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Miley's "Proud" of Preggy Jamie Lynn

2/13/2008 9:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

From one teen queen to another, Miley Cyrus says she's been talking to Jamie Lynn Spears -- and Miley's assessment of the Brit-sis' condition? "Really excited." So there. says that the "Hannah Montana" star has been yapping with J-L, and in her esteemed opinion, "I think she's done the best she can. ... She's now really excited, so I'm proud of her."

TMZ caught up with Jamie Lynn and baby daddy Casey Aldridge outside of AutoZone back in Kentwood, La.

Newlywed Coleman Has Very Short Fuse

Gary Coleman is happily married for the first time ever (to a woman a foot taller than he is), but that doesn't mean Arnold isn't immune to throwing his toys once in a while, according to his wife.

The "Diff'rent Strokes" star tells Inside Edition (via People) that he married Shannon Price, a 22-year-old 5'7" stunner, last August. (Coleman is 4"8" and 40 years old.) And Coleman says that it's his first romantic relationship ever. "I wasn't saving myself, she just happened to be the one," says Gary, after their five-month courtship.

Of course, it's not without its darker moments. "He lets his anger conquer him sometimes," says Price. "He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction."

Party Favors: Aretha to Beyonce – I'm the Queen ... Spielberg's China Pull-Out Praised by Mia ... Buffy Gets Buffed at Skin Refinery

The divaliciousness was in full lather, evidently, at the Grammys. Just one day after Natalie Cole slammed Amy Winehouse, "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin is wagging a finger at Beyonce for introducing her duet partner Tina Turner as "The Queen." ... Steven Spielberg just withdrew as an artistic director for the 2008 Beijing Olympics because of China's refusal to help solve the genocide in Darfur, and Mia Farrow -- who had skewered the director as "the next Leni Riefenstahl" in an op-ed column -- calls the move "an extraordinary act of conscience." ... TMZ spies spotted teen queens Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alicia Silverstone getting their galvanic facials on at The Skin Refinery in West Hollywood.


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Hey Aretha, if you lost some weight, you might be on the caliber of Tina Turner!

2353 days ago


Jamie Lynn has made a BIG mistake, having a baby at 16 is so dumb.... Imagine when she will be 32 she will already have a 16 year old son/daughter and what if she becomes a grandma at 32? What if her kid has a baby at 16? She will feel like a very ancient 32 year old grandma.......

2353 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Oh, come on. Everybody knows Aretha was and always will be the Queen of Soul. They could have said a hundred different things to introduce Tina, and it wouldn't have taken anything away from either one of them. It's not a popularity contest.
Aretha 's the queen of soul, no question. Tina is the reigning monarch of what SHE does. I am a massive fan of both, but even I took that as a bit of a snarky hit at Aretha when Beyonce said it. Not necessary at all. What were they thinking? I guess Aretha is going to have to get busy and show them AGAIN who's who. (devil's advocate here - there's nothing I'd like to see MORE)

2353 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

12. Well well well, the american people would rather have a black man
as president before they would ever want a white woman. The people
have spoken. Obama is on his way and there aint no stoppin him now.
The democratic election is just about in the bag and than Obama will
easily wipe out McCain. Over 90% of African Americans are voting for
Obama and about 60% of all white democrat men are voting for him to.
Do the math, our brother Obama is going to win. Amazing grace howsweet the sound........

Posted at 11:15AM on Feb 13th 2008 by Tamika
Quit misrepresenting things, Ms.Tamika. He's not just YOUR brother.
His mom was a white American of Irish descent named Ann Dunham. His Kenyan father met his
mom when he was a foreign student, and was out of his life by the time
Barack was two. Sounds like you denote 'brother' by color only. I'm
white, and he's just as much my brother in his sensibilities. His
influence is a caucasian mom and an Asian and Hawaiian upbringing, so
don't act as though he's had the typical Black upbringing which
hatched the great black hope. Barack has hatched HIMSELF from many
influences because he's just plain smart. I say he's white, hehe.

2353 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Awesome! Sounds like Miley thinks this is all just so cutsie and will soon follow in their tracks! Such great role models for the youth! It's FUN to be pregnant! So much better than a little dollie!

2353 days ago


Hopefully little Miss Miley's parents will sit her down and have a talk with her. I realize she is young and in our teens we all think we know it all. I am plum amazed how smart I have gotten over the years! I am sure she may look back ath this one day and think how dumb she reall y was to say that. as for Gary Coleman, well the first time he threw something at me would be the last time! I would pick his sorry ass up and throw him either against a wall or into the trash! Real mature jerk!

2353 days ago


OMG, I can't believe this is even an issue. Does Aretha 'Queen of Soul' have a copyright on the word 'Queen'. Wow, how sad it this?

2353 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Little Gary Coleman has to step up on a step stool just to kiss his wife..but I guess he's the right height to eat that Pu**y...go Gary, go!!

2353 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Too Flip Side....that Tamika is a guy calling himself or herself...i really dont know which.."Jamall"...he or she is leaving that dumb azz post on all the blogs...

2353 days ago


Natalie "No Career" Cole and Aretha "Had A Career Long Ago" Franklin can both kiss off. Both are arrogant and out of line. Just shut up, has beens...please.

2353 days ago


Aretha to Beyonce – I'm the Queen...

Oh sure! Queen of the barnyard. Aretha looks like a bloated, overfed Jersey Cow. Her only
claim to fame is that she can sing and chew cud at the same time.

2353 days ago


Aretha has been known as the Queen of Soul, Tina has been known as the Queen of Rock N Roll. The Grammy's were doing a Rock N Roll set so it was proper for Beyonce to introduce Tina as the Queen based on the set they were doing. I am not a Beyonce fan but she did nothing wrong and I think Aretha was overly sensitive to react the way she did. Maybe Beyonce should of said the Queen of Rock N Roll, but everyone who cares knows the title that Aretha carries as well as the title that Tina carries. I like them both but when it comes to a live show NO ONE can top Tina.

2353 days ago


Did I read that right??? Miley Cyrus is PROUD of Jamie Lynn??? What the hell is wrong with this picture? Oh wait.....SHE'S PREGNANT AT 16! Yep, that's something to be proud about. NOT.

2352 days ago


Aretha, Beyonce, Tina, and anyone else should agree that Etta James set a precedence for all of them. I saw a video on VH1 of a song she did with Chuck Berry, and that lady has soul, rhythm, and anything else musically related oozing from every cell in her body. They should be "grant" any Queen regalities they may have attained to the influence of Etta James! She's my choice, and that ditty with Chuck was the most enjoyable singing I've ever seen.

2352 days ago


girls get prego at this age all the time and are surviviors, don't know about the Daddys tho.

2352 days ago
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