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Britney Teaching Other People's Tots?

2/12/2008 9:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Without kids of her own to dance with, Britney Spears spent yesterday afternoon shakin' it with a bunch of youngsters not too much older than Sean Preston.

The Britwreck, reports, got the five-year-olds grooving to the sounds of Madonna -- "Material Girl," in particular -- while clad in fishnet stockings, a short skirt, and her fave brown boots. Apparently, says Millennium Dance Complex owner Robert Baker, she had to introduce herself to the kids.

Britney hasn't seen her own children since January 3.

Wineheezy Slammed by Cole – "Bad Message"

Everyone seemed pretty stoked about Amy Winehouse's big Grammy night -- everyone, that is, except Grammy winner Natalie Cole.

She told People on Sunday night that she thinks Wino's wins send "a bad message" and that "it's not right for her to be able to have her cake and eat it too ... She needs to get herself together." Cole clarified: You don't get to just do your drugs and go onstage and get rewarded." Natalie survived a bout with drugs and alcohol in the early '80s.

Cole, as it happens, won her first Grammy back in 1975 as Best New Artist, as Winehouse did Sunday night.

Party Favors: Scarlett and Ryan – Not Getting Hitched ... Kareem Abdul-Jabblogger? ... Lil' Wayne Drinks Your Absinthe, He Drinks It Up!

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, despite whispers that they're going to be tying the knot, are very much not, says ... Even though he might not have been very chatty to a TMZ reporter recently, Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be blogging it up for the L.A. Times, yakking online on pretty much everything from sports to history. ... Lil' Wayne couldn't get clearance to shoot his new video in Las Vegas casinos, but TMZ has learned that Palms and Sacramento Kings owner Gavin Maloof gave the rapper his house to use -- and plenty of Le Tourment Absinthe to drink in the video.


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Jack Schitt    

Amy Gets 5 GRAMMYS and now she can go get 5 GRAMS. 2 weeks in rehab does not make a person sober. BUT THE people have voted and she won. Shes the winner the rest >>>>>LOSERS

2390 days ago


What about the rappers that flat out sing about sex, violence, abuse and how many hoes that have? At least what she is going through is her personal life and she admits to having problems. These rappers make violence out to be glamourious and they get rewarded with all sorts of rewards, Natalie needs to rethink her stupid comments and apply her logic to every artist out their. She shouldn't judge anyone but herself.

2390 days ago


Good job Brit. Good to see that you are getting better. Nice to see you giving these lessons to kids for free. I guess you'll see your own boys pretty soon again too now you're getting help and doing better.
Good luck!

2390 days ago


Don't get me Natalie Cole....BUT as I recall she too deal with her own addictions. Seems to me this is sour grapes. Pity so little compassion from such a beautiful, talented woman.

2390 days ago


Didn't Natalie Cole battle a drug or alcohol problem herself? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

2390 days ago

Dawn Day    

Brit Brit teaching 5 year olds in fish nets, huh? Where were their parents? I'll be damned if any child of mine is learning any move from her.

And applause, applause Ms. Cole. I couldn't have said it better myself. Awards are supposed to be rewarding song artists who represent talent and it seems America is throwing that award around way too easy. I'm sure Amy has a following but I have still to meet anyone young or old that really enjoys her music...especially enough to win 5 Grammy's. There are much more artists that are worthy of those awards than some cracked out drunken lounge lizard style music that Amy Winehouse puts out. Whateva.

2390 days ago


It is a well known fact that the greatest artists are often pretty wild people doing drugs and alcohol. Guess you can't be dull and exciting at the same time.
Good for them. I don't care if they use drugs as long as they harm nobody but themselves.

2390 days ago


A day without slapping Britney Spears across the face in some ignorant way or another is just not a day worth waking up to here at TMZ... If you guys could spend more time giving some postive information about people you wouldn't look so much like a bunch of childish hacks!

2390 days ago

Lenn K.    

The question with Natalie Cole is when she got her awards was she on drugs? The answer is probably yes. Britney, now start to worry about your own kids and stop running to gas stations every couple of hours. Amy, stay in rehab until you are well and then tell your husband to fly right or else!

2390 days ago

blue pen    

Natalie Cole was one of the biggest Cocaine choppers in her day and admitted she was often high when she was stage... Pot and kettle spring to mind.

2390 days ago


If the reverse had happened and a white artist slammed a black artist the damn NAACP would be asking for a boycott. But I guess since Natalie hasn't had any new quality stuff in forever, that would be kinda hard to do. The Grammys go for musical ability and talent, not character and morals. I love Amy's music, wish she could get some quality help, but don't knock her singing. Natalie was once an addict herself, she should get over it, offer help not slurs.

2390 days ago


Natalie is wrong, Amy should win the grammy for her music, drugs are a seperate issue, which she seems to be working on, anyway. And who are these insane parents letting their kids hang with Brit? Damn people, they won't even let her bearound her own kids, are you nuts?

2390 days ago


If they stopped giving Grammys to addicts it would be a very quick event. And since when is Natalie Cole the morality police? Seriously, who cares what she thinks about anything? And, while she has a very pretty voice, she has no where near the tallent of Winehouse - as screwed up as she may be.

Dawn Day - you are quite the little judgemental one aren't you? Since when does a pair of pantyhose under a skirt corrupt a five year old? For crying out loud? And "America" doesn't give out Grammy's, it's an industry award - only members vote.

2390 days ago


Natalie Cole is right. I agree with her. Amy getting those 4 or 5 grammys just rewarded all of her bad behavior.

2390 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Gee Natalie, what a wonderfully smart person you are NOW! The one time she appeared to be straight, you rip her to shreds! I normally do not like Winehouse and often rip on her, but even I was impressed with what she did last night and how she did it! If she screws up and goes back to the life, she will probably die, so at least she had been shown what the future could hold! We all expected a disaster of Britney proportions, but she snatched it out just fine and rocked it! Humility and humor where ever present too! Huge cajones to sign 'Rehab'! Good on her!

2390 days ago
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