Billy On 'Entourage' 'Memba Him?!

American actor Rhys Coiro was 24 years old when he first started playing Billy Walsh -- the hot and cold director for Hollywood hot shot and actor Vincent Chase  -- on HBO's iconic series "Entourage" back in 2004.

The show starred Adrian Grenier as the handsome up-and-coming a-list actor, Vincent Chase, Kevin Connolly as Vincent Chase's best friend and manager, Eric Murphy, Kevin Dillon as the actor who harps on his past acting career, Johnny Drama and Jerry Ferrara as the pudgy and short friend whose charm becomes his ultimate swag-tactic, Turtle.

Jeremy Piven was also a key player -- playing the arrogant, cocky agent.

Guess what he looks like now!

Billy En "entourage" ¿Lo recuerdas?

El actor estadounidense Rhys Coiro tenía 24 años cuando empezó a interpretar a Billy Walsh, el director de la atracción de Hollywood Vincent Chase en la icónica serie de HBO Entourage en 2004.

La serie estaba protagonizada por Adrian Grenier en el papel del guapo y prometedor actor Vincent Chase. Kevin Connolly como Eric Murphy -el mejor amigo y representante de Vincent Chase- Kevin Dillon como Johnny Drama -el actor que insiste en su pasado como actor- y Jerry Ferrara como Turtle, el amigo bajito y regordete cuyo encanto se convierte en su mejor táctica de botín.

Jeremy Piven también fue una pieza clave, interpretando al arrogante y engreído agente.

Adivina qué aspecto tiene ahora.

Jeremy Piven On Mark Wahlberg Missing Piece For 'Entourage' Reboot


Jeremy Piven says Mark Wahlberg is the key to "Entourage" making a comeback.

We got the OG star of the hit HBO series Monday at The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker and asked him what Mark could do for a potential reboot.

Mark recently went on the record in support of an "Entourage" comeback, but he hasn't committed to starring in a potential series ... and Jeremy tells us Mark is the key to getting the idea off the ground.

The way Jeremy sees it ... all Mark needs to do for "Entourage" to return is to carve out time from his notoriously busy schedule and get on the phone with HBO.

Mark was a co-executive producer on the OG show and Jeremy says it's just a matter of Mark stepping up to the plate and giving fans what they're clamoring for.

While Jeremy doesn't know if Mark will ever sign on to get in front of the camera for a recurring role on "Entourage" ... he tells us what he thinks might bring Mark into the fold this time around.

Stay tuned ...

'Entourage' Creator Doug Ellin Hell Yes, Let's Boycott Adidas ... Silence On Kanye Is All About Money!!!


7:29 AM PT -- Adidas has officially cut ties with Kanye, making the announcement Tuesday morning ... looks like the boycott will be avoided.

"Entourage" creator Doug Ellin says Adidas staying silent about Kanye West has everything to do with money, and therefore, he sees a boycott as the best way to apply pressure.

We got Doug Monday in WeHo, where he told us the German shoe company's silence -- as other brands cut ties with Kanye -- speaks volumes about whose side it's backing. He adds we should all be on the same page when hate's in play.

He sees money as the sole reason Adidas has kept quiet -- so, if people stop buying their gear ... the hope is that will make the honchos understand the harmful impact of Ye's antisemitic remarks.

Jews trying to mute me!!!

As we reported, Kanye's been losing brand deals left and right ... including Johnny Depp's attorney, Camille Vasquez, who was brought on board last week to handle his business matters. After he doubled and tripled down on his bigotry, she told her firm she'd no longer work with the rapper.

What's more, a rally in L.A. Saturday supported the rapper's comments, with members of the group throwing up Nazi salutes at passing drivers.

Doug is sick of the dangerous tropes about Jewish people having all the power, and he's urging everyone to understand the severity of Kanye's words.

Jeremy Piven Bob Saget's Death is Surreal For Me ... I'd Just Reached Out to Him


Jeremy Piven is having a hard time grasping the fact he'll never see Bob Saget again ... telling us he'd just reached out to his friend and former costar days before his sudden death.

We got the 'Entourage' star leaving The Henry Monday in L.A., and asked how he will remember Saget, who once worked with him on the hit HBO series.

Jeremy says Bob was a rare breed in comedy ... a sweet, kind man who also had a serious edge to his humor, and never felt too big to mentor others.

TMZ broke the story ... Bob was found dead Sunday in the Orlando Ritz-Carlton hotel, the day after performing about 2 hours away in Jacksonville.

Jeremy says it's all very surreal because he had just tried to get in contact with Bob a few days ago, but had not heard back from him. You can see it in the video, he's still struggling to wrap his head around the loss.

Bob was 65, but Jeremy says he had a "vibrant spirit" ... telling us it's making his death even more shocking and confusing. As for the torrent of love and support from people in show biz -- Jeremy says it's proof of Bob's real impact on fellow celebs.

It's a heartfelt conversation ... and Jeremy explains how Bob not only made an impact on his standup career, but on countless others' as he led by example.

