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Britney Spears: I Wanna Dance with Somebody!

2/14/2008 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

From the Hallelujah Department: Britney Spears continues to keep it low key -- despite paparazzi craving for something a little more exciting than a trip to Millennium Dance Complex. Oh, the poor creatures, how they long for a pink-wigged trip to Rite-Aid.

The recovering Brit Brit instead shook her booty again at the North Hollywood dance studio yesterday, where she was caught smoking in her ride as she showed up. She danced for about an hour and a half before returning to Summit. No drama, no vadge flashes, no British cussing.


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GOOOOOOOOOOOOO B* Spears! Thats whats "HOTT"...U get life back girl and dont pay attetion to the losers who want you to fail who get the kicks of you showing ur Vajayjay*K chica* well I'll be PrAyInG 4U! Ohhh and P.s. TMZ..u guys really need to get a life..I mean come one..have ppl chase her down all freakin day long lookin for a story...GET REAL!


2407 days ago

just me    

Here is a sad note. The court-appointed attorney that represents Britney during the temporary conservatorship interval, Samuel Ingham, has not met with Britney or had any communication with Britney since his 15 minute meeting with her on February 3rd at the UCLA Medical Center, after which he reported to the court that she didn't understand the conservatorship proceedings and that "she lacks the capacity to retain counsel." Reports are that Britney has been trying to contact her court-appointed attorney since Monday but without success because in addition to taking her cars away from her and allowing her to be chauffeured only to places her father approves, Jamie also has such tight control over her telephone use that she has not been allowed to call him. Now if that isn't a sad note, get this! Some of the parents of those children Britney worked with at the Millennium Dance Studio have said that Britney is so frantic to contact her court-appointed attorney that she begged them to phone Samuel Ingham on her behalf. They are saying that before todays hearing Britney wants to prove to him that she's competent enough to hire her own attorney. Now there is an example of tyranny and cruel oppression!

2407 days ago


No wonder she is going nuts. She can't move without photographers in her face. I don't care if she is famous, that is no way to live.

2407 days ago


Wow, I think most of these posts are finally pro-Brit. GOOD! She has a mental illness and needs help and now she's getting it. The other day someone said I was too pro Brit and she brought it on herself. No, she didn't bring mental illness on herself. Her brain is out of whack and needs meds to function. Good luck Britney. You're getting better every day with your parents help and not those others who use you.

2407 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Ding-Dang, Brit-Whit....lets hear some of that British cussing....let the British girl out too play for awhile, you entertained us so well for so long, don’t stop now...."Cheerio, darling, stiff upper lip, carry on BRITTER'S

2407 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Perhaps she's practicing for a spot on dancing with the star's, hope that Bruno can teach her a thing or two...First Britter's put your left foot in front of your right.....that's wiggle your fat AZZ a little.........

2407 days ago


You people are pathetic! When this girl was going out all the time everyone was making fun of her, including all the people who read the articles and would comment about her. What a bunch of followers! It's almost like if the media says they are crazy, your all like yeah she is and then when things calm down and the media says "Oh, hey so and so is acting normal today." Then everyone is like "Yeah , Britney we love you." or " Go, Brit Brit good job we are praying for you "

Please!! How do you go from she is a crazy loon and you can't stand her and wish she would die. There was a lot of those comments. To now !!! We really do live in a world of a bunch of followers!! Disgusting!

2407 days ago


Who gives a hoot about Britney shaking her butt again, except the paparazzi who want to get pictures of it naked again.....haha
Did you notice she left her greasy finger-prints near the car door where she got in? Greasy from fried chicken, fries, etc.

2407 days ago

just wondering    

If mom and dad are in LA with Brittney.. who's at home in Kentwood with her PREGNANT 16 YEAR OLD SISTER? Just a thought...

2407 days ago


To 18. 9sk878J, who commented:

Perhaps if you had an exciting life of your own you wouldn't be so bored...get out and make your own happy, exciting life and stop spending your time online trying to get your kicks from someone else's life.

Posted at 10:04AM on Feb 14th 2008 by 9sk878j

I don’t understand your comments, your on line aren’t you???????

2407 days ago


What time does the live feed start today?

2407 days ago

Jusst saying    

her parents can't babysit 24/7 forever. be patient, she'll soon be back to her old tricks.

2407 days ago


Keep it up Britney! we love you. Ignore the other heartless people out there bothering you.

2407 days ago

Jusst saying    

Her parents may have her on a short leash right now but all her mental problems are not going to suddenly go away. This is one sick puppy and should be spending time getting some serious treatment for her problems, not shopping and trying to learn to dance!

2407 days ago


number 29 You sound like to want to F big a beyonce, this site is not about her washed up A. Brit looks good sounds good, How much money have you made? Where I pick up your CD??

2407 days ago
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