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Mad Love for G Money

2/8/2008 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A random bodyguard at NYC Fashion Week tracked down our cameras and professed his love for TMZ's Supervising Producer -- and Queen of the TMZ Universe -- Gillian Sheldon.

While flattered, it's our duty to report that Gillian is, as everyone has heard ad nauseum, engaged. Down, boy.


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WHA!! Is that gandolfini??

2428 days ago

Karma Chameleon    

Hey Gillian is fugly, butt ugly chick. She's all googley eyed and just ick. And she has the nerve to sit there on the TV show and make derogetory comments about other people. People in glass houses.......

2428 days ago


I guess without Britney's new TMZ has nothing else to talk about , What is next ? Harvey 's path to spirituality .. Or Kaplan is really funny , light hearted guy ..Pathetic.

2428 days ago

Black Power    

I guess goofy is in. I look at the kids on tmz and think, are they actually getting paid for this???
They seem like a bunch of wanna-be's, or kids who believe that this is going to last forver. As they get older, fatter, uglier and become brain dead from all of the BS they report on, they will slip into oblivion and become the nobodies they already are. This may not make it onto the listings, but when their time comes, one thing is for sure. Big Harv will be sitting on a beachchair in Hawaii, soaking his brain in the sun, sipping something out of a coconut shell, and spending the money he has made from this waste of brain power. Maybe someone will stick a camera in his face as he is trying to enjoy himself. Let's see how he will react.

Later days, Dudes.
Clint of the Mountain

2428 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

Gillian is adorable. I'm surprised this is the first shout out for her.

2428 days ago


I also am dissapointed my coments about this womans unfortunate face were removed.
When you are ugly on the inside and have no soul, it shows through.
In her case, it shows up like a child with downs and lip implants.

2428 days ago


That chick is some kind of ugly. I wonder why she would insult others when they are clearly much better looking than her?

I guess it's a case of Revenge of the Nerds.

2428 days ago


Now put up some pictures of Harvey during the show, wearing more than 3 different shirts.

2428 days ago


# 15 that is what I though the first time I saw her on tv.. she looks like someone withdowns.

2428 days ago


If they didn't want people making fun of her, why not show a more flattering photo? Aren't there any? She looks like one of those cat clocks with the eyes that keep going back and forth.

2428 days ago


Hey I like Jillian . She's shows more emotions than some on the show when it comes to right and wrong (when she defended the celeb who the others were calling fat). Anyway, who's the hot Black guy with the dreds? Show more of him!!! He looks tall and built. Very sexy. As far as the blonde guy goes, he's cute but just a kid. Thats why he makes those goofs sometimes. And as for Harvey, Wikipedia says he'e gay (and I'm cool with that ) it's just all that darn cute ones are. Anyway , I enjoy the show. Keep up the good work.

2428 days ago

80's Gal    

I think Gillian is very pretty! And as far as you people being apalled at any derogatory comments made by TMZ staff, I'd bet a lot of money that every single one of us has made derogatory comments about a star's appearance and I'm willing to bet NONE of us have room to talk. So... cut them some slack.

As far as faves go, I LOVE the guy with the shorter blonde hair who often is shown at the end talking about a picture of someone in some horrendous outfit. He is so damn cute and his laugh and smile are infectious!!!! He starts to laugh or smile and I can't help but smile along with him!

Love for Harvey too. Unfortunately, I end up missing a lot of your call-ins to KROQ - which I used to just wait for with baited breath.

2428 days ago


i think she is really cute.

2428 days ago


Gillian is a cutie!

2427 days ago


the people that are saying that Gillian is pretty work for TMZ
there's no way in HELL this girl is really really bad looking!!

2427 days ago
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