Jeremy Piven L.A. Home Burglarized ... $20K Worth of Clothes Lifted!!!

Jeremy Piven may need a new wardrobe ... because we're told he's the victim of a home burglary that saw crooks get away with five figures worth of his threads.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the "Entourage" star had his Los Angeles area home broken into earlier this week, with thieves smashing a window to get inside Jeremy's crib.

It sounds like JP has expensive taste just like his fictional character Ari Gold ... because we're told the burglars made off with over $20,000 in clothes. Must be quite a haul.

Our sources say police are looking for videos to help them catch the perps ... but so far, we're told no arrests have been made.

It's unclear if Jeremy's place was specifically targeted, but we're told he was NOT home at the time of the burglary.

Jeremy's rep tells TMZ ... "It's unfortunate when high profile celebrities are a target of home robberies when traveling. Jeremy was out of town at the time doing his stand-up comedy shows in the UK."

Jeremy Piven I'm Ready for 'Entourage' Reboot Including Reimagining Ari!!!


Jeremy Piven is on deck, waiting for another at-bat to reprisie his role for a potential 'Entourage' reboot -- which, BTW, would be way different in 2021 ... as would his character.

We got the HBO vet Tuesday leaving a café in L.A., where we were able to shoot the breeze with him for a bit about all this chatter on possibly resurrecting his old fan fave show ... which none other than creator Doug Ellin seemed really interested in just last week.


Ditto for JP here -- who tells us he is, indeed, fully onboard like Doug told us last time -- and the same seems to go for his costars, including Adrian Grenier and co. So, with that in mind -- we had to ask ... is he pulling strings and twisting arms to make it happen BTS???

Check out the clip ... doesn't sound like Jeremy is part of the "full-court press" that may need to happen to get this revival off the ground -- but the dude's ready to hop on set again at the drop of a dime, it seems ... and pick up where Ari Gold left off all those years ago.

Speaking of Ari -- the powerhouse, tantrum-inclined agent who repped Vince on the series -- we asked Jeremy about what the man might look like in 2021 ... and if the show would explore that, considering the cataclysmic shift in Hollywood culture over the past decade.

Jeremy makes no bones about it with us -- AG will absolutely be different if he's brought back to the small screen. And, JP's got an interesting explanation on the "why." Hmm...

Doug Ellin I'm Ready To Reboot 'Entourage' ... But I Need Wahlberg!!!


"Entourage" creator Doug Ellin says it's about time his famous show got the reboot treatment ... and he's got the main cast on board for another go around ... but it's Mark Wahlberg who Doug needs to make it happen.

We got Doug leaving his "Hollywood Wayz" podcast Friday in Los Angeles and asked if "Entourage" is going to get a second life like a lot of shows from the same era.

Doug says he's gotten word Adrien Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara are all down to reboot the HBO series ... and he's written lots of new material.

It sounds like the ball is in HBO's court right now ... Doug says there haven't been any formal meetings but he's ready to pitch HBO honchos and just needs Mark Wahlberg to make a call to HBO to get the ball rolling.

Doug's happy to point out "Entourage" was well-received by lots of folks, including Barack Obama, during its first run ... and he thinks a reboot will do just as well.

It's been 10 years since "Entourage" dropped the curtain ... and Doug tells us what would be different about the show, and what would stay the same in a potential reboot.

Kevin Dillon Yes, I'm Dramatic ... Best Beach Selfie Ever!!!


Here's Kevin Dillon trying to snap a photo with his smoking hot date -- but it was far from easy, and really exactly the sorta thing you'd expect from Johnny Drama!!!

Yeah, Kevin seemed to be slipping back into his "Entourage" character when he hit up Paradise Cove in Malibu the day after his 55th birthday. He spent A LOT of time and effort trying to get everything just right for some IG-worthy snaps with sexy singer Amy May.

As you can see ... Kevin and Amy tried a bunch of different poses on the beach, and he was definitely steering the selfie ship -- searching for just the right lighting, smile and angles.

This sort of display is usually reserved for IG models and influencers ... but then again, we're dealing with Johnny freakin' Drama here!!!

One you thing you probably won't see if these selfies ever get to Kevin's social media stamp of approval -- Amy standing on her tiptoes. You know Drama would love her calves!!!

No word if Kevin shouted "VICTORY" once he nailed the shot -- but he should have.

Kevin Dillon Divorce Finalized ... $2 Mil for Her, House and Cars for Him

"Entourage" star Kevin Dillon's ongoing divorce drama is finally over, and although he probably won't be shouting, "VICTORY!" ... it seems like a pretty good deal.

According to new docs, obtained by TMZ ... the judge signed off on a final judgment in Jane Stuart's divorce from Kevin, ending a process that started way back in 2016.

Kevin and Jane get joint legal and physical custody of their daughter, Ava -- and he'll pay child and spousal support. According to the docs, Kevin will pay $1,823/month for Ava and $2,100/month to Jane.

As for big-ticket items ... Kevin keeps their house in Malibu as well as his New York residence and another pad in L.A., along with a motorcycle and NINE cars -- including a couple classic Corvettes and Camaros. That "Entourage" dough is loooong, yo!

