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Court Documents Released in Brit Case

2/11/2008 7:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Documents from last week's hearing have been released, and no one is mincing words -- the court says Jamie Spears can "fire" Britney's business manager.

Jamie Spears accused Howard Grossman of trying to "circumvent" the conservatorship by doing all sorts of things, including violating orders by setting up a meeting with Brit and another lawyer, and sending her a Mercedes.

Take a look at the documents and how it all went down.


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What a saga, it has gone beyond movie of the week I think it may be a mini series

2447 days ago

my, my, my    

DING DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2447 days ago


Popcorn for all!!!

2447 days ago

Strong Badia    

:::Yawn::: I havent had this much excitment since the pigs ate my brother.... thanks TMZ

2447 days ago

just wondering    

......wonder how much Grossman has bilked from her ?

2447 days ago

me bitchin    

Now don't get me wrong, I have NEVER listened to anything Brit has put out for music, nothing, but you know what? If she ever did a cover or Prince's "The Flow".........I'd totally buy that. Totally smacks of what she's going through right now.
Just something to ponder...............

2447 days ago


Ugh oh, looks like team Spears are going to find out wose hands were in Brit's cookie jar!!!

2447 days ago


Grossman and Osama have lost their meal ticket. The bad guys, finally, are losing.

2447 days ago

derek jaro    

off subject if you want to bust Jeremy Pivons balls archieves the sienfield episode where Jerry and George were making a pilot for nbc and pivon auditions to play the role of George without that rug on his head he now sports it s rich

2447 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Hey #2 itis... No kidding! Of course Peter Jackson could turn it into a 4 hour movie event! Computer generated swarms of paparazi!

Who should play Britney?

2447 days ago

She Never Learns    

The docs show that people will ignore court orders i order to keep the relationship with MONEY.

This Grossman guy has no reasn to stil be associated with Brit. He willfully ignored teh courts orders and Mr. Spears authority

Osama Lufti....who is this criminal to ask for money???

Its hard to imagine how that sleazebag was permitted within 100 yeards of Paris Hilton's b-day party.

2447 days ago

just wondering    

..guess Grossman was busy last week with his paper shredder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...thieves..u just know it...I hope Jamie hires a auditing team and gets his sorry ass and Luftis too!!!

2447 days ago


Yep, he just looks like a country hick. You gotta watch out for them boys.

2447 days ago


It makes no sense to bash someone who has an illness. She is no longer in control of her actions its her mental illness. Leave the woman alone. She is getting the medical help that she needs.

2447 days ago
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