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Gene Simmons' Dry Hump Nightmare

2/18/2008 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gene was at the Ivy yesterday, where he mugged for the cameras while waiting for his car -- taking pics with children, trash-talking The Donald, propositioning moms -- and then had a run-in with a chick he "dry-humped" back in the day. Class.

He was surprised the kids out front even knew who he was -- he thought they'd confuse him with flamboyant fitness guru, Richard Simmons.


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It' OK Buddy    

I Have to agree with the article because TMZ will delete anything else!

Or any negative comments about cultures other than Germans are deleted

Censorship is the rule of the day in 2008

I don't know what happened to the world I knew....

2437 days ago

Dyna ™    

Why anybody want to be touched by this or even dry humped is beyond me. EWWWwwwwwwwWWW !!

2437 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

As much as it needs a bit of updating, his 'do' IS better than Trump's.
Mind you, everyone's 'do' is better than Trump's.

2437 days ago


Someone get a pin and deflate his ego !

2437 days ago


nasty man....lick it up

2437 days ago


C'mom. did anyone really expect him to stick his tongue out in front of all those kids

they might have been amused in all their innocence - but their parent would have seen it another way

2437 days ago


He is cool

2437 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

So, is Gene still going to wear his hair like that in the nursing home? Lol. Imagine the stories he has that he might tell around the catered dinner table there. He might think about marrying that gal, or she may not bother to visit him (much) when he gets there. The show implies that It seems to really bother (hurt) her that he won't. (Unless that's spin for the show.) Oh, well. I guess they're content enough anyway. He has a few years yet.

2437 days ago


Oy, don't tell me you had lunch with Prince Gabor. I am so glad to see you posing with your fans. So many celebrities refuse to acknowledge their fans, and some even charge for an autograph. Ha. There will be a reckoning for these celebrities the day nobody wants their autograph and prefer to have pictures taken without them! I don't know what dry-hump means, although it sounds very one-sided. But if you really want to impress me, Mr. Simmons, (which I doubt that you do) you will go home to your beautiful partner, the mother of your teenage children, put a ring on her finger, and make her the true Mistress of her Domain. No more of this female-trap trash talk. She has put up with YOU for 20 years. No doubt this will be a star in her crown, ooops, I mean... no doubt she deserves a ring, the wedding, the whole thing.

2437 days ago


Such a trash dump of a man. He is as worthless as dead flies.

2437 days ago


He's so old and gross. His hair always looks freshly dyed (like he just did it in the bathroom) His face has never been anything to write home about, unless you like horror stories. My friend was out at Tokyo Delve's in Hollywood a while back and he was hitting on her. She had NO idea who he was-she was 23, he didnt have a reality show yet, she didnt know him and thought he was just some old, gross guy. People started asking to take pics with him, autographs. She had to ask who he was and he was insulted by that. She posed for a pic with him (kind of as a joke, because she really didnt know who he was) He looks bad...he's old and *married*.

2437 days ago

Black Teef    

He seemed like a cool guy until he got a face lift & now looks like a transvestite.

2437 days ago

Dyna ™    

No, he's happily "unmarried". He should marry the mother of his kids and feel lucky about it. Such a low-life womanizer. He wasn't good looking when he was young, either. I wouldn't cross the street to get a picture taken with him.

2437 days ago


Those little school girls better be told about his tongue or maybe that's why the "Bimbo" moms brought them there to prepare the next generation of "Tongue" worshipers. They all need to get a German Shepard. He can't spread rumors or leave a goodbye note on the pillow the next morning.

2437 days ago


He still thinks he is a sex symbol although he is a senior citizen. He makes a fool of himself with his black shoe polished hair and trying to hang out with a much younger crowd. His won't marry his "girlfriend" Shannon who bore him two children so his children are considered illegitimate. He i too full of himself and conceited and should act his age. He is NOT a rock star anymore and he should get over it!

2437 days ago
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