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Whoops, I'm Pregnant!

2/13/2008 3:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Joan Hart was spotted outside of EA's Burnout Paradise party -- looking incredibly pregnant. She's already got her hands full with a two-year-old baby, but Sabrina is ready to pop out another one -- one that she says she and her hot hubby never planned on having. They sell things for that, ya know!

At least she didn't call it a "mistake."


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Sabrina and the Teenage Witch reference.

2414 days ago


no one wants to sleep with a heffalump...........unless you are a heffalump

2414 days ago

Ms. K    

Oh, fer crissakes!

She looks great, and HAPPY. So, her second child will find out someday that he or she was unplanned, so? I was unplanned. My brother was unplanned. My daughter was unplanned. All three of us know this, and all three of us are perfectly fine with that.

Doesn't matter how the child gets to the family, as long as the child is loved and cherished!

I love the continual pregnant-woman bashing on this site. Pregnant women aren't rail-thin, surprise! Most of us, when we are gestating, are ROUND. We're growing HUMAN BEINGS, and they take up room in our bodies. And guess what? The earth is round, too! And? Water is still wet! Oh, that's insulting? Well, I just thought that those of you who are hellbent on calling pregnant women "disgusting" and "fat" should probably get a few other reminders of basic things that everyone should know.

Pregnant women are not fat, OR disgusting. J-Lo, Melissa, Halle, Xtina, and Nicole Ritchie? All look/ed fabulous. They glow/ed. They look HAPPY. Is that what's bothering some of you, that they look happy? Oh, sorry, the primary function of these people is not to be pretty for you all the time.

2414 days ago


I like her as a person, but as an actress?? No. She can't act her way out of a wet paper sack.
Also, not one single person can convince me that they got pregnant even though they took the pill EVERY SINGLE DAY, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME without fail. No way. Come least admit you missed a pill here and there.

2413 days ago

hell with them all    

Nobody in hollywood knows want a birth control pill is. sorry they do know about how to get in JAIL really well. Lets see DUI's, Drugs, Crashes in thier $$$$$$$$$$$$ cars and pissing on each other. what a life.

2413 days ago


You people amaze me with your judging. These people are MARRIED. I mean, everyone's like "Have you heard of birth control?" but they're married! Not to mention, their son is 2 already. Plenty of people have children two years apart. What, are people supposed to just have one child and then wait like 5 years? And she was making a joke about it being accidental. I think it was quite clear that both of them are happy about the unexpected arrival.

2413 days ago

music & manners    

SD, who cares if they are married? Our planet is overpopulated enough already. People should not be contributing to global warming and destruction of our planet's resources by pumping out unplanned kids. Use birth control and save the planet!

2413 days ago

fha secure rates    

wow look at that cow

2413 days ago

Just me though...    

A 2 year old is not a baby. Get real
I know people who have gotten pregnant on birth control, myself included. And it wasn't the pill #31, there are several other forms of birth control available, welcome to the 21st century
If my 16 year old, high school dropout sister can have a baby and be applauded for it(by the clinic worker no less) than I can certainly pass a hearty congratulations on to two married folks who can support their children!

2412 days ago
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