 1994 or her work with the Innosense and concert tour sponsored by American teen magazines in 1997. Jamie defaulted on a land purchase mortgage and numerous other financial debts that drove him into bankruptcy in July 1998 and then that was followed by a life of out of control drinking and drug abuse until it landed him in a rehab clinic in 2004.

Six months after Jamie drove the family into bankruptcy, losing a large swath of real estate that was auctioned off after foreclosure and the family car he still owed Ford Motor Credit $10,000 for, Britney's "Baby One More Time" was released just after her 18th birthday in December 1998. The rest is history! But the family was penniless before the "Baby One More Time" release in December/98, even with Britney's earnings, the earnings of her school teacher mom, and the earning's of her construction worker father. Jamie squandered it all. And the bankruptcy wasn't something that just happened overnight. His financial problems began before Britney went to work on the Mickey Mouse Show in 1993 when she was only 12 years old. I would say that Jamie has come a long way financially since his 1998 bankruptcy and rehab clinic stint in 2004. Lynne hasn't done so bad either. And one would have to be dumb as a box of rocks not guess where their sudden good fortune came from. Now they have her taken her cars away from her, confined her to the mansion she owns and have control of the whole bank roll in it's entirety.

2415 days ago

Team Brit    

thank you for the info good to know national treasure for sure. to bad they took over hey look were still on the side of the one that had the money and not those that got controle (?)spelling and messed it all up I am almost done my shift so good night or good morning . I just got payed to hang out on TMZ awesome

2415 days ago


I'm laughing at the comment about Britney having to be a "strong woman" to be going through all this negative publicity. Britney has been mainupulated by losers and abusers for quite a while. A strong person would have sent them packing long ago. Britney was afraid to go to a number of court hearings in which she could have a chance to regain visitation rights and possibly even custody of her children. Chickening out like that is not an example of strength. Also, many of Britney's current problems are results of her own actions and decisions. If a person creates their own mess and then goes into a self-destructive downward spiral when trying to deal with it, this is not a case of being "strong". I'm not trying to say that Britney couldn't be strong in the future, and I sincerely hope that now, she is able to pull herself together. However, she has not shown much strength for quite a while -- nor much good judgment or intelligence.

2415 days ago


47. Hey! This is the first day without pictures of Brit! She has started a new page, I bet when she comes out she will look like a million bucks or more...... Start of a new day Brit! You have all our support! One day at a time!

Check over at X17; trip to dance studio,straggly,un-brushed hair,no bra,ripped fishnets,shorts & unzipped boots too small for fat legs.. How anyone could look in a mirror and think," gee,I'm HOT!" only proves severe psychological problems....sad.

2415 days ago


i think all of you have valid point for and against britney's parents.but the reality is they are her only hope.that is the honest to goodness truth. every person has a piece of her.from the record company to the fans .. but in the end she is their daughter, and in the end, it is them , not the fans, the record companies , our any of us who will have to bury her, thats the bottom line... afterall, where did heath ledger go when all the hoopla ended..?. he went home...

2415 days ago

my, my, my    


2415 days ago

my, my, my    

TO JUST ME........SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2415 days ago


Looks like she isn't so "mentally ill" after all. She's straightening up and not partying and acting like a fool, running out shopping every hour on the hour, in the middle of the night, and keeping such a high profile.

I guess the thought of losing her money to Pa Spears suddenly made her sane again.

Isn't it interesting how rich people get away with murder and also taking drugs and misbehaving --- while other people get sent to prison for the same transgressions. Bet all you Britards wouldn't be slobbering all over Slutney and making excuses for her if she didn't have millions in the bank for merely shaking her butt year after year.

2415 days ago


#287 You are a very sick person to want someone to shoot a person. Hey, go get help. You are worst than Brittney. And if you feel so strongly about it. DO IT YOURSELF. And if you don't live in California. Shut your mouth. Yes we are tired of hearing about her. Karma Baby, Don't watch tv and for God's sake. Stay off of this blog STUPID

2415 days ago

Red Shoes    

The Britney saga reminds me so much of Anna Nicole. No wonder the girl has been acting crazy, Sam has been over medicating her. I'm pulling for the spears family!

2415 days ago


Get a restraining order against the paps!

2415 days ago


I think that the power to fire her manager is in place JUST IN CASE they find something amiss with her financials. They need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Kick ass papa Spears!

2415 days ago


It is sad to see you all bash Brit-Whe the topic of "this" article was about her Business Managers and her Lawyers. Bottom line - there is 80 MILLION dollars unaccounted for in 1YEAR...there is an IRS AUDIT for about 11-17 MILLION...those are BIG numbers to the lowly folks who have to get up to their 9-5 and live check by check -BUT WE CHOSE OUR it is not fair to hate - in fact it is a deadly sin.
This is no longer the Spears meltdown - she hit rock bottom!!! The only she could do to further lower herself is actually hurting herself or another human and go to jail? Is that what you want? Even that is a "sin"
The Professionals - reall professionals are on board with the guidance of the Court. This makes it legal "all the way around". They will re-visit "all" of Britney's activities over the last year and will un cover "every rock" including determining if K-Fed is involved somehow............this gal was scammed BIG TIME and was so protected and guided in the past she is vulnerable and naive-this is the biggest lesson of this girls life. She is still so young and could possibly have a long life ahead of her. My heart goes out to the grandparents and the children.....This "print and pics" will be out there for the world to see for the rest of these boys it fair to them? Do you thing the TMZ's, X17 and others care long term?
On another note - I think it is funny how 'NOW" Trope and Trope have filed to leave the camp........RUN ROACHES RUN -
I would not be surprised to see arrests coming down - this story is bigger than Brittney --------- It will consist of many other stories and we will be following court stories and jail time.....
Good Luck Team Spears -

2415 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

To: 101. Posted at 11:49PM on Feb 8th 2008 by noyankhere
“a lot of the posts are deleted or moved. am not sure if being five to eight hours ahead of us time makes any difference as when i post the time is very different and that goes to anyone posting outside the us..what is with you yanks attidute towards accents that dont reflect your any of you actually realise that its called earth not america on this planet.? am tired of the stupid comments about english accents... where did you get your version of this language from?. Where does american english derive from then? spain???, africa, the middle east?. the ignorant twaddle that is taught in your schools instead of teaching geography and international history makes for some very idiotic comments including from tmz...i speak english the way it is supposed to be spoken, am not sure about all the british britney but it has brought out a lot of xenaphobia and thats very puzzling??. if amy whinehouse broke into a southern accent or started talking like someone from the midwest or texas, we would all make fun of her for doing so, but not the accents themselves... i think americans generally are hostile to foreign cultures and dont believe any other country or culture exists outside its borders... poor britney with the british accent... lock her up... english accents are a major us crime.. ya'll”

Please don’t be offended by anything “reported” by tmz or the good citizens that post here. Especially, please don’t judge Americans by this site. Nobody should form an opinion based on anything written or read here (including about Britney). Tmz has also offended many Americans (especially Southerners). Tmz sux (pardon my French). Good day.

2415 days ago
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