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J.Lo Hospital On Alert to Thwart Babynapping

2/13/2008 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer LopezTMZ has learned that the Long Island hospital where J.Lo will probably give birth to her twins is practicing "pink drills" -- code for thwarting a possible kidnapping.

Sources at North Shore Medical Center tell TMZ the hospital conducted a "Code Pink" drill last Friday -- "Code Pink" is code for locking down the hospital to prevent a kidnapping attempt.

A rep for North Shore confirmed that the pink drill did indeed go down, but said that the timing is just a coincidence, but that's not what our sources are saying.

For the lowdown, check out TMZ TV tonight for the full scoop. Check your local listings.


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Ok I work in Labor & Delivery and I can tell you that more often than not, in a hospital setting, Code Pink means that a baby's in cardiac or respiratory arrest. Also, "drills" of any code, happen all the time in a hospital. Especially those of this nature. We shouldn't assume it's all about JLo.

2415 days ago


Good job, TMZ. Hospitals have pink drills all the time and the hospital has told you the timing is co-incidental, but NOOOOOOOOOOO................TMZ has to insinuate that somebody wants to kidnap Jennifer's baby, thereby possibly putting the idea into some nutjob's head.

2415 days ago

Dr. Adams    

((((J-LO))))...."Who my babies DADDY??????? she runs to the rear of the Maury show and falls flat out on the floor crying...."WHO"S MY BABIES DADDY- WHOOOOOOOOOOOO"??????

2415 days ago

Silly Lilly    

This just completely pissed me off. This drill is run ALL THE TIME as ALL babies are important as is their safety. All babies born in our hospital have an alarm placed on them as well and if a baby is removed from the nursery wing alarms go off and EVERYTHING locks and shuts down. You cannot get off the floor with a baby who has an alarm unless it is removed and deactivated. ALSO we practice bed checks in ALL our wings but most particularly with children. I am shocked and offended that you think an establishment with the HIGHEST reputation is doing this for a celebrity. You should be sued.

2415 days ago

Dr. Adams    

HEY J-Ho.....nobody wants your little crumb snatchers....get over yourself B___OTCH!!!!

2415 days ago


All hospitals practice "Code Pink".

2415 days ago


if the the offspring looks like her rat face husband,you can be sure no one will want to steal
them, maybe throw a blanket over their head, but no not babynap!!!!!

2415 days ago


P.DIDDY WANTS TO STEAL J.LO'S BABIES>>>>>>>> that will give him closure since he cant be with her and he still loves her ,he has assigned Danity Kane and the other loosers of "MAKING THE BAND 15" to disguise themselves as nurses and hospital workers and try and steal the babies........if u dont believe me watch the show two weeks from now....its one of their major challenges this season. IMAO>....

2415 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Oh jesus shut the hell up she's having a kid so what she's not the first won't be the last

2414 days ago


Oh, as if! ALL hospitals now have security systems in place for maternity sections. At our hospital, if you get a baby (with their id band) anywhere NEAR an elevator or stairwell, the whole hospital locks down. They also do drills on a monthly basis.

What a whole lotta nothing story.

2414 days ago

Shame on you    

Sounds to me like they've issued a dare to all the perverts and sick-o's in the world.

2414 days ago


For some of you posters, it's a little presumptuous to assume that J-Lo is forcing or has asked the hospital to perform these "pink drills", no? Pink drills are probably something that a hospital is required to do once a month or at least every few months. It's completely plausible that this just a coincidence.

It makes sense, though, for the hospital to perform one of these drills before a celebrity comes in to give birth. Who's to say other hospitals didn't do this for other celebrities? TMZ just may not have reported it. Yes, other people's babies are precious, too. Not disagreeing with that. But there are some sick individuals out there who would love nothing more than to be "they person who stole J-Lo's baby". Some people will do anything to see their name on tv, whether it be in a negative or positive light.

2414 days ago


Jennifer Lopez needs to get over here self with a quickness. She is at best a clister. aint no one want to steal her kids..Lawd can she get more dramtic. she acts like she laying golden eggs instead a babies...How I can't stand this over rated to much make, Husband stealing, tranny looking,chola wanna be..Please go lay your eggs and leave the world alone with your pettyness

2414 days ago


53. What the world doesnt need---more Ricans

Posted at 5:35PM on Feb 13th 2008 by mari

It sure does need them, who else will the UNITED STATES send in 1st during war times.??? So you need to shut your piehole up with a name like MARI your prolly MEXICAN.. AND the WORLD could do WITHOUT them .

2414 days ago


Thats retarded TMZ!!!! I am an RN in a large urban hospital and I work in the OB ward. Code pink drills are required and part of hosptial accredidation by the agency that regulates them. You guys are over the top sometimes. I would not have a baby in any hosptial that does not practice their code pink drill. Further, code pink is the designation used around the country for this drill it is not a JLO babies only drill. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND STOP SPREADING HYSTERIA! MY GOSH!

2414 days ago
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