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Britney Wants Ahnuld to Help Her?

2/14/2008 9:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears wants to talk to the Governator about her "civil rights" -- but does she really need his help getting legal assistance?

TMZ reported earlier this week that Spears has enlisted disso-queen Laura Wasser to help her out, but Gatecrasher reports that her not-really-manager Sam Lutfi is trying to get through to Gov. Schwarzenegger to make her legal woes go away. "Britney says her civil rights have been violated and she wants to talk to Arnold about it," says a source.

Of course, keep in mind that it's Lutfi who is making the contact, and he's persona non grata in the Spears fray right now.

Heidi Cried All Night After Video Hatred

Heidi Montag found out the dark side of publicity whoredom, and it made her cry herself to sleep.

After reading the scathing slams of her "music video" for "Higher," Heidi tells Us that she "just started sobbing uncontrollably ... I just couldn't understand why people I didn't even know felt the need to be so cruel and hurtful toward me."

Good thing Heidi's got Spencer Pratt to buck her up: He says he held her and said, "This is just part of being an artist. If it were easy, everyone would be a pop star." That's the most brilliant thing he's ever said.

Party Favors: Miley and Dad Apologize for Belt Boo-boo ... Rihanna Celebrates at Les Deux ... Robbie Williams Nonplussed About Neighbor Paris

Miley Cyrus and daddy Billy Ray are apologizing for not buckling their seat belts in the "Hannah Montana" concert movie while riding in an SUV. "We got caught up in the moment of filming," says B.R. to People. ... Rihanna celebrated her 20th birthday at Les Deux Tuesday night with Kanye West, Wilmer Valderrama and rumored boytoy Chris Brown, who sang to the Umbrella songstress. ... Robbie Williams recently discovered that Paris Hilton has a new house five doors down from him, and he's not very happy about it, says the Sun. "I think it's safe to say Robbie will not be popping round to her house for a cup of tea."


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2409 days ago


LOL Lutfi the terminator will crush your azz and make fertilizer for his garden out of you but have at it.

2409 days ago


If this is true, she is too naive. She needs more talent to make it. And a thicker skin.

Odd, how she could be so cruel to Lauren while being filmed for The Hills, and think that others don't feel that way toward her. Karma comes back around, always.

2409 days ago

Dawn Day    

Since when do Governers get involved with civil rights? Barking up the wrong tree here. Just because he's a celebrity doesn't mean he handles celebrity problems...or does it?

Well I hope Heidi learned her lesson and never does anything that stupid again her entire life. She can blame that idiot boyfriend of hers for taping the video to begin with. What were they thinking?

2409 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Ahnuld needs to get his house (er, state) in order. We all got a good laugh at how this whole Britney saga was initially handled by the LAPD, the courts, the commissioner, the leaks, etc. etc. etc. You have ma and pa spears helping you Ahnuld, so don't mess it up now ...

2409 days ago


II wish Arnold would send a terminator to Osama Lutfi.

2409 days ago

my, my, my    

Look who crawled out frm under a rock> Watch out for the fleas. It's Sam. I thought there was a restrainiing order prohibiting any sort of contact bwtween Britney and him. LAPD, arrest him!!!!!!!!!!

2409 days ago


In his movie days good guy Arnold used to shoot and kill bad guys like Osama Lufti. To bad this is the real world...

2409 days ago


if i had a house 5 doors down from robbie roberts when he was in his mid 20's i don't think i'd be too happy with that,but i would go around for a cup of tea,i'm not tooooooooo stupid.

as for heidi.she wasn't suppose to get the message that people could be cruel,she was suppose to get the message that people can be truthful and she humilated herself and she really was really bad,get a clue heidi and spencer quit lying to the girl,you know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!she sucked big time

2409 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Only in California...

2409 days ago


They havent served him with the restraining order yet he is running from them.He is such a chickens**t. I guess he is getting desperate now he is losing his cash cow

2409 days ago


y is lufti doing anything for Britney isnt there a restraining order against him were is Papa Spears an the POLICE?

2409 days ago


Good grief go gently into the night oSAMa and give up the ghost

2409 days ago


One of my 6 personalities is having her rights violated, she is not here at the moment let me get on the pink wig and get back to you.

2409 days ago


I hate Lutfi, and her parents may know what's best for her; but it's still her life, and it's hers to mess up if she wants to. Her civil rights are clearly being violated, and this is a disgrace to the American legal system. The right to pursue happiness means the person can pursue what they wish, even if their parents disagree.

While Arnold can't do much directly, he can get the state AG involved if he wants to. Doubtful he will, though (no PR benefit for him).

2409 days ago
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