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Jeri Ryan -- The Real Obama Girl

2/15/2008 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeri Ryan, Barack ObamaIf Barack Obama ends up winning the White House, the first person he should probably thank on Election Night is ... Jeri Ryan. Like, "Star Trek's" Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan? Yup.

Let's explain.

Back in 2004, when Obama was a small-time State Senator from Illinois and running for a U.S. Senate seat, his GOP opponent was Jack Ryan, a super-wealthy businessman who was actually favored in the contest -- and who had gone through a messy divorce from ... Jeri Ryan.

The divorce was a slapfight of Hasselhoffian proportions, and Jeri's allegations that Jack had forced her to go to sex clubs in New York and Paris -- and wanted her to have sex with him in the clubs -- completely ruined Jack's campaign ... and Obama went on to win the seat. And now, perhaps, the one in the Oval Office.

We asked Ryan's rep how she feels about it, but haven't heard back yet.

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Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

I am pleased to see that the Obama haters are so obviously over the top and so uninformed one does not have to worry that anybody is going to listen to them.

have fun haters!

2412 days ago


I smell bad. I barely shower too.

2412 days ago


Don't know if it is older adults on this blog or younger ones who are awakening and no longer or never mesmerized by the charmismatic no-bama, but I sense our country is in trouble if he wins the Democratic nomination until he can first prove himself beyond rhetorical speeches as a four-year plus Vice President in the Democratic National Party. When certain ones of the Kennedy Clan got involved prior to Super Tuesday, they and the media have set-up our country for a potential race war whether he is elected or fails after being elected the first black president. He and David Axelrod have run a campaign of him being a messiah after our American society has been subjected to eight years of hell (while being called non-patriotic and our hearts being tortured with fear on a weekly basis by the Bush-Cheney administration). However, with being too desperate for change and not looking at the long-term impact of a non-WORK-experienced "politician" being voted into the most important office in our land, we are destined for the strong potential of extreme political chaos in our country. The only way I could vote for no-bama would be as the running mate of Senator Clinton though his ego and that of his wife are too inflated to accept that very important position wherein he could bring the change to the Congress-Senate that he "says" is his desire and then run for the highest office after the next four to eight years. He and his wife have been members of a church in Chicago that sponsors black nationalism and non-membership to those outside of their own race. She's watching her words carefully in recent times though in speeches late last year and on the famous talk show she demonstrated that she teeters a thin line of being a reverse racist herself. While their words convey "unity", they have cleverly veiled their own inability to live "unity" during this campaign while the sheep line-up to follow instead of discovering self-mastery within and choosing to project it onto, yet, another politician to "save" their lives.

2412 days ago

For the sake of kids    

Why KFC? He looks and he talks and he acts like Kirby or car salesman. And color again is not an issue. Actually I am color blind.

2412 days ago

Just Wondering    


2412 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

well ok then I apologize for the lily white term. how about purely white with asolutely no trace of color anywhere in their lineage? that's about 0% of the population anyhow. how about there are more people who are multi-cultural than those who have only white parents and white grandparents as far as they know.

2412 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

no rayray you are still spreading more lies. provide a link to a reputable soure perhaps? uh huh.

2412 days ago


People are too stupid to see through Obama, notimeforpoker. He speaks well and that's all they care about. Plus, he's not well known like Hitlery and that old guy McCain.

2412 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

see ya later cabo

Not so fast 561 - McCain is just another Bush. He's going to have a lot of problems living that down. It certainly will be interesting to watch.

2412 days ago


glee- LMAO at you... He will never win!!!!!

What if Osama Bin Laden paid him to run for president?
we are all DEAD.

2412 days ago


Obama wins democratic party nomination, loses presidency to republican McCain. It's nice to see the Clintons pour their own money into the campaign, no ego issues with those two.

2412 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

hillary is losing maybe her ego is the one that is so big that she wont accept a VP slot. why settle when you are winning?

doubt you win very many poker hands that way.

2412 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

whatever rayray from LA.

see I can rhyme too.

2412 days ago


YEAH! from me to.

2412 days ago


All his talk reminds me of Jessee Jackson - He cant shut up.

And his smirk is not what I want to see in a president.

2412 days ago
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