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Heidi Klum: Make Room for Britney

2/17/2008 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a major turn away from Heidi (and Seal's) past performances with paparazzi -- the reigning Queen of Supermodels has reached out to the Princess of the Paps, Miss Britney Spears.

According to the AP, Klum said, "She can call me and come live in our house with us for a couple of months."

Britney, if you're listening, Heidi's expecting your call. Go there. She knows things.


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2383 days ago


She would be crazy to let Brit in the house.....

2383 days ago

tuna marie    

britney would destroy the klum family, don't let her near your kids/

2383 days ago


Yeah right Heidi, you want some retarded low life white trash around your kids, subjecting your family to the low lifes she loves to screw. These idiot bleeding heart celebs are are idiots. First Rosie, now her! They all have kids and don't see that Britiney would destroy their nice homes since she loves to play with low lifes. She would destroy their lives and privacy ,. She is trash not a victim.

2383 days ago


So Heidi is sticking her nose (along with everyone else) into's Brit's life. My, my how full of herself ole Heidi is. You'd think she would be busy enough with her show and family, but nooooo....she has to be superior. That Nazi needs to shut-up

2383 days ago


Heidi is class and would be a great thing for brit, she should take heidi up on the offer. If anyone can help heidi will!!!

2383 days ago


What are all those SPOTS around Bittney's mouth. Guess she ask been sucking too many PRICKS.

2383 days ago


so true post #7 so damn true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2383 days ago

The Sovereignty of TMZ Whores    

Seal had Lupus, thats why he has scars on his face. Brit should go, maybe Heidi could teach her how to dress before she gets a picture taken.

2383 days ago


Big bear you are racist. Heidi has a normal classy life. She can't teach white trash anything, because Brit is a retarded low life who wants to stay trashy. Brfitney would destroy Heidi's life. She has no class showing off her cooter and being the trash she is.

2383 days ago


she has acne so bad and scarring too....nasty.....

2383 days ago


Well, it's all a moot point anyway, because there's no way that Britney is going to take Heidi up on her offer. I suspect that Heidi is well aware of this and is just expressing it to the press in order to get some publicity for herself.

2383 days ago


Is there a place for Dad too??

2383 days ago


What crust!! If she really was serious about wanting to help - she would have contacted her PRIVATELY a long time ago - just another way to keep your name in the papers/t.v./internet. Exactly what you want to bring into your home - someone suffering from mental health issues (the extent of which you don't know unless you are in contact with her psychiatrist/therapist/family) who is going through a very public child-custody battle, and is constantly hounded by paparazzi. Nice example of uncritical thinking, there, Klummers. Exactly what you want to expose your children to. Does the smog in Los Angeles automatically make people exceptionally stupid - cause it sure seems that way. Gee, maybe she can stay at your house and have overnighter slubmer parties with Miley Cyrus.

2383 days ago


She has children and why would she want to bring a very mentally will woman into her home? What is she thinking or the point is -she is NOT thinking.

Britney needs to be in a mental facility for a year or so and be leveled out on medication and an absolute diagnosis. Did Heidi not see what happened at NIU last week from a mentally ill person that was not on their medication?

Heidi - get real...

2383 days ago
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