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Jeri Ryan -- The Real Obama Girl

2/15/2008 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeri Ryan, Barack ObamaIf Barack Obama ends up winning the White House, the first person he should probably thank on Election Night is ... Jeri Ryan. Like, "Star Trek's" Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan? Yup.

Let's explain.

Back in 2004, when Obama was a small-time State Senator from Illinois and running for a U.S. Senate seat, his GOP opponent was Jack Ryan, a super-wealthy businessman who was actually favored in the contest -- and who had gone through a messy divorce from ... Jeri Ryan.

The divorce was a slapfight of Hasselhoffian proportions, and Jeri's allegations that Jack had forced her to go to sex clubs in New York and Paris -- and wanted her to have sex with him in the clubs -- completely ruined Jack's campaign ... and Obama went on to win the seat. And now, perhaps, the one in the Oval Office.

We asked Ryan's rep how she feels about it, but haven't heard back yet.

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This story would be interesting if it were true. None of the facts are incorrect, but a few very important ones are left out, namely the rest of the backstory of the election. (I've lived my whole life in Illinois and have voted in every national election in the last decade) Obama's real surprise was in the Democratic primary, where he was projected to finish 3rd or 4th but vaulted to the nomination with large numbers of late-breaking African-American votes. Once he got to the general election, he was almost certain to win, for several reasons.

First, the seat was previous held by Peter Fitzgerald, a one-term Republican who got elected because he ran against Carol Mosley-Braun (the first African-American female Senator) in 1998, when she was in the middle of a corruption scandal. He eventually got on George Bush's bad side (back when that meant something) and didn't run for re-election. Jack Ryan was the best candidate the Republicans could find, but by 2004 they were in the middle of their own corruption scandal, specifically former Republican Governor (and current federal prisoner) George Ryan. (no relation)

So Jack Ryan was pretty screwed before he even got in the race, having the same name as the disgraced Governor, and running in a generally Democratic state. Even before the scandal, he was polling 15-20 points behind Obama, and barring a big mistake or scandal on by Obama, Ryan had really no shot. This is further proved by the fact that, once Ryan left the race, the Illinois Republican party scrambled to find a good in-state replacement, got turned down several times, and finally had to settle on wingnut (and former Michael Moore moshpitter) Alan Keyes, who had absolutely no shot and got blown out.

So while IN THEORY Jeri Ryan may have prevented her ex-husband from making a miraculous comeback and wrecking Obama's current trajectory, the reality is that once he got out of the primary, he was pretty much a lock to end up in the Senate.

2420 days ago


You can bet the Republicans will vote him in. They are scared of the Clintons.

2420 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

40. This country is too racist to elect a black man for president.

Posted at 2:39PM on Feb 15th 2008 by FlBiker

speaking from personal experience? there are a lot more multi-cultural people in this country than lily whites you know....

2420 days ago


#40 Typical knee jerk reaction. The term "magic negro" was coined a long time ago. Most recently used by the LA times in an editorial on Obamas attraction to liberal white voters. But I see you "thinking people" prefer to call people names when you disagree with their views. You must still be in 5th grade! LOL

2420 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

The U.S. was just led for 8 years by an inexperienced guy who couldn't pronounce the word 'nuclear' who has racked up an enormous debt. I doubt Obama's lack of experience will prove a hindrance comparatively, lol. As for Carter, he inherited those problems from the previous presidency, just as Obama will should he win.

2420 days ago

mark in nyc    

wow TMZ, New low!
Not only is this story stupid it is also blatantly plagurized from a story on entertainment published back in January. OF course the folks at EW know how to actually write....youguys should stick to just taking pictures

check the link
or here is the article.

If Barack Obama (pictured, right) wins the presidency, he may have the most powerful woman in the pop-culture universe to thank. No, not Oprah; Seven-of-Nine of the Borg collective. On the heels of Obama's victory in the Iowa caucuses last week (and before his second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary last night), the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute reminds us that Obama owes his current high profile in part to Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Ryan (left). Without her (and her apparent violation of Star Trek's Prime Directive, the law against meddling in the internal affairs of other civilizations), he might still be a little-known state senator toiling away in Springfield, Illinois.

In 2004, Jack Ryan, the actress' ex-husband, was the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois. Then his divorce records became public, including allegations by Jeri that he'd pressured her to have public sex in swingers clubs in various cities. Ryan denied the allegations but dropped out of the race a few days later. The Republicans recruited former MSNBC host Alan Keyes to run in Ryan's place. Obama defeated him in a landslide, earning himself a U.S. Senate seat and a prominent public platform from which to launch his presidential campaign.

Which just goes to show: the Borg remain all-powerful. Resistance is futile.

2420 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

rayray why don't you go look it up before posting lies? or are you deliberatly posting lies? he is a christian not muslim and he took the oath on the bible.

2420 days ago

Wake Up    


Actually, there ARE facts in the article that are incorrect. They were NOT in the middle of the divorce, it had been finalized in 1999. And she was on Jack's "side" regarding keeping the records sealed.

Beyond that, your post is great.

2420 days ago



Calling people 'lily whites' and insinuating I'm a racist? Look in the mirror there, racist.

2420 days ago


This is a true story. You can catch the whole story of wikpedia. The fact is Obama was elected during very scandalous political time. Between the Ryan accusations, the Fitsgeald mess, Obama was t the lesser of evils. I grew up in Chicago and Obama would never have won had these things not gone on. Not to say he maybe would have eventually won the Senate seat. But had these other two scandals not been happening, he would not have won. I hope some of you making these statement aren't registered to vote because your ignorant, rude and uninformed. Go try to find out information about a candidate. For me personally, Clinton has the experience that Obama is lacking. We will have a mess after Bush leaves and we need a candidate with experience. To say the least, if you all want out of a war our candidate should have foriegn policy experience and Obama does not. I think he will have his day, I just don't think it is now. At least for our country, I hope he doesn't win. Vice-Presidency would be great. He could get a lot of experience there. This link is a great tool for trying to see who fits you best.

2420 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

who is #40? who is calling people names NCDog?

So Obama is attracted to liberal white voters? I doubt michelle would like that. I can see you are one of those "thinking people" as well... (you know what they say about those glass houses).

Or you just need more of a sense of humor. :)

2420 days ago

Wake Up    

Okay, TMZ, so you finally corrected one of your errors to say that the divorce had already taken now why don't you correct the part where you say Jack Ryan was favored to win!

Stop making stuff up, please.

2420 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

lily white is a racist term? not really, more of a descriptive term. I think I've hit a nerve.

no i'm not white, i'm not black, i'm not hispanic.

i'm caucasitalianindianportugueso. i dated a black guy once tho.

2420 days ago

Wake Up    

this is to "glee"

--I don't want to get in the middle here, but the term "lily white" is definitely a pejorative racial term.

2420 days ago


glee: Why doesnt he say the pledge of allegiance then??????
He went to a catholic school for 2 short years. He was raised muslim and practiced muslim!
Why doesnt he put his right hand over his heart like everyone else?

the insert below was a caption under a picture
Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.
Barack Hussein Obama's photo (that's his real name)......the article said he REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE PLEDGE..

2420 days ago
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