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Avril and Deryck -- Expecting a Lil' Sk8er Boi?

2/19/2008 1:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted Avril Lavigne and hubby rocker Deryck Whibley shopping up a storm on Robertson Blvd. yesterday ... but could it be for a wee Whiblet or Whiblette?

Consider the evidence: The couple dropped around $500 at Lisa Kline Kids, purchasing everything from a cheetah diaper bag to baby AC/DC tees, and, of course, a camo pacifier holder. Sounds a lot like she's preparing for life to get more complicated. She also made her way down the block to Kitson Kids pick up a few odds and ends too.

What's more, says a TMZ spy, "She definitely looks like she has a bump." Her reps had no comment.

Note: There's no audio in this clip.


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It would be one thing for people to be negative if she was "knocked up" out of wedlock but she's a married lady and a grown lady. Nothing negative about them having a baby now.

2374 days ago


I for 1 do not think that this is trashy at all. For God's sake she is married!!! She is nothing like Jamie Lynn Spears, Avril is an adult who is married. Jamie Lynn Spears on the other hand is just a teenager. I think that this is really cute!! Congrats Avril and Deryck!!!! I wish you both the best of luck!!!

2374 days ago


People leaving comments on here are rude... who cares if she has a baby, what business is it of yours... her chosen career was a singer not a people pleaser so get over it...

2374 days ago

Martyna + NA = Love    

avril is only 22 or 23!she is way tooo young to have a baby but i bet if it's true the baby will be cute

2374 days ago

Tiffany Kroll    

If she is going to have a baby it's gonna look REALLY cute. Not to be like mean or anything but she's got a really cut husband. And she could just be going to the baby store for somebody's baby but then again.... the camo pacifier bag? That seems a little Avril if you ask me. But I could always be wrong.

2374 days ago

Tiffany Kroll    

Avril is not and idot for wanting to be a mom. Lots of wemon want to have chiildren and be moms but can't. She is very lucky to have a kid if she does. I hope she does because it would be so cute but she's not tralier trash eaither. SOME PEOPLE JUST GET TIRED OF BEING FAMOUS. I mean just look at Britney Spears. I bet she's horribly tired of be followed and stalked where ever she goes. And Lindasy Lohan just like hates it. And Nicole Richie hates it. Avril just might want to settle down and just I don't know stop being a "rock-star" or she could just want to be a mom. That's perfectlay alright. Just lighted up a little people. GOSH!!!!!!!! Am I the only one who understands!?!?!?!. [That may be out of line if you ask me but I'm posting it anyway.]

2374 days ago


WHAT is making everyone think having a baby is throwing your life away. if YOUR parents hadnt chosen it you wouldnt be here today. and they still have lives, their life is just better. a baby is a beautiful thing and instead of reprimanding a married woman who you don't even know at all for having a baby maybe you could be congratulating her

2374 days ago


Why are so many people assuming that she's ruining her life by having a baby? As long as she is emotionally ready (because we all know she's financially able) it should be a non issue. Just because all of you don't want to have kids, don't condemn someone who apparently wants a kid (if she is indeed pregnant). And also, hello, people buy baby gifts for friends and family. I've done it before. Millions of people have done it before. I'm sure you all have done it before. Get a life.

2374 days ago


why do people care so much when people get knocked up? IT HAPPENS! theres no need to make a big deal about it. so what if avril's pregnant? people should be happy for her! geez... people these days... and making fun of her and her hubby and what the baby would look like is sick. you people need to get a life.

2374 days ago


She isn't too young to have a child, that's just ridiculous!! I've been with the father of my daughter for 8 years now, had my first daughter at 23 and am trying for a second this year (am almost 26). Too young to have a child is like 16, not 22 or 23!!! Way to go young and responsible moms!

2373 days ago


please god no, anyone with working parts can get pregnant, but how many people do you know can become famous singers? not many, The whole baby thing in the media is getting out of hand, is oprah the only person in the business who doesnt go, "gee gosh some day I wanna settle down and have a bunch of spoiled bratty babies with a white picket fence"? sorry but you cant have both, you can try, but most likely its not going to work, and you chose the wrong job. Children shouldnt raise children. or even better, instead of popping out a bunch of dumb clones of themselves why dont they all adopt kids from LA, so we dont have to hear "oh is that a baby bump?" blah

2372 days ago


yah dont we all wish that we could go, "so Im gunna be famous by the time I'm 18, then around 25 I'll be filthy rich, then I'll quit, get married,have a bunch of babies, then go back to being a teen rock star when I'm 45"............... get real people. And forget about the mothers to be, most of us are thinking about the persons childrens futures and I bet that all of those rehab centers and therapists can hear the sound of the pouring in of money in 2023 and thats when I'll stay out of hollywood streets.

2372 days ago


Thanks for the great info...

2364 days ago



2355 days ago


TMZ got punked!

2355 days ago
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