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Lohan Still Keeping Shady Company

2/12/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is Lilo just keeping her enemies close or what? The party girl was shopping with her leeches friends yesterday at Diabless in West Hollywood, and she's back to being nice to the paps. Somebody's got to take Britney's place!

Also in the crew -- Lindz favorite hanger-on Patrick, who has reportedly been trying to put a monkey-wrench in Lindsay's sobriety.


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with friends like these...

2413 days ago


This girl should just lay in the gutter. Thats where she belongs.

2413 days ago


Wasn't she recently pictured coming out of a party glassy eyed but symbolically thrusting out a bottled water? I think she's sipping the devils piss here and there.

2413 days ago


We all know she is back on the bottle and the pipe! This girl is a waste of sperm. He mother should be slapped for not swallowing her!

2413 days ago


Monkey-wrench to sobriety already applied many weeks ago.
Lindz has no friends, just synchophants

2413 days ago


Lin, get some friends who don't drink and can still enjoy life! There are out there!

2413 days ago


Lohan is an adult. She is responsible for her sobriety, not her friends.

2413 days ago


Desperate attempt at being in the spotlight.

Keep it up Lohan, the time will come when everyone will be bored with you and your antics.

2413 days ago


No but LiLo is responsible for her sobriety. You can hang with the people and not do the deeds. It's all a matter of whether she REALLY wants to stay clean or not. I hang with potheads and I don't smoke. I just don't want to. TMZ, and everyone else, don't blame this guy if she falls off the wagon. Her fault, not someone elses.

2413 days ago


I think she should just hang out with me. :) I really hope she hasn't put anything up her nose, that was the real problem I think. I don't think champagne on New Years was a big deal. As for her friends, she is young and she will have to learn that lesson for herself. But if her parents care so much, why do they live in NY and not in LA to keep an eye on her?

2413 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

FINALLY someone is putting the spotlight on Lindsay's and Hollywoods biggest leech- PATRICK. THe dirty bitchy queen is a drug mule. If you look at ALL the old video of Lindsay when she was in trouble ( car crash...) PATRICK was always there. Do they really think because he's gay he's safe to have around. Talk to anyone from one of Lindsay's movie sets and they will tell you that whenever PATRICK shows up everyone heads for Lindsay's trailer. Did you see how he tried to avoid the cameras in the video and Lindsay held the elevator and said " where's PATRICK." He doesn't want people ( TMZ ) to start putting the spotlight on him. This little dirty queen is BAD NEWS.

2413 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

TMZ, please start following patrick around so we can watch the conceited little flamer dive for cover. How does he make his money ? His whole life seems to be hanging on to lindsay.

2413 days ago


Please. Everyone knows this girl is a LIAR! She lied about the coke in her pocket not being hers, she lies about sleeping around, she is a total LOSER!!! She has no talent at all and she will do anything for money! Lindsey is such a sleezy lying whore she is nto worth writing/reading about! PLEASE DON'T POST HER!!! BELIEVE ME NO ONE WILL MISS HER!!!

2413 days ago


She always has those skank hos in the background with that fake hair that doesn't match their skintone. Remember the roller skating hos at the beach? Who was that little ho on True Hollywood Story with the lisp? Sad!

2413 days ago


I went to high school with the taller girl jamie - shes a good person. i actually am worried since she is hanging out with that train wreck lindsay, it will jeopardize her sobriety. she isnt a "hanger on" she has a great life back on the east coast. she is obviously just visiting her friend.

2413 days ago
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