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Yo, Adrian -- Come Up with New Material!

2/15/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Grenier continues to spout off about whatever pops into his head -- and apparently, it ain't much. Hello, is anybody home?

The "Entourage" star was leaving a birthday party at Katsuya last night and gave us the exact speech he gave our cameraman last week outside of Hyde!

It was boring enough the first time.


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This guy is perpetually stoned, right? I suspect he's smart but he comes off as such a doofus. At least to 37-year-old me. Those vapid starlets seem to like him.

2444 days ago


He looks stoned.

2444 days ago


Can't stand the sight of this dude. He is so gross. I have never seen his show, so I am assuming he just lets himself go between shoots or something, but this guy is really gross looking to me. Clean up, trim your beard, wax the brows..........among other things....

2444 days ago


TMZ, you guys wouldn't rcognise sense if it bites you in the ass!!! You ageist dumb asses should stick to what you know and do best....terriorizing celebs, bashing dignified aging celebs and kissing celebutards' asses. Leave Adrian alone! And he did make sense, he is socially conscious, an environmentalist and also wants change just like most people in America. So what's wrong with that??? And repeating one self is a sure way to get the message across.
Boy, Adrian is so beardlicious hot! Love him

2444 days ago


this buy is such a piece of crap! does he realize he is lucky to have the job he has. i have seen the way he treats people personally and he is so rude and mean. he thinks he is better than everyone. the guy working his ass off as a waitor doesn't deserve to be crapped on by losers like him

2444 days ago


@ Diana, you lie my friend, even tabloids news always claimed that Adrian is polite, nice, and always wait his turn by queuing up like everyone else, to be sitted at a table. He's never shown any disrespect to fans and he's known for patiently taking photos and signing away, you don't believe me, go watch some videos of him on gossip sites. You are either one of those persistent crazy fans who wants him and he rejected or just internet defamer rumour starter. Shame on you!

2444 days ago


I think Adrian has it all figured out and I couldn't be more tickled! Way to go Adrian! Celebrities take notice, use your local paparazzi to talk about politics, going green, and your choice for gift-giving. Nothing interesting enough to excite the media, and free publicity to share your political views. What a concept!!! If the paparazzi aren't interested in what you have to say any longer, the stalking will stop! What a smart fella... I like this guy.

2444 days ago

california red    

I don't agree with his political viewpoint, but he didn't come across as stupid at all. Nor did I think he was was an empty vessel shilling for the liberal causes. He just seemed to be humbling exposing hsi personal views that he has given some intelligent consideration to.

Of all the HollyWeird politico spout-offs, this one did not bother me in the least.

But dude admitted he got his valentine organic SeaMonkeys!

2444 days ago


Has anyone thought that maybe he is SO into being green that he's decided to recycle his rhetoric?

2444 days ago


It is Wolfman Jack! Awwwwwwooooooooooooooooo!

2444 days ago


I think he is really a good looking guy.

2443 days ago


Amy Winston, not too bad.

2443 days ago


lara get a life. i am married and my husband has a brain and is 100 times a better person and better looking than this loser. also why you are getting your "reliable" information about him from gossip sites im actually at the same parties and places so shame on you for your ridiculous presumptions.

2443 days ago


right on diana.

lara why are all crazy girls named lara?

2443 days ago


Shower? The guy needs a weed whacker to get through all of that hair. He can't possibly think he looks good that way?

2443 days ago
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