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Passes Baton to Pam

2/13/2008 7:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brigitte Bardot, 1960s sex symbol, is passing the torch to today's bustiest sex icon, Pamela Anderson. Pam is in Paris where she is scheduled to perform Bardot's famous song, "Harley Davidson" at the Crazy Horse.

Brigitte Bardot, Pamela Anderson
According to our source, Bardot, 73, has asked that Pam visit the Bardot Foundation Offices to make this year's annual plea to save the seals. Bardot, the original sexy animal activist, has worked on this particular cause for years, but this go-round, she's handing it over to Anderson, a big animal activist and PETA's current Honorary Director.


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Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

Bridgette Bardot was never the SLUT and SKANK that Pam anderson was, is and always will be!!!!
The only reason Pam ass anderson is even mentioned as a PETA rep, is that she is the biggest BITCH of all. (my aplogies to the canine species for the comparison)
The only animals pam slut cares about are all those disease ridden males she spreads her legs for at the snap of a finger!!!
Her name should not even be mentioned in the same breath or article as BB.
Instead of her face being on PETA, it should be on a poster promoting how to spread sexually transmitted diseases. Bet her kids are embarrassed a hell of her.

2444 days ago


too bad pam's assets are not real..........bardot is an icon and her breast were naturally grown.

2444 days ago

fha secure rates    

they're both ugly

2444 days ago


Brigitte Bardot never had those silicone breast inserted into little slits under her arms and then blown up with a pump. I assisted the doctor the other day and it is a sight to see, they sit the person up while still under to see is there the same size,I think it's really stupid and also messes with a person immune system, Pam mouth has also been Restylne beyond recognition. Without a doubt Brigitte Bardot is the best looking even at her age, zillion times more class.

2444 days ago


Bridget Bardot was and probably still is real and pure class with a capital C; P.Anderson is just doing what a lot are doing; gettin their class from a surgeon!

2444 days ago


Two old sluts club........both should hang it up!
Pam, you are UGLYYYYYYY!

2444 days ago

Lenn K.    

Pam has got some bad days ahead for herself with putting all her career in those massive fake cans. Can't act, can't sing and can't do much of anything. She will age right in front of us.

2444 days ago


3 Big Differences, 2 fake ass boobs and 1 altered now ugly mug, well maybe 1 more that rhymes with a big loose Sussy!

2444 days ago


love pam anderson. they're both classic sex symbols... ;-) everyone ages, who cares?? doesn't mean she's gross. man, you guys are rough on pam... she's an animal lover, she's involved with her kids and their school activities, she seems like a good person... so what if she was married to more than one man. alot of people were. oh yeah, and she made a sex tape - big deal. so she likes to have sex with her boyfriends/husband, that doesn't make her a bad person.

2444 days ago

i♥Jessica simpson    

Jessica Simpson is the hottest of them all!!!

2444 days ago


If it looks and smells and walks like a hoe..its a hoe and Im pretty sure BB didnt sell a zillion copies of her drug fueled sex tape to make millions either.

2444 days ago


Hey Pam,

Killing seals and animals is not right, but killing babies is???

Keep your legs closed...HO.


2444 days ago


Pamela Anderson is the Honorary Director of PETA? Would that she were made actual director so this sham organization would die a quick death - like Pam's last couple of marriages. Uber-Lunatic animal-hater PETA director Ingrid Newkirk probably gave Pam this honorary title cause she wants desperately to get at Ms. Anderson's "kitty." Run - Pamela - Run away home! Spay and Neuter your pets - adopt from reputable shelters! Don't let you dogs and cats have litters to show your children the "miracle of Life" unless you are also willing to show them the "reality of Death" - which is the usual fate those unwanted pups and kittens face after your little "life lesson" is through. They will surely ooh and ahh over those cute little puppies and kitties - but I guarantee they will have a different reaction when you show them the gas chamber at the local animal shelter where those little puppies and kitties wind up being euthanized when you can't or won't find forever homes for them. SPAY AND NEUTER - how many times do we have to say it before you people frickin' get it!!!!!

2444 days ago


FYI - In this week's episdoe of JAIL - O.J. Simpson mentioned during his booking that his dog just had 9 puppies - are they pitbulls, O.J? Are you pulling a Michal Vick? Maybe somebody oughta visit O.J.'s house and see if there are any dogs buried on his property!

2444 days ago


Brigitte has class with a capital "C."
Pam has hepatitis with a capital "C."

2444 days ago
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