Meanwhile, Jane gets their Ford Escape, but Kevin also has to make equalization payments to her totaling $1,705,594 and owes her an additional $242,411 for her share of a brokerage account.

As we reported ... the now-official-exes have squabbled for years over issues like their date of separation, the amount of temporary support he was paying (before this settlement), and the cost of their daughter's tuition.

Adrian Grenier I'm the Leader of World-Saving Trio ... 'Catfish' Nev Disagrees


Adrian Grenier's on a mission to save planet Earth, and he's in very good company ... but he says let's not forget about the unsung heroes making the world a better place too.

We got the actor and environmentalist outside his Museum of Plastic in NYC -- which teaches about the harm plastic bottles wreak in nature and how to go plastic-free -- and asked him about Robert Downey Jr.'s new Footprint Coalition launched to clean up the world.

Grenier's the opposite of cynical -- about Downey Jr.'s plan or human beings in general -- and says it's time to really start trying to change things for the better.

He tells us there are already many anonymous superheroes out doing their part, but he's fine with a celeb being the face of the movement ... whether it be RDJ, Leonardo DiCaprio or, of course ... himself.

As for the hierarchy of that trio of environmental crusaders ... it's up for debate. Adrian's buddy, 'Catfish' star Nev Schulman, has a pretty strong opinion, though. Check out the clip for the rankings.

Also, check out this plastic PSA from Lonely Whale, the organization cofounded by Grenier.

Doug Ellin I'm Cutting My Entourage ... Files for Divorce

"Entourage" creator Doug Ellin is filing for divorce, and the honeymoon was barely over ... TMZ has learned.

Doug filed his divorce petition in L.A., citing irreconcilable differences ... and effectively ending his brief marriage to Andrea Adler. According to the docs, they just got married in September of last year.

Can't say 4/20 was very happy for them -- Doug says that's the date they separated.

The couple got engaged almost exactly a year ago. Doug popped the question to Andy -- who's a sports anchor for WPIX in NYC -- during a trip to New Orleans on April 30.

They don't have any kids, and neither is seeking spousal support ... according to the docs.

Hopefully they can, at least, hug it out?

Adrian Grenier Yo, Starbs ... Get Your S*** Together On the Straw Thing, That Is


Adrian Grenier is pissed at Starbucks, but it's not for the reason you might immediately think.

We got the "Entourage" star Wednesday night leaving the "Party with a Purpose" event at The Peppermint Club in WeHo, where we asked about his environmental initiative, #StopSucking, in which he's asking the mermaid coffee chain to drop their single-use plastic straws since they flood the ocean.

Considering Adrian recently pitched his effort at a Starbucks shareholders meeting, you know he means business with this straw thing. Oddly enough ... he failed to address the recent controversy over a couple black guys being arrested at a Starbucks in Philly.

Either way, check out his lobbying effort with our photog ... it's much less PC than any of his social media posts.

Jeremy Piven Chivalry Ain't Dead ... Ask My Date

Jeremy Piven's still got game ... as he proved with the new woman in his life.

The "Entourage" star hit up Catalina Bar & Grill in WeHo Tuesday night with actress Liana Mendoza. The date night is interesting for a couple reasons. First, he was with a different woman a couple weeks ago in Hawaii.

Second, the sexual misconduct allegations -- which he's always denied -- don't seem to be slowing down Jeremy's bachelor lifestyle. Btw, it was a chilly night in L.A. ... and looks like Jeremy stepped up to offer Liana his jacket.

Keep playing it cool, Jeremy.

Jeremy Piven Accuser Calls BS on Kevin Dillon 'Entourage' Had Culture of Harassment


One of Jeremy Piven's accusers says she's not surprised Kevin Dillon came to his "Entourage" buddy's defense ... because he was privy to the culture of sexual harassment on the set.

Ariane Bellamar, who accused Piven of sexual assault -- tells us Dillon was on the set and saw the harassment firsthand, although she concedes he did not see any sexual assault. Piven adamantly denies sexually assaulting or harassing Bellamar.


While Ariane acknowledges she never experienced anything other than lewd comments from Dillon, she insists "Entourage" was a stewing pot for sexual harassment.

Kevin has not been accused of any wrongdoing. But that's not stopping Ariane from tearing into him.

We reached out to both Kevin and HBO ... so far, no word back.

'Entourage' Star Kevin Dillon Jeremy Piven's Getting Railroaded in 'Witch Hunt'


Kevin Dillon says his old pal and "Entourage" co-star, Jeremy Piven, is a gentleman who's being wrongly blacklisted over sexual misconduct allegations.

We got Kevin -- who starred on the HBO hit with Piven for 7 years -- and he says Piven's new show getting axed on CBS just ain't right.

According to Kev, Jeremy's nothin' but a gentleman. Can't tell if he's doing Drama here, but he's also shocked by the Lauer scandal.

Bottom line for Johnny Chase ... find the truth, first.

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