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Britney Dances the Day Away

2/10/2008 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The recovering Britney Jean Spears spent another day at Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood yesterday, but this time Pa Spears was there -- in a classy Corona tee shirt.

Brit was heckled by onlookers and photogs waiting for a glimpse of her -- girl needs her pap fix, y'all! The popwreck was asked if she was going to the Grammys, to which Miss Thang replied ... well, take a look.


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The Princess    

She doesn't look as puffy and bloated as before because she's been popping poop pills like candy.

Remember her pic with her 180 laxatives???

She's not any healthier because she's skinnier, she's sicker because she's skinnier. She's not loosing the weight in a healthy manner, but people don't really care about her health as long as she looks good and preforms like the trainer chimp she has become.

2425 days ago


She is doing much better with her family by her side. Makes you wonder what was going on with Sam. I hope she takes it easy and gets well. She and her kids deserve it. I also hope she gets her old lawyer back.

2425 days ago


she's skinny!!

2425 days ago

my, my, my    

She told the paps to kiss her a.s.s. and not the grammys. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2425 days ago


my word, can you not leave this woman alone? Granted we are ALL to blame for this unwarrented frenzy. However, the nature of this particular video is so insulting.

2425 days ago


Yeah, she is ALOT thinner, and had a driver...and seems to be doing something useful w/ her time.
But, it's still British Brit! And she still had to stand out front & turn around to give the paps a little peep. Y'all know she's GOT to have that attention!
AND she's still f**king that DISGUSTING loser leech pap freak they call Adnand.
GET RID OF HIM! Someone make him GO AWAY! Hope that's next on daddy Spears list!

2425 days ago

CA Mom    

I have to say, I am surprised that she is banned from the Grammys. Usually, these events love the attn brought about by controversy. It would send ratings through the roof, even with her only in attendance.

2425 days ago


TMZ, seriously. Why mention her dad's shirt? He's THERE, isn't he? Who cares about what he's wearing? I swear - you guys could find negative in a sun ray!

2425 days ago

skanky every which way    

ding dang she needs to get out of LA and get back to country roots so we can all still keep making fun of her and her downward spiral demise.....either get strong or get out....

2425 days ago


Isnt that the same outfit she was wearing the day before? So is she just too lazy to put something else on, or does she think she actually looks hot in what she is wearing? Either way, she is either a slob or an idiot. She definitely isn't sexy, although she sure thinks she is.

2425 days ago

Louisiana Girl    

She didn't ask for her picture to be taken, so it seems that the paps needs their that you guys don't have an inside connection now that crackhead sam is out of the picture and daddy spears is in control...hahaha sucks for you losers, but Ilove it...get a real job and quit stalking people....

2425 days ago


Poor thing, she has obvious mental issues, her folks are really trying to get her back in control, and shes tryng to dance and you are still posting crap about her. The press is horrible what they were saying. No one will be satisfied until she kills herself and then it will be, Oh poor girl, why did she kill herself?

2425 days ago


OF COURSE they don't want her at the Grammy's! All of Hollywood (and the world) know she just got out of the psych ward, and is mentally unstable! She's a popWRECK! Why would they want her there, so everyone can watch her to see what accent she'll be talking in? To see if she'll flash her panties and start crying? Or to stumble and slur her words?
Gimme a break.

2425 days ago


Bet Britney is pissed because she's been banned from the Grammy's. She won't get the attention she craves, but that's okay, Ma and Pa are making up for it and giving their itsy-bitsy little girl plenty of attention........LOL

The people in charge of the Grammy's don't want a trailer-trash slut like Britney being in attendance. In other words they want a dignified and classy atmosphere.

2425 days ago

Louisiana Girl    

#42 well ding dang you are a dumbass!! what a stupid comment...

2425 days ago
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