Hollywood Horror! FDA Says Botox Can Kill!

2/8/2008 5:39 PM PST
Thinking of doing a little Botox touch-up for Oscar night? Think again. The FDA just issued a warning, saying the popular cosmetic enhancement can injure or kill!

Most of Tinseltown's bad cosmetic work hasn't been of the Botox kind -- so Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin and Michael Jackson can rest easy ... that is, if there are no mirrors in their bedrooms. "There are very few reports of these distant effects with cosmetic use, but it's extremely rare," says FDA doc Russell Katz of the injectable. The FDA is still studying the scare, but Katz says face fixers "should be aware that there's a potential for something like this to happen." If Botox goes bad, patients feel weakness and drooping in muscles far away from the injection -- sometimes enough to send them to the hospital -- or the morgue.

That'll cause some frown lines!