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G-Unit's Yayo -- Free as a Bird-o

2/14/2008 7:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Yayo, rapper and 50 Cent protégé, has finally had his name cleared of assault charges, after the guy he was arrested with admitted that Yayo had nothing to do with the alleged crime.

Yayo (real name: Marvin Bernard) was in court in New York today where the assault case against him was dismissed. Lowell Fletcher, his co-defendant, had told cops last year that he was the one responsible for the beating of the young victim, and that Bernard actually tried to restrain him.

The rapper actually pleaded guilty to a violation, but it won't go on his record. Yayo's lawyer, Scott Leemon, tells TMZ, "Today's proceedings have validated Mr. Bernard's claim he was falsely accused."


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I love Tupac    

Finally some justice!!

2408 days ago

Lenn K.    

Well Marvin, this time you get off, but keep your nose clean. By the way, there's nothing wrong with your real name.

2408 days ago


Mr. G Unit,
Can you take care of Britney? She's been a bad girl and maybe some erectional attention from a gangsta thug would be just the sort of punishment needed to make her right.

2408 days ago

Eddie C    

im glad he got away with it..... G-Unit all day baby.. yep .. money talks...

2408 days ago

He's Boring now    

He looks guilty of something. Give it time, it aint like he's hanging around libraries, churches or attending save the whales meetings.

would hate to run into somebody looking like him in a remote airport parking lot at night...wouldnt you? Be honest now

2408 days ago


I'm not sure wether this guy should be out or not, but I know that I watch on television every night just to catch the shots of Harvey Levin. Cute as hell and buff, too. Somehow it made me Google the Carol Burnett song "I made a fool of myself over John Foster Dulles". Harvey, are you old enogh to know the reference?

2408 days ago


Okay douche, glad to see you finally free. Now get your ass out of NYC before someone sets you up again. You know it's going to happen so truly get out of dodge.

2408 days ago


he should stay in jail. people like him should be deported somewhere!!!!!!
go mess up amother countries culture!!!!!!!!!

2407 days ago

He's Boring now    

Geez only 9 total comments for this lugs story. shows you rap crap and hip hop culture is going the way of the Edsel and Who Wants to be a Millionaire----popular for a short while than absolute disasters and now since forgotten. Buh Bye little man.

You cant even carry an interest on TMZ.

2407 days ago


Sammy Kahn, hate to tell you that hip hop culture is alive and here to stay :) Sorry buddy!!! I do agree that most of the "rappers" these day's aren't the best role models........ but.......... what you are saying is completely stereotypical. NOT ALL rappers are gun totin, drug selling thugs, some are, but there are some good ones out there with a positive message.

Open your mind a little, and close your mouth.

2407 days ago